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What are calcium proteins?

A: I wonder if he''s referring to dairy? If he bought into the big campaignthat dairy helps us lose wt? That has been debunked recently and those adswill disappear now. For me, a calcium rich protein is my regular proteinsupplement with 500mg cal citrate powder added in. I just did a yahoo search typing in "calcium rich foods" and gota huge amount of hits that list dairy of course. But there are vegetablesthat are high in calciuma and don''t forget the calcium-enriched foods... socheck it out and happy web surfing.... My guess is he means cottage cheese, ff cheeses, yogurts, sf puddings, etc.The things that have both protein and...


How To Increase Metabolism with protein

A: Metabolism is the process in which your body burns food to make energy. The faster your body metabolizes, the more fat you will burn. It is for this reason that many dietary plans are focused on increasing metabolic rate, with protein being at the center of these dietary plans. protein increases metabolism because protein digestion requires a good amount of energy. So if you want to increase your metabolism, you may want to follow a protein-rich diet. Here are a few tips you can consider. Consult with a dietitian. Although you can plan your diet on your own, a dietitianís expert suggestion can ensure you of a faster metabolic rate. He will see to it that your


protein drinks help!:?

A: well if you would like to contact me I could go over more options with you because there are many products out there now that taste pretty good, you shouldnt have to hide the taste! if you go to my site and check out the nutrition/diet pages you might find some products there that can help I also have a product summary on protein there www.thenutritiongenius.com Links: www.thenutritiongenius.com I don''t know about that, but we have a meal replacement smoothie which can be mixed with OJ and our Formula 1 Meal Replacement Mix. What is your goal with the muscle protein drink and are you getting results? Orange juice tends to be very acidic and juices in general have more sugar than fresh fruit. If the drink you are using tastes bad - why...


Should people who lift weights take protein supplements?

A: The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) suggests that athletes need to consume more than 0.8 grams per kilogram of lean bodyweight or 1kilogram=2.2 pounds. Weightlifters need to consume protein rich vitamin and food before and after exercise to help with growth and recovery. Large quantities of whole milk, meat, peanut butter, yogurt and eggs are rich resources of protein which requires 1 gram for every 3-4 grams of carbohydrate. Modern food supplements causes competition with natural protein-rich food today. On the other hand, medical technologists point out limited evidence on the cost-effectiveness of protein...


Is rajma rich in protein

A: Rajma is rich in protein. proteins are the practical building blocks of the human body allowing us to regenerate muscle mass and organ tissues that are damaged. They are vital to our immune system as well and are vital when it comes to injuries. Beans, legumes (dales) , grains, nuts, seeds, dairy products, meat products and soy are the toppers in the list of protein available in the market. One cup of kidney beans (rajma) provides 15 gm of protein to the body. Plan your meal in a way that you can take at least two types of protein content foods daily. Combination of animal protein, found in meats as well as plant


protein rich foods for toddlers

A: Toddlers grow up very fast and they are always active and full of energy. They require sufficient amounts of carbohydrates, and proteins to help them grow strong. protein rich foods you can give your toddlers include milk shakes in flavors they enjoy, yogurt, and soy milk, and chicken, eggs in any form like scrambled or fried or boiled. Cheese is also protein rich. If they like the taste give them some to eat as a snack. If they have developed a full set of teeth, you can give them some nuts to eat but not too much as they can choke. Puffed rice is good for them and will provide them with protein. Meat as such should not be given but in the...


What Is High Quality protein?

A: High quality protein is defined as any food source rich in protein and nutrients and containing little or no cholesterol or saturated fats. Foods that are high in protein are essential to the body''s development and overall functioning, and they play a pivotal role in the creation and maintenance of muscle mass. In addition to individual foods, high quality protein is also available as nutritional supplements — usually in powder form — and as protein bars. Consuming sensible amounts of high quality protein at each meal has many benefits for the human body. It creates the sensation of being full and...


What Is a Rice protein Shake?

A: A rice protein shake is made of brown rice that is processed to separate carbohydrates and protein. This provides a vegan alternative to other types of protein shakes, which are typically made of dairy-containing whey protein. Rice protein shakes are usually consumed by those looking to lose weight or improve strength or athletic performance. Many individuals heavily involved in fitness drink protein shakes, which are usually considered a safe and healthy meal replacement or snack when nutrient-rich, low-calorie ingredients are used. Rice protein shares the same benefits that other


Is Rice protein Powder A Good protein Source?

A: Believe it or not, rice is not only rich in carbohydrates; it is also rich in essential amino acids. Because of this, rice protein powder is considered to be an alternative to dairy-based protein especially for those who are vegetarian and those who are lactose-intolerant. In fact, this can be very helpful for vegetarian athletes who need to maintain muscle performance but have fewer sources of protein. Rice protein is also useful for those who have allergies from dairy products. It is produced usually from brown rice, which is treated with enzymes that makes proteins and carbohydrates break up. After this, the


Get Enough protein! Day by Day Guide

A: There is no doubt that your body needs protein. Day after day your body uses it to build muscles, skin, blood and more; it is a component of every cell and vital for healthy functioning. Without enough protein, you might find yourself becoming easily fatigued or even lethargic, experience edema (fluid retention), lose muscle mass, become constipated and have difficulty healing from wounds or injuries. Although true protein deficiency is rare in developed nations, it can occur in people following crash or fad diets, those with eating disorders or elderly/invalid people who have difficulty getting enough nourishment. In Western countries, the issue for most people isn`t how much protein they...

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