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What is a raw food diet?

A: Some individuals follow a raw food diet, incorporating only raw materials, for health or ethical reasons. The raw food diet is often vegan, and incorporates only raw foods because adherents to the diet believe that cooking damages the essential enzymes in foods. The raw food diet grew increasingly popular in the 1990s, with a number of celebrities picking up the diet for various reasons, although


what is raw food diet?

A: raw food has it''s merits. However......part of a healthy diet consists of consuming meat. If you do not you require supplements. Unfortunately, our food sources aren''t clean enough anymore to consume raw meat. This is one downside to the raw diet. Typically, a raw food diet (often referred to as a raw vegan diet) ists  one where you eat freely of any raw (preferably organic) vegetables and fruit, as well as raw nuts and seeds and sprouts...

What Is a Living and raw food diet?

A: With a steadily growing obesity problem afflicting most of the developed world, it is not surprising that some people feel that alternative diets may be better for humans. The living and raw food diet, a form of veganism, suggests that people should only eat food that has not been cooked or processed. Not all people on this diet fulfill the requirements all the time; the consensus is that following the diet 75% of the time qualifies as a living and raw food diet. The theory behind the living and raw


Is there any benefit to a raw food diet?

A: I just wonder whatever could be the benefits of uncooked food. I''d wager that a strictly raw diet would either be very low in protein or very high in harmful bacteria; you really ought to cook meat, eggs or fish before eating it. So then you''ll only have vegetable protein sources, which tend not to be complete proteins, or diary, which is rather low in protein (milk is 3.2 grams per 100; for comparison, eggs are 12, canned tuna is 26 and chicken breast is some 28 grams per 100). During “the raw food diet” you eat uncooked veggies and fruits. Fruit is acceptable but your encouraged to eat less of it then the vegetables because of...


What do you think of the raw food diet?

A: Cooking food does cause the loss of some nutrients, but it also makes the food easier to digest. There could very well be something to eating raw vegetables. It would probably strengthen your digestive system. I actually think it makes sense. My brother has been a strict raw, organic vegan for about 5 years and is the healthiest person I know. He has literally not had so much as a cold in 5 years. My mother was very worried about this diet and got him to agree to see a doctor of her choosing (he''s 30, mind you) for a battery of tests. The results all came back incredibly good. @Likeradar wow! have you ever thought about trying it? @ronski I''ve thought about it....


Should i still go on a raw food diet if i only have access to non organic foods

A: I would not. So many pesticides and chemical fertilizers are used in other countries that now ship worldwide. Yoiu would be ingesting all of these in fairly large, unadulterated quantities. Seems risky! Although it is ideal to eat organic foods on a raw vegan diet, it is better to be raw vegan than not to be raw vegan, i.e., if you cannot get organic vegetables for whatever reason (availability or finances), you can still be raw vegan. A lot more people do it than admit it. You just must be sure to carefully wash and peel everything. I think that it would be much more beneficial to be raw than not to be

raw food diet

A: I really don''t know anything abnout a raw food diet but...We have a dehydrator, bought at a sporting goods store after Christmas and it did not cost very much at all. It is mcuh cheaper to dry fruit...etc than it is to buy it. i have been a raw foodist for over 4 years. as far as transitioning, it can take quite a while for some...years. a dehydrator is nice, as it allows for some textures that are hard to come by otherwise, however it is definitely just one of those ''fun toys'' that are nice to have. in the winter, it can make transitions MUCH easier. that being said, the most important thing to own is a good blender. I''m talking vita-mix or k-tech. these are...


Is a raw food diet safe?

A: Yes, it's quite safe. You can get all your nutritional and energy needs from raw foods if done correctly. Especially if you include things like raw dairy, meat, and eggs. The bigger issue will be if you can maintain a raw food diet. You might get some serious "withdrawal" symptoms if you go cold turkey onto a raw food diet. Most people have been eating cooked food, and nothing but cooked food for their entire lives. It can be quite "shocking" to suddenly go


raw food diet - questions

A: Most raw food diets that are out there are high fat.  A lot of raw foodists eat up to 70% of their calories from fat and this is very damaging health wise, when we should be consuming around 10% fat (total calories) whether raw or not.   A raw food diet can be very healthy as long as it is low fat.  If your husband is consuming a high quantity of fruits and greens (which contain all the nutrients your body needs) then his healthy should be amazing.  If he is eating lots of nuts, avocadoes, and adding oil to everything as well as using salt and...


Is it too extreme to say that the current raw food diets are a glorified and socially acceptable form of anorexia?

A: Yes, it is too extreme. As fire came well after hunger in human evolution – I can''t quite see the logic in his reasoning. I eat raw/near raw foods at all times and am (cancer aside – Melanoma and unrelated to general health) healthy, very healthy for my age. The Japanese with things like Sushi are among the top two or three healthy demographics. (I LOVE Sushi) agreed, too extreme. I also think it''s extreme. If they can get by w/o meat and cooking, great for them, but I can''t lol. I think it''s too extreme. One of my friends recently switched to raw food and she thinks it''s great. She was always very athletic and her goal was always to be as healthy as...

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