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What Is a resuscitation Bag?

A: A resuscitation bag is a hand-held medical device used to help assist a person in breathing during a medical emergency. The bag is used to provide artificial respiration to patients who stop breathing or are barely breathing. As part of resuscitation equipment, emergency workers and medical personal use a resuscitation bag in both the pre-hospital and hospital settings. The resuscitation bag consists of a few parts. The main part of the resuscitation bag is an air chamber that is squeezed to force air into the patientís lungs. A mask, which is placed over a personís nose and mouth, is attached to the end of the air chamber. Most


What medical equipment is usually found in an ambulance?

A: Medical equipment?? we don''t carry medical equipment. Kidding of course. KEDS CIDS Backboards Prosplints scoops oxygen medical air suction equipment iv supplies defibrilators Monitors c collars 2X2''s 4X4''s 5X9''s traukma pads burn sheets ob kit cot urinals vomit buckets bedpans BVMs NC NRB intubation equipment saline MAST Pants Take an EMT course, it''ll be easier than listing everthing in an ambulance. And you''ll actually know what I''m talking about :-) stretcher oxygen tanks tubing masks bandages of all sizes triangle bandages air or foam splints tape mass trousers ambu bags stethoscope Blood pressure cuffs in varied sizes towels blankets sheets gloves (lots of them in differnt...


CPR equipment question

A: Hello -- Having worked in the field ("field" meaning street as opposed to my time spent in indoor clinical settings) for over 30 years before going indoors, I can pretty well identify for you what''s in the photo, and it is current equipment. However, before I go into the full description I''d like to clarify something: Heart failure is not a condition which, in itself, calls for CPR, although if severe it may require oxygen (O2) therapy. By "heart failure" I suspect you mean cardiac arrest, a stoppage of heart action, usually sudden and often unexpected. Okay then: What I see is a patient in full code mode, having been intubated by EMS personnel, which is why the mouthpiece of the "mask" looks odd. It''s not a mask at this point but...


What is an Ambu® Bag?

A: An Ambu® bag is a piece of medical equipment which is used to help patients who cannot breathe on their own. The official name for this type of equipment is a Bag Valve Mask or BVM, but most medical personnel know these masks as Ambu® bags in a reference to a popular manufacturer. Ambu has been making BVMs since 1953, when an engineer and an anesthesiologist paired up to devise a piece of equipment to get oxygen to patients in need which could be easily used in a range of situations. Prior to the introduction of Ambu® bags, rescuers in the field provided oxygen to patients through mouth to mouth breathing, which could be imprecise and sometimes difficult to maintain for an extended period of time. The...


Hospice vs Palliative care

A: @dyslexia, Sounds like you''ve done a good deal of research on this since your posting earlier in the week @mags314772, I''ve had to. not much accurate information available, I found the questions/conversation at yesterdays meeting very interesting even though I was the target. @dyslexia, interesting ie, both Diane and I have (as I''m sure many people do) legal documents by attorney, signed and registered with the courts for DO NOT RESUSCITATE, however should Diane wake up or come home and find me dead/dying and she phones 911, in New Mexico (and perhaps other states) 911 para-medics are required to attempt up to and including bone-cracking resuscitation even if I had the documents stapled to my forehead, they have no choice. Diane would have to not call 911 and...


First Aid Cabinets

A: Hi Fran, This is a great question that has been the buzz for several years. The short answer is that OSHA does not list medications of any kind to be put in a kit. The exact wording is: First-aid Kits (Mandatory). - 1910.266 App A Regulations (Standards - 29 CFR) - Table of Contents ? Part Number:   1910 ? Part Title:   Occupational Safety and Health Standards ? Subpart:   R ? Subpart Title:   Special Industries ? Standard Number:   1910.266 App A ? Title:   First-aid Kits (Mandatory).    The following list sets forth the minimally acceptable number and type of first-aid supplies for first-aid kits required under paragraph (d)(2) of the logging standard. The contents of the first-aid kit listed...

osha first aid kits in the dental office

A: Tina, First let me say congratulations on your new assignment!  Secondly let me say, please do not fall for any sales job from anyone trying to sell you an "OSHA Approved" first aid kit. This is because 1) OSHA never approves anything and 2) they have never stated what they expect to see in first aid kits in specific work settings, much less a dentist office.  I can provide you with a listing of required contents for 1st aid kits on a logging operation.  OSHA has specifically stated that the folowing supplies must be available on this type of jobsite.  Here"s what they say in 1910.266: The following list sets forth the minimally acceptable number and type of first-aid supplies for first-aid kits required under paragraph (d)(2) of the logging standard. The contents...

What is an Air Ambulance?

A: An air ambulance is an aircraft equipped to handle medical emergencies. Helicopters, jets and cargo planes are a few of the types of aircraft that are often used as an air ambulance. The air ambulance is designed to meet the needs of critically wounded or critically ill patients who are located in an area that a land vehicle cannot easily reach. An air ambulance may also be used when a patient requires medical care that a local hospital cannot provide in order to move the patient quickly to another facility. Air ambulances are furnished with life saving medical equipment, such as respirators, medications, portable resuscitation equipment, stretchers, braces, bandages and so on. An air ambulance also has a highly...

End of life care

A: Hi Jayne and thanks for writing, I"m sorry to hear about your father"s condition, it does sound quite grave. As for ?end of life care" that is also known as Palliative Care or Respite Care, basically care for the terminally ill. This is care focused on comfort and not treatments or cures. Comfort measures include pain control (IF necessary ? it"s not always, but today we have wonderful medications and pain is easy to control), basic food & fluids, it can include Antibiotics for comfort (ex: to treat a bladder infection ? this will not prolong life, but if will prevent unnecessary discomfort), spiritual support if desired, and support for the family as well as the patient to ensure everybody is comfortable with what"s going on. The best people to talk to are the Social Workers at...

What is a Birth Center?

A: A birth center is an option for a mother who wants a more intimate, natural labor experience than in a hospital, but with more assistance than at home. At a birth center, a healthy woman with no pre-existing medical conditions can expect a delivery without the medical interventions common at a hospital. There are no routine intravenous (IV) drips, electronic fetal monitoring, inductions, epidurals or cesarean sections at a birth center. Even though the baby is not delivered by an obstetrician, a birth center is staffed by an attentive group of qualified midwives and nurses. One of the benefits of a birth center is that it may be the low-tech, quiet and intimate labor experience that a mother is looking for. You wonít be strapped to an uncomfortable bed, belted into a fetal monitoring...
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