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ru 486, abortion pill

A: Dear Amanda, ru 486 is the same thing as the Abortion Pill.  ru 486 was the original name for Mifepristone, when the abortion pill was developed in France.  Mifepristone, was approved for use in the United States in 2000, and it has come to be known as the abortion pill.   The Abortion Pill is an excellent choice for ending early pregnancy, under 9 weeks.  You take one mifepristone tablet (ru 486) in the doctor"s office.  You then take a second set of pills (misoprostol) 24-72 hours later.  These pills cause the uterus to contract and induce a miscarriage.  The advantage of the...

  What would be the side effects if someone took the ru 486 abortion pill and they weren''t pregnant to begin with?

A: Hi. ru 486 is a progesterone receptor antagonist. Progesterone helps form the normal endothelial lining of theuterus in pregnancy. A sudden withdrawal in the hormone (simulated by receptor antagonists), would lead todisruption in the endothelial lining of the uterus and cause induced menstruation. This principle is also usedfor abortion as the fertilized egg is unable to get attached to the uterus. In the absence of progesterone,mifepristone acts as a partial agonist. Hence in either case it would just lead to an induced menstruation,nothing serious would happen as such. A severe bleeding...


how many percent does ru-486 cause abortion?

A: Hi ru-486or mifepristone is used for medical abortion. It is basically used for intrauterine termination ofpregnancy up to 49 days. There are various studies performed, in European studies it shows that efficacy ofmifepristone is about 98-99% while studies conducted in U.S.A showed that the failure rate was less than5%.However it generally quite effective. Please consult your doctor for further information....


Are there any magazines featuring stories about ru 486?

A: www.catholic-sf.org/10104.html In year since daughter?s death, father sounds alarm about ru-486 By Patrick Joyce A year ago Monty Patterson, a custom home builder from Livermore, didn?t know what the abortion drug ru-486 was. Then, on September 17, 2003, his daughter Holly, 18 years old and seven weeks pregnant, died a week after receiving ru-486 at a Planned Parenthood facility in Hayward. The day his daughter died people from Planned Parenthood came up to Mr. Patterson in the lobby of the hospital. ?They said something like this had never happened before,? he recalls. ?We were shocked. We said, ?You know...

Has ru-486 been approved for use in many places?

A: It was first approved in Europe and was tested in the mid-1990s in United States, where it was approved in 2000....


bleeding after abortion pill, ru 486

A: Dear Jancy, The bleeding you are describing after taking the abortion pill (ru 486) seems lengthy, and you should probably get a check up by the doctor who gave it to you.  Long term bleeding after the abortion pill is the most common complaint of women who try this method.  Intermittent bleeding, including clots, dark blood, red blood, spotting, heavy bleeding - is all normal, and can last for 1-2 months after taking the abortion pill.  However, there are a few things that concern me about what you are describing - first, that you have had daily bleeding, not intermittent bleeding.  Second, you are having some weakness, which can indicate a low blood count.  Both of these symptoms indicate that you should see a...

Can you purchase the ru-486 pill online and is it safe to do so?

A: http://www.abortion-pill-online.com/ Do not buy from this website above!!!!! You can check all the fake sites here that sell fake and dangerous medication! http://www.womenonwaves.org/article-445-en.html Goto a doctor and get a prescription or use AlinRx.com, they are fast and real. They have a online medical form to fill out that a doctor will check out before you buy. Its expensive but at least you know what your getting!...

How much does a ru-486 pill cost?

A: 400$ or medical insurance...

safety of a second abortion, safe early abortion, abortion pill, ru 486

A: Dear Sarah, There are no concerns with ending a pregnancy a second time, or even more.  Abortion is extremely safe - it is one of the safest medical procedures.  Having more than one abortion does not interfere with future pregnancies.  You can feel confident that you will still be healthy and able to get pregnant when you are ready. Another option it to try the abortion pill.  The abortion pill is an excellent safe early abortion method.  It is a very safe, nonsurgical method. Some women feel more comfortable with this method because the experience is more like an early miscarriage. I hope this is helpful, Doctor Joan http://www.earlyabortionoptions.com New York City...

  ectopic pregnancy

A: Hi! Ectopic pregnancy is a condition in which pregnancy is established outside the uterus, most commonly infallopian tubes. In case of ectopic pregnancy, ru-486 (mifepristone) fails to induce an abortion. On thecontrary, it may lead to rupture of ectopic pregnancy which can be life threatening. This, luckily did nothappen in your case. Mifepristone will not have any direct adverse effect on the condition of tubes or futurefertility. Presence of ectopic pregnancy can potentially damage the tube, even lead to removal of theaffected tube. Most of the women can conceive normally following an ectopic pregnancy and deliver healthybabies even if the diseased tube was removed, provided other tube...

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