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22 year old , chest pain + left arm pain

A: Hello Bread123, I would recommend you see a cardiologist about this. At your age a cardiac problem is much less likely but can still occur. When dealing with the heart it is always safest to be sure there is no problem. If your heart checks out you may want to see a GI specialist to further evaluate the issue of reflux. This is probably the most common cause of chest pain in your age group. Also, the proton pump inhibitors can take several days to become fully effective so if you just started taking them you may not yet be noticing an effect. Best wishes....


Is Aciphex likely to make me drowsy if Nexium and protonix do?

A: Aciphex is similar to protonix and Nexium so may have the same reaction. I am surprised they make you tired, they shouldn''t do that. I do not know of any other proton pump Inhibitor that is any different unfortunately. They are pretty much all the same. If you find one that is different let me know please I would be curious to try it myself. Everyone is different in how there bodies handle medicine. Good luck with the Aciphex hope it helps and hope you can stay alert....


GERD and Reyataz, what to do?

A: Response from Dr. Pierone Hello, and thanks for posting. Pepcid AC contains 10mg of famotidine. Studies have shown that 40mg of famotidine can be administered with reyataz (either 20mg twice daily or 40mg taken once daily at a separate time). If this full dose of Pepcid is ineffective you may need to switch to a different regimen since proton pump inhibitors dramatically lower Reyataz blood levels. Best of luck!...


Scared 21 yr. Male. Gastro

A: Hello, The anatomical relation between the diaphragm and the Lowe Esophageal Sphincter LES prevents the gastric acids to come up into the esophagus (reflux). When the upper part of the stomach prolapses through the diaphragm (where the esophagus pass into the abdomen (esophageal hiatus- opening) into the chest, the condition is known as hiatal hernia. And this could be the case. Investigations are needed to confirm the diagnosis which include, endoscopy and radiological assessment. In this condition people will experience one or more of these symptoms, chest pain, especially at night while lying down, swallowing problems and GERD with or without heart burn. The size of a hiatal hernia and the severity of the symptoms are not correlated. The presence of hitaus hernia aggravates the GERD...


22 year old with dull chest pain and odd symptom

A: Hi there - OK, here''s what we know so far: you suffer occasional dull left-sided chest pain, especially after drinking. The pain sometimes radiates to your arm or back. With the pain you''ve also noted some pettechiae on your arms and abdomen. This has been going on for 10 months. Now to deconstruct: Ten months of chest pain would, were it heart-related, have progressed most likely to something that would have sent you to an emergency facility by now. Also, because of your age, you are far less likely to have developed vastly premature coronary artery disease. The pettechiae definitely sounds incidental, although it may be related to drinking. It would help to know if there is any family history of heart disease. The pain sounds, on balance, as though it is GI in origin, probably an...


The definite post about treating the cause of reflux

A: Welcome FelF, If you read through the threads you will find many of the comments you have made already in the forum.  Also if you use our search feature at the top you will find articles and posts about the pros and cons of PPI meds. Thank you for your post. Glad to see you have found something that works for you. Kitt 8 weeks. I think didnít eat any sugar and unfortunately I didnít achieve ANY improvement. My diet was: - breakfast: natural yoghurt - lunch: full grain rice, tuna, meat, potatoes - dinner: full grain bread with butter, cheese and sausages sometimes I ate rolled oates with milk. On the same time I was on Nystatin. I know that people were healed from candida because of this diet. I probably had a very progressed candida infection and so I needed a more ďagressiveĒ...


PRILOSEC - Long Term Use Problems?

A: In long term (2-year) studies in rats, omeprazole (e.g. prilosec) produced a dose related increase in gastric carcinoid tumors. While avaliable endoscopic evaluations and histologic examinations of human biopsies have not detected a risk from short term (8 week) use, further research and longer follow up is needed to find out the risk of developing that kind of complication in humans. One other concern relates to a theoretical risk of atrophy of the stomach lining because of the long-term suppression of acid secretion by stomach cells, but this has not led to complications in patients so far. That said it should be known that proton pump inhibitors (e.g. omeprazole) drugs have now been available for about 10 years...


Low CD count

A: Response from Dr. Young Thanks for your post and kind words. I''m happy to hear that we''re reaching readers in Europe. In patients with very low CD4 counts and high viral loads, both non-nuke-based and boosted PI-based regimens have been shown to be very effective (as effective as in patients with higher CD4s or lower viral loads). Boosted PIs are, as you allude, probably better than NNRTIs with regard to the risk of developing drug resistance. I tend to favor the use of newer boosted PIs in this circumstance, particularly fosamprenavir (Lexiva, Telzir) and in some cases atazanavir (Reyataz) because of their lower pill count and dosing frequency. Because of fosamprenavir''s lack of diet or drink restriction nor need to avoid proton-pump...


need advise extreme heartburn with 5fu

A: I had a lot of heartburn/reflux on 5 FU and found Nexium to be quite helpful. Good luck to you and your husband! Maria: I don''t know if you are in the States... I don''t think so for some reason, and I don''t recognize Somac... Any proton pump Inhibitor will work. I don''t know your brand names, but Omeprazole (Prilosec) has been out the longest and I suspect you have it where you are. Nexium is great too, as gocatsgo mentions. I wish you luck! Propping up the head higher than the chest when lying will help too. Regards, CDad I think Maria is from OZ!!!!!! I didnt have much trouble with heart burn on the 5fu, a little.. but not enough to worry bout it. <Maz I go back and forth with that problem too....


Anyone know of headache medicine comparable to Midrin?

A: 20 Sep 2011 Oh I wish I could help you after you helped me, but with your condition I would be afraid to sugest anything, sorry for the spelling and words, my thyroid had affected my memory. Hope someone helps ya, nite, Von Votes:+0CommentVote upReport cetteferge 20 Sep 2011Oh, Bless your little heart... you do help, when you write funny things! Love your sense of humor, even when I don''t comment... nightie night, luv. Anonymous 20 Sep 2011nite, sweetie, hope you have a Blessed day tomorrow. :) Vonnie Add your Comment Mary63200920 Sep 2011 Someone answered a while back thta a med called Axert helped them with their migraine headaches. I used immitrex & don''t have them at all anymore, but it was the injection, & have been told they no longer make it that way. I hope you find...

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