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protelos since june 2008. recently pains all over my body.itching, hives, severe headache, nausea

A: if it''s really allergic reaction from the drug- you should stop immediately. it might get worse and cause even life threatening situations. here is a list of the drugs given in osteoporosis , but you need to consult your doctor before taking them: http://www.nof.org/patientinfo/medications.htm Hi, Protelos granules contain strontium ranelate, that actually strengthens bone. It is used to treat osteoporosis in women who have passed the menopause. It is given to reduce the risk of spinal and hip fractures. Are you taking any calcium supplement along with this prescription? Are you following the label instructions correctly? Have you taken any other prescription along with it recently or due for any surgery? Have you taken it...


several questions, please read and possibly answer!

A: If your baby is over weight it can cause him to be delayed in meeting milestones. Or he could just be lazy...that does not mean anything in the long run. My brother was overweight as an infant and did not meet milestones on time. Doctors decided that he did not want to put out the effort. When he did start moving around (walking at almost 18 months) he lost all of the extra weight and now is a stick with no lasting problems. You may want to consider following your doctors advise to help him not gain much more weight. My youngest is 5 1/2 months, weighs about 15 pounds and is still wearing 0-3 months mostly with some newborns and some 3-6 months. You can buy a rear facing car seat that is approved for as low as 5 pounds and can be turned around when your baby gets bigger. I hope this helped...


child allergic to sunscreen

A: Hi Dee! I can''t honestly say that I have known or have had anyone allergic to sunscreen but I can only imagine the anguish you feel for your little one! I have a friend whose son is allergic to bug repellent though and that can be rough too. I don''t have any answers for you but hang in there and I''m sure someone will come along soon to answer your questions or concerns. Take care.Hi again, In case anyone else comes across this thread because they have children with the same problem. I have found a solution. There are some sunscreens with very little and some still without any chemicals. These have an increased amount of Titanium something something - which is virtually very ''skin friendly''. Anyhow, I''m from...


Fibromyalgia - I have been having increasing neuropathy am allergic to neurontin, the docs have me?

A: Please do not get desperate it will only make things worse for you. My loving mother suffers from Fibromyalgia and MS... so I understand you very well... you are going through hell... I take care of her as muchas I am able to (I am male 41 yeras old and also suffer from many let´s say "conditions"), she takes Lyrica for the Fibro, she falls all the time, a couple of months ago , she fell and borke her nose... so you are not the only one... she also drops stuff, but she never loses her faith and her calm... she is also weak, it is part of the illnes and you have to come to terms with it, we both know what Fibro does to the body, it is chronic..there is no cure up to date. You are allergic to neurontin, ask your Doctor about LYRICA. What Is Lyrica?...


Could DD be allergic to oats?

A: I''m wondering if maybe she is allergic to the additives, stabilizers etc then? Yes it''s odd to be able to tolerate the wheat and not the oats. Right now I believe they are doing a study on the effects of oats on Celiac disease. Here is a website that maybe you can find some sort of clue in there: http://digestive.niddk.nih.gov/ddiseases/pubs/celiac/momandteacher, Razzle said... I have one of the genes for Celiac Disease and am Gluten Sensitive. I also cannot eat oats. I started getting symptoms from oats long before any hint of problems with gluten. Apparently, one of the Celiac genes can have a separate but equally severe reaction specifically to some protein in oats. It''s possible also to be


Side effects or reactions to B12 Shots.?

A: Yes, i unfortunately had a bad reaction to vitamin B12 injections - horrible acne rash on my face, and the whole front of my chest and belly which lasted for 4 months! and I also couldn't breath for about three days as well...terrible :(( Every once in a while i get a slight pain in the spot where i had the B12 injections. I found a list of side effects noted with B12 injections>>> "Side effects of B12 supplements are rare, according to Southern Care Healthcare Group, and generally occur with the injections and not with oral supplements. Side effects can include pain at the injection site, dizziness, diarrhea, nausea, headache, vomiting, acne and skin rash. Some people have allergic or hypersensitive responses to...


I am allergic to penicillin, should i wear a bracelet to share those?

A: ALWAYS!My gilrfriend nearly died becuase of unknown Penc allergy 1week hospi stay resulted in a 8 week stay!! Do bring the allergy tatood on you arm as bracelet normally go ''missing" in mutinous car collisions you could attain it tattood on your forehead. Or a bracelet yeah. Or a dogtag. Or... eh. yeah. A t-shirt or something.Either that, or have something on you...maybe in your purse.It would be a upright idea to wear a bracelet or necklace. alot of emergency won''t check paperwork.might be a good notion, if you would die if given some then go and get it tattooed on your left arm where on earth the drip goes! I have this discussion with someone until that time, and if my life be at risk if i was given a medication next I would seriously tattoo it on myself. Rather have that than...


I Have Had A severe reaction To Keflex. It Gave Me Gastritis. allergic..

A: You really need to talk to a new doctor, and you might need to talk to a dietitian about this. There is something very serious going on. You really do need to see your doctor or a new one. Hope this helps, good luck to you....


all albuterol cfc inhalers will be discontiued after december 2008. the only albuterol inhalers left will contain a sulfate. if you are allergic to sulfa it will not help you in an attack. the montreal protocol which is behind this insanilty makes no provision for medical devices that use flourocarbons. no other asthma inhaler is as fast acting and as effective as albuterol.

A: the best way to find out if you are sensitive is to keep a diary of your reactions and then stay away form the ones that cause problems. I am allergic to sulfa preservatives in foods and wine and also to medicines. I am allergic to Protonix, Bactrim, Cephlosporins and all medications that contain an S for sulfa in the molecule. I always look for An S linked to an O and if I see it, I don''t take that medicine. I nearly died after taking a sulfite/sulfate and my son was born prematurely. I get hives and swollen eyes from foods preserved with sulfa in any way. There are Xoponex inhalers. Xopenex also comes in two formulations, with and without a sulfa. I have tried the hand held Xoponex inhaler and it doesn''t work as...


allergic to water?!?!?!!?

A: Surely you are not the only one with this condition.  I would certainly try very hard not to miss that Zrytec.  Trying looking on the bright side, at least you have a medication that takes care of it.  I hear hives are very uncomfortable. Are you sure it is the water itself, or some additive in the water - such as chlorine? I get hives on my forehead every time I take a shower, I get blotchy red skin from any exposure to swimming pools or bath/showers, and cannot drink tap water without getting sick to my stomach. I don''t think H20 (the chemical formula for water) is the culprit, but rather stuff that is added to the water or not filtered out at the drinking water treatment facility. One of my allergies is Fluoride (added to tap water for the purpose of strengthening...

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