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What Are the Signs of an allergic reaction to Fruit?

A: An allergic reaction to fruit may be somewhat mild, or trigger responses severe enough to be life-threatening. Typically, these types of allergic reactions will focus on the parts of the body that actually come in contact with the fruit or the juice from one or more types of fruit. While milder symptoms may be no more than annoying and fade away in a short period of time, a severe allergic reaction to fruit calls for immediate medical attention.. Typically, an allergic reaction to fruit will involve discomfort associated with the lips, mouth,...


What Are the Signs of an allergic reaction to Codeine?

A: An allergic reaction to codeine is relatively rare and can range from mild to potentially fatal. Mild symptoms may include sweating, headache, or skin flushing. More serious signs of an allergic reaction to codeine may involve disorientation, visual disturbances, or hallucinations. severe reactions may include dizziness, heart palpitations, or difficulty breathing. Any questions or concerns about a potential allergic reaction to codeine should be discussed with a doctor or other medical professional.. Most people who are allergic to codeine will experience symptoms the...


What Are the Signs of a Vaginal allergic reaction?

A: The most common signs of a vaginal allergic reaction include itching, burning, and general discomfort. The vaginal area will often be red and swollen, and there may be discharge as well. These symptoms can have myriad causes, ranging from perfumes or other ingredients in soap and health products to synthetic underwear made with polyester or rayon. In some cases, the reaction is the result of an allergy to a sexual partner’s sperm. A vaginal allergic reaction usually begins soon after introducing the irritant and often clears up once the source is identified and its use is discontinued.. A vaginal allergic reaction...


What Are the Signs of an allergic reaction to Almonds?

A: An allergic reaction to almonds can cause a variety of symptoms, depending on the severity of the allergy. Mild symptoms may include watery eyes, a slight rash, or nasal congestion. More serious signs of an allergic reaction to almonds may involve itching, hives, or difficulty breathing. A severe allergic reaction can be life threatening and may include swelling of the face or throat, an inability to breathe, and a partial or total loss of consciousness. Any potential signs of an allergic reaction to almonds should be treated as a medical emergency, as this type of...


Mystery allergic reaction?

A: It might be the benadryl teh government acting with they''re experiments already. NO ONE IS SAFE!!!!!!!!! there could be something in the vent that she is alergic to and she is breathing it in witch causes alergic reaction Maybe something you work around or in your office like latex. She should get a test that sounds serious. *Also, regardless if she''s never been allergic before, people can build an allergy sometimes. Some people are allergic to things they eat every day and don''t even know it until the symptoms become severe. Some people can even go into anaphylactic shock before they realize they have a serious allergy. For people who are allergic to peanuts for...


What Are the Symptoms of an allergic reaction to a Bite?

A: Symptoms of an allergic reaction to a bite include local symptoms such as redness, pain, and swelling. Systemic allergic reactions can cause swelling of the lips, throat, tongue, and face, along with chest pain, wheezing, and difficulty breathing. This is called anaphylaxis and is considered a medical emergency. If medical intervention is not sought with approximately 20 minutes, death can occur due to respiratory arrest or shock.. An allergic reaction to a bite can be caused by a spider bite or bee sting. Although the bite of a spider can prove poisonous, bee venom can cause a severe allergic...


What Are the Signs of an allergic reaction to Allergy Shots?

A: An allergic reaction to allergy shots is quite common, but many of the symptoms of this condition are quite mild. Most patients who get allergy shots will experience mild versions of their regular allergy symptoms, including runny noses and watery eyes. Swelling on or around the injection site is also quite common. A severe allergic reaction to allergy shots, however, can sometimes result in anaphylactic shock. If the throat swells, it will cause breathing difficulties or possibly death.. Allergy shots are very similar to vaccines. They contain small amount of allergens, or substances to which a person may be allergic. When these allergens...


What Are the Signs of an allergic reaction to Walnuts?

A: Walnuts are a relatively common source of food allergy. This nut can provoke allergy symptoms that range from the mild to the life-threatening. Various symptoms of allergic reaction to walnuts can occur, from simple indigestion to unconsciousness and difficulty breathing.. Oral allergy syndrome is a mild form of allergic reaction to walnuts. Walnuts are part of the tree nut group, and tree nuts can contain substances that share features with pollen molecules. These pollen-like substances produce allergic symptoms in the mouth and throat.. The interior of the mouth and throat can become itchy, sore and red. A sufferer may experience a sick feeling in the stomach,...


What Are the Signs of an allergic reaction to Cold?

A: An allergic reaction to cold occurs when a person`s immune system reacts negatively to a drop in temperature. Hives are the most common signs of this type of allergic reaction, and these may itch or burn. People with cold allergies may also experience swelling in the affected area. Rarely, severe reactions can include hypotension and fainting. People with this type of allergy should attempt to stay away from cold things as much as possible.. A cold allergy is known medically as cold urticaria. It is also sometimes referred to as cold hives, because of the red rashes that occur after exposure to the cold. Signs of an


What Are the Signs of an allergic reaction to Zithromax™?

A: Hives, facial swelling, and trouble breathing are some signs of an allergic reaction to Zithromax™. In the case of hives, the reaction is usually quite mild and goes away within a few hours. Facial swelling can be so mild that it is hard to detect or severe enough to call for emergency medical services. Difficulty breathing is another severe allergic reaction to Zithromax™ that usually needs a doctor’s attention. Some negative side effects may also be mistaken for an allergic reaction to the medication, stomach pain and diarrhea.. A very common

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