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Dear Doctor,i had a sexual exposure 16 weeks before, i got some hiv symtoms, like loss of appeti

A: Hello, It takes an interval of three weeks to six months between the time of HIV infection and the productionof measurable antibodies to HIV. Most people develop measurable antibodies in 3 months but some may take 6months. The symptoms you are talking about, could be due to thousands of reasons. I think every think is finebut for your mental peace get one more test after 6months. Take care. Have safe sex....

Indinavir - Can it be used as post sexual exposure prophylaxis?

A: No. Indinavir does not prevent the spread of HIV to others through sexual contact. It is used in combination to help treat HIV infection. It also lowers the risk of getting HIV complications (such as new infections, cancer). Indinavir belongs to a class of drugs known as protease inhibitors. See: http://www.drugs.com/cdi/indinavir.html...

What Is the Post exposure Prophylaxis For HIV?

A: Post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), also called HIV-PEP, is a treatment provided to people who are exposed or possibly exposed to HIV with the goal of preventing infection. It involves prescription medications, usually taken on a four-week regimen, and the patient needs to be supervised during treatment and subjected to testing to check for signs of HIV antibodies both after the treatment and after a set interval. People who need post exposure prophylaxis for HIV include individuals exposed to infected blood through needle sticks, bite injuries, and certain kinds of sexual activity. A common situation where post exposure prophylaxis for HIV may be...


what to do in case of accidental exposure

A: Response from Dr. Wohl There are limited data regarding the prevention of transmission of HIV sexually. However, the available evidence suggests ART started early might be able to interfere with HIV infection. We know from animal data and looking at the post exposure prophylaxis of health care worker data as well as studies to prevent transmission of HIV from mothers to infants that ART can prevent infection. For sexual transmission prevention, it is likely effective drugs have to be started as soon as possible following exposure. In some places, local emergency rooms are set up to provide post sexual exposure prophylaxis with ART and such...


Can hepatitus be contracted by sexual relations ?

A:  Yes. Here is some great information Hepatitis A Close CoupleTransmission of Hepatitis A virus (HAV) during sexual activity occurs due to fecal-oral contact or contamination. Measures typically used to prevent the transmission of other STDs (e.g., use of condoms) do not prevent HAV transmission. Vaccination is the most effective means of preventing HAV transmission among persons at risk for infection. Hepatitis B Among adults seeking treatment in STD clinics, as many as 10%Ė40% have evidence of past or current Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection. Many of these infections could have been prevented through universal vaccination during delivery of STD prevention or treatment services. A study of adults diagnosed with acute Hepatitis B found that 39% had sought...


Confusion: exposure vs. Infection with HIV?

A: Hi Karan, exposure to HIV or any other infectious germ means that the germ had entered into your body; it encounters your immune system, where it is either destroyed or unaffected. If it is unaffected, then you are infected. Say you were exposed to a very small number of germs from an upper respiratory infection (or a sexually transmitted germ). Your body"s immune system may be able to neutralize the germ so that it does not cause any infection or subsequent problem. Regarding HIV: There are probably at least 3 or 4 things that determine whether a person will get infected with the virus. 1) The strength or virulence of the virus, and it"s ability to quickly cause damage to the immune system. Early during the AIDS epidemic, prior to...


How does exposure to violence and abuse affect the incidence of chronic disease?

A: A psychiatrist has told me that a long history of abuse does indeed lead to chronic illnesses. Mental and emotional states have positive and negative effects on a persons well being all around. There is a strong mind body connection. As a medical advocate with 40 years experience working in health care (Hem/Onc) I have no scientific data to share but I totally agree with the mind/body connection. It is not uncommon for victims to live under a constant state of anxiety and hypervigilance which can be very phyically draining. It is also not uncommon for victims with diabetes, hypertension, asthma and other chronic health issues to find that even with medical compliance, they cannot maintain status quo. Undoubtedly rigorous research is needed to support the connection between chronic...


What Is Post-exposure Prophylaxis?

A: Conventional wisdom suggests that the best way to prevent illness is by minimizing exposure or immunizing prior to a potential exposure. Not all illnesses have vaccines that prevent them, and sometimes exposure canít be minimized. For some conditions there is a second front of treatment called post-exposure prophylaxis or PEP. Treatments falling into this category may be given after exposure has occurred but before illness has resulted. The hope is to prevent the illness, post-exposure, with treatment. There are different types of post-exposure prophylaxis, and one kind may be familiar to many people. Those who have...


HIV exposure

A: Dear Sam: Thanks for caring so much for my thoughts, but the physician providing your care is the right person to ask.   The research on PEP is a little hard to assess - mostly comes from a small group of health care workers with significant exposures, some become infected, some do not, but that would happen anyway.  There seems enough statistical evidence to suggest that PEP is better than non-PEP. In theory, weakening HIV by attacking it with antiretrovial agents should reduce the chances of an infection occurring.  A real problem has been that in early PEP studies, many of the workers stopped taking the meds because of side effects.  Thus, I said "may" because I cannot speak definitively on the matter.  Would "probably" have...


Have you found that your sexuality is associated with creativity in other areas of your life?

A: I can''t really say that I''m more creative when I''m feeling more sexual, being an engineer, that could be weird. But I think this is a great question. When I get more “obsessed” with sex… My desire to be more sexually creative tends to happen And, she better say thank you. :-) Yes, some call it the testosterone effect. Here''s an interesting article from Time magazine online: In a study by scientists from the University of Cambridge, male City traders (investment bankers in London) who had been exposed to high levels of testosterone in the womb were on average six times more profitable than those exposed to low levels of the hormone (...). The greater the exposure as a fetus, in other words, the...

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