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What Is a severe allergic Reaction?

A: A severe allergic reaction, otherwise known as anaphylaxis, occurs when the body overreacts to a foreign substance. Common causes of severe allergic reactions include peanuts, bee stings and medication. Symptoms of a severe allergic reaction vary, depending on the individual, but may result in serious problems such as swelling in the airways or heart failure.. An allergic reaction happens when the body tries to repel what it thinks is a potentially harmful substance. When the body detects a substance that shouldn’t be in the body, the immune system tries to destroy it. If the immune system...


severe allergic reaction to "unknown" substance...?

A: They take blood samples and do tons of tests on the blood by adding different thing and seeing how the blood reacts- I''ve had it done and it wasn''t too fun but I did find out what I allergic to after being sick for a long time. Hi, the allergy test is where they take your arm and use a needle and poke a bunch of possible allergens into the skin. You test positive by bumps risins and the dr records what it is. I''m allergic to everything green that grows outside and farm animals to the point I now carry epi pen. If I touch a goat, I blow up like a blowfish. The allergy test just feels like little pricks. Nothing to worry about and then hopefully you will find out what it is. If it was at school it sounds like it might be a bee or a bug. Hi...


Is this considered a severe allergic reaction? What should I do about it?

A: Well first you need to remember what it was that you ate, and try each one by themselves. Be sure to have benadryl on hand in case you find out what it was. But no, don''t get an allergy test. those things are not nice. they have to inject the allergens under the top layer of your skin and then you wait, for how long I don''t know. They wanted to do that to my son because of his asthma after the doctor explained it to me I turned him down. I would definitely consider what you ate to be the source of your reaction. Fruit and nuts seem to cause reactions like that in people I know, but I''d get tested all the same so you know what to avoid in the future. You don''t want to let it go and then possibly having a worse reaction. What did you eat? Anything out of the norm...


How to treat severe allergic reactions?

A: In case of allergic reactions calm and reassure the person who is having these reactions because anxiety can worsen the symptoms and conditions. Try to identify the allergen and also try to make a person avoid further contact with it. Try to identify allergen and have the person avoid contact with it. If the allergic reaction is due to bee sting, scrape off the stinger from the skin with something firm like a fingernail or plastic credit card. It is advisable not to use tweezers; squeezing the stinger will only release more venom. If the person is starting to develop itchy rash, you can apply calamine lotion and cool compresses. You might also apply the cortisone cream. Watch the person for...


My husband is having a severe allergic reaction?

A: Blog it to your Myspace. -um.... See a Dr i work with a product that is great for allergies called nutrilite clearguard. it is a supplement and i could get you some more info on it and also a way to get some. chadm1010xs@gmail.com HOSPITAL/DOCTOR NOW! ps - this link below is my audition for neighbours (Aus TV show), please watch and comment it http://youtube.com/watch?v=Rif4q4y1-fs i always take benedryl,but if he has already taken something dont mix the medication.i have severe allergies and asthma.dont wait...take him to the emergency.his throat can swell during this allergic reaction.Godbless If the Loratadine isn''t working switch to Benadryl, which is an Antihistimine instead. With the tight itchy chest it sounds a lot like


What kind of testing is needed after a severe allergic reaction to a prescription medication?

A: As long as she is getting better, there may not need to be any more testing. But if the rash is itchy and not getting better, she should really see the doctor. Sometimes they need to put a person on Prednisone therapy to counteract the rash or give them something for itching. Other than that, always remember what that medicine was so that she never takes it again. I never heard of a pharmacy making that kind of a mistake - that is really terrible. I''d bring my daughter in to the pharmacist and show him what his mistake did!!!! That''s happened to my sister a couple times. I wouldn''t worry too much about it. It might last a couple, even 3 days, but it''ll go away and my sister has never had any problems. She just had a weird red, splotchy rash all over her. The surest way is to bring her...


Is there anything to help severe allergic reaction to hair removal cream?

A: Try washing it good with mild soaps and then rinse with warm and run over with cold water cold water should really help ya. Rub some olive oil or any type of oil on skin basically all you can do it ride it out. stay away from lotion, but use vaseline to Hydrate the skin. if it gets worse, then go to the doc. my legs did that too and i just slapped a whole bunch of vaseline on over night and in the morning they weren''t nearly as bad. 1.yes use anti histamines 2.try to use ice packs it helps to decrease the allergic reaction 3.try to use lotions Go to WebMD now and look it up. I would recommend flushing your skin with a LOT of water. Get in the bathroom now and start. Good luck. I have heard about someone who had an allergic reaction to Nair...


Have you personally ever experienced a severe allergic reaction..?

A: I was at a wedding and i must have eaten something strange because my throat started to close. My voice cut out and I had trouble breathing. It was like I was being strangled from the inside. yes I did this past summer, I still have no clue what it was, I''m guessing it was a mixture of to much salt,stress and heat....... in august I remember always going out in the heat and slathering on a bunch of deodarant, during that time I had exams and was stressed from studying and started eating potato chips all the time and I then it hit me,I had tons and tons of bumps under my arms that itched so terribly and were so red and inflamed, and bled on occasion, it was so terrible, I hope to never have such an allergic reaction, after summer ended and exams finished and I...


My 15 years old son gets severe allergic reaction when he mows lawn also allergic to cats. He sneezes a lot?

A: I am allergic to the grass, and I can''t mow lawn either, as well as I am allergic to some cats, I take patanol, for my eyes when they become red, for my nose I take umm I think it spelled like this abuterol, or I take flonase it helps!!!! My son is allergic to rain. (Which in Brisbane, Australia is quite a rarity) I am not sure what happens in the atmosphere at that time but he used to sneeze a lot. I tried a couple of things (both herbal) that didn''t seem to work and then found a herb mix in tablet form which is designed for allergies, hayfever etc. It works so well that every time he feels it coming on he will actually ask for the tablets himself. This American, and now, international research and development...


severe allergic reaction when working out?

A: after seeing my share of odd things... yeah, it''s very possible... what exactly you''re allergic to, i''m not sure, but it''s something of your own body... i''d go to another doctor to make sure Go to another allergy doctor. There are actually people out there who are allergic to their own perspiration. Very rare, but it happens. My nephew had the same reaction to cold. Hope you can find the cause. good luck It is absolutely possible! It is called "exercise-induced anaphylaxis." Sometimes it is associated with food- eating wheat, for example, before working out causes the symptoms, but a lot of the time it is its own entity. Find a board certified Allergist to help you. Good luck....

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