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prostate pain

A: Ken, in spite of your normal feeling prostate, the most common cause of these complaints is an inflammation of the prostate gland, so called prostatitis.  symptoms that might occur with prostatitis include frequency of urination, slowing of the urinary stream, burning with voiding or ejaculation, burning in the penile tip unrelated to voiding, sexual dysfunction (such as difficulty with erection), aching in the penis, testicles, and discomfort in the lower abdomen, low back, groin, rectum or perineum (the area between the scrotum and rectum ? between the wind and the rain).    The passage of blood at the initiation or termination of urination or in the semen can also be noted.  During sexual...

Does having an enlarged prostate mean you have cancer?

A: Dear No Name Here- Over 50% of men over 50 years of age have an enlarged prostate - alias BPH (Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy). BPH has no connection with cancer even though an enlarged prostate could have cancer. In a younger man, an enlarged prostate usualy results from an infection, perhaps from an inadequately treated gonorrhea. NOt necessarily, however I had an enlarged prostate for 30 years or so and when I was 63 I had prostate cancer.... I had infections in the early years and then when i as 55-56 I had trouble urinating and had to have rotter rooter surgery.. (turp) then the cancer at 63> I had proton radiation at loma linda uiniversity medical center in california and I am fine now ....4 years later.. psa is .13...point one three> Id say you just need to be sure and have a...


Softing the Prostate/Antibiotic Penetration

A: Mike: Here are your answers: 1) Flomax and Levaquin are frequently given together but not for the reason you suggest.  Flomax is an alpha A1 blocker which causes muscle relaxation inside the prostatic tissue.  This improves urinary flow and decreases prostatitis symptoms but does nothing to affect antibiotic penetration into the prostate. Antibiotic penetration has to do with lipid solubility, pharmacokinetics and pKa or maximum dissociation at a particular pH.  The point is, we use the combination often but for different reasons.  It has nothing to do with being in an Arab country. 2) You can take PEENUTS with antibiotic therapy. For active prostatitis, three...

what causes large prostate and what can i do about itdoes meds cause me to have diffic in my sex drive?

A: Physicans are not sure definitively just what causes enlarged prostate. But of course, everyone has a theory, especially when it comes to testosterone. Many medical professionals believe that androgens, which include testosterone and similar hormones, play a direct role in the development of benign prostatic hyperplasia. The school of thought isn''t that testosterone and other androgens actually cause an enlarged prostate, but studies have shown that in order for the condition to occur, androgens must be in the midst. Men who were castrated as young boys do not experience prostate troubles as adults. Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is probably a normal part of the aging process in men, caused by changes in hormone balance and cell-growth factors. Genetics may also play a role.2 This is...

Urinate often, unique symptoms

A: Michael: It is not unsafe to take the meds described by your physician.  Serious side effects and problems are very rare.  Almost any drug has some bad side effects in some people sometime. What you describe is an overactive bladder problem.  This is usually treated with bladder relaxing meds which you haven"t been given.  There is no real value in the sonogram you suggested.  I"m not sure what you think it would prove since we already know the bladder gets empty.  If you had a normal capacity, flow and emptied completely, you would not have a problem. prostatitis can irritate the bladder, but it doesn"t shrink it.  A voiding diary is one way  to determine the size of the bladder.  A CMG is another (a bladder...

Are there any good supplements for prostate health?

A: Recent studies have revealed that prostate cancer can be very well treated with the help of Pumpkin seeds. When a person is diagnosed with an enlarged prostate, eating pumpkin seeds can go a long way in minimizing the disease, that is, pumpkin seeds lessen the urination rate of the person involved. In fact in the early 1990s pumpkin seeds were used to treat prostate symptoms as well as the other urinary tract infections. http://www.afterprostatecancer.com/pumpkin-seeds-prostate.html Saw palmetto, a shrub, grows in Florida and Georgia is the perfect for those men who are suffering from prostate enlargement. For a very long time Saw palmetto has been used by doctors around the world to diminish enlargement and inflammation of the prostrate and reducing the effect of...


How do I know if I have prostatitis, could it be something else?

A: There are differant type of prostatitis. Acute prostatitis is first treated with antibiotics. Oral antibiotics should be given for 1–3 months; longer, if necessary. If a fungus or some other organism is causing infection, special drugs are available. If chronic prostatitis continues despite all medical efforts and is seriously affecting the patient''s life, the prostate may be removed surgically. Nonbacterial prostatitis requires other measures to relieve urinary symptoms. These measures include drugs that fight inflammation (steroids or nonsteroids) and a type of drug called an alpha-blocker that reduces muscle tension. There is another condition that can...

Natural therapies for prostate cancer?

A: From the book, The Reader''s Digest Family Guide to Alternative Medicine, page 287, one can read the following: 1) Accupuncture Practicioners claim success in relieving prostate problems by using pressure points on the bladder, large intestines, spleen, kidney, conception ang governor meridians. In addition, treatment by Moxibustion may be applied. 2) Herbal Medicine For non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate, and difficulty in passing water, herbalists may use diuretic herbs such as couch grass, horsetail or saw palmetto, to promote discharge of the urine. 3) Naturopathy Hot and cold compresses, or sitz baths, are key part of naturopathic treatment of prostate disorder. Regular exercise is a preventive measure for enlarged prostate symptoms, and supplement...


Passing large blood clots from prostate. Any ideas on how to stop this?

A: I passed large clots in my urine two weeks following green light laser surgery for enlarged prostate.  However, mine followed blood ''thining'' (anti-coagulation) drugs prescribed to deal with an embolism that developed 10 days post surgery.  Human blood clotting/dissolving chemistry is very complex, with many different substanced at work.  I have an excess of one of these, ''Lupus anticoagulant'' (not related to the disease Lupus).  As a result, my blood has an excessive tendency to clot, and the bleeding, with subsequent clotting following the prostate surgery triggered the embolism.  I am not sure if I then developed the larege clots in my urine because of poor anti-coagulent management (Coumadin, Heperin) or if it was just an unavoidable complication. ...

  12 year old boy with UTI symptoms but no UTI

A: Hi,How is your son? Normally, most people urinate four to eight times a day. More than eight times a day orwaking up in the night to go to the bathroom more than once in the night is considered frequent urination.This could be due to urinary tract infections, diabetes, certain medicines, prostate problems, interstitialcystitis, overactive bladder syndrome, drinking too much or from intake of artificial sweeteners, alcohol,caffeine, carbonated drinks citrus fruits. Further evaluation may be done to determine the underlying cause.Take care and do keep us posted....

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