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What Is Sex therapy?

A: Sex therapy is psychological therapy focused on sexual problems. A couple might undertake it where one or both members have sexual challenges. Alternately, an individual could seek sex therapy to overcome one or more difficulties that are focused on sex like porn addiction, inability to achieve erection, or recovery from sexual trauma. Mostly, people who are licensed counselors, but who have also specialized in sexual difficulties, offer this therapy. Many regular therapists and counselors work with people on sexual issues, too, especially in the context of working on...


Could my loss of sexual drive be meds or past experience?

A: Hi i''m so sorry to read your ''story''. Definitely your loss of sex drive will be due to past experiences. Maybe this isn''t the only contributing factor though, meds, depending which ones you are taking will also have an effect. I know this isn''t your question but are you/have you had any pts therapy/treatment? I think it''s really important for both you and your daughter. I hope you are both ok now!? Thank you for your kind words. I am in therapy once a week for major depression, bi-polar, anxiety and panic attacks and post traumatic stress disorder. I am on cymbalty, seroquel, lamictal, and ambien.Now that I have experienced first hand I have a better understanding, I was so scared to get out because of the threats to get me to stay...


What is Reichian therapy?

A: Reichian therapy is the name given to a type of therapy developed by Wilhem Reich, often also referred to as Orgone therapy, Orgonomy therapy, or Orgonomy. It is an alternative, holistic therapy, that has found increasing interest over the past few decades, and is one of the major alternative therapeutic modalities in the West. Wilhelm Reich was born at the end of the 19th century in what was then the Austro-Hungarian Empire. His early life on a farm was filled with sexual openness and experimentation that would influence much of his later work. Reich fought in World War I, and then went to school in Vienna, studying Freud, and becoming a...


What Is Androgen therapy?

A: Androgens, a group of steroid hormones that include testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, are often referred to as ''male hormones'' because of their greater presence in the male body; however, these hormones play important roles in both sexes. They are responsible for male sexual characteristics, maintaining bone and muscle mass, and sexual behavior in both males and females. When androgen levels are imbalanced, doctors may address the issue with one of two types of androgen therapy: androgen replacement therapy or androgen deprivation/suppression therapy. Androgen replacement therapy is used to treat conditions caused by androgen...


Female sexual Desire - Personality Factors

A: Greg, my opinion is slighty different. I don''t believe that one causes the other, I believe that both are symptoms basically of a nutritional deficiency, similar at heart to scurvy (for that matter, depression is a symptom of scurvy too). I believe that evolution has made us a species that during types of malnutrition gets depressed (to conserve energy) and loses interest in sex (to protect the health of the mother to wait until better times for pregnancy). Therefore the solution in my opinion does not require a solution from the pharmaceutical industry any more than curing scurvy does, although it is a medical physical problem. My name is Marrena Lindberg, and I thank everyone here for their support over the years.*Author of "The Orgasmic Diet". Read an exerpt from the book...


In therapy, What is a Conflict of Interest?

A: There are a number of examples of what constitutes a conflict of interest in therapy. Just as in medicine, treating certain patients may not be in the best interest of the patient or the therapist. A therapist for instance, would have a direct conflict of interest in trying to counsel his or her own family members, just as a doctor would be unlikely to treat the illnesses of his or her own immediate family (beyond offering some basic care as needed). The premise of most therapy is that a therapist is to bring objectivity to sessions, and he or she cannot bring the same level of objectivity to those people who he or she knows very well. The examples above representing conflict of interest in therapy are called...


child sexual abuse issues

A: Leo, I"m sorry to hear about your struggles in being heard and having the sexual abuse crimes recognized by your family. This is one of the most critical issues that families must face and because of each of the victims/abusers own experiences, facing the subject is just more than most can bear. In regards to your "legal way to address child sexual abuse" after 10 years, I cannot comment, as I am not a lawyer or law enforcement official. Those laws vary from state to state, country to country. In many jurisdictions there are no limits on sexual crimes, but that apparently doesn"t apply in your locale. Because of the complexities of child abuse/sexual abuse in the minds of the...


What Is Compulsive sexual Behavior?

A: A certain amount of sexual expression is considered normal, but compulsive sexual behavior isa problem for some people. This behavior is often thought to be obsessive and uncontrollable, and it will often impact many areas of a person`s life. Some compulsive sexual behavior can affect a person`s relationships and general health, for example. Mental health providers may be able to help an person overcome a problem of this nature.. sexuality and intimacy are normal parts of a healthy adult`s life. Most adults will participate in some sexual acts throughout the course of their life. These acts usually take place with a significant other during private moments.. When


Antidepressants (SSRI''s) and sexual dysfunction

A: Hm. I''ll have to find that study--I am interested to see the findings. I''ve known people who''s sexual desire was fine, but diminished noticably on SSRI''s. With a little looking and perhaps some common sense, you''ll find that there is already a pretty decent realization that depression does impact desire and libido.<P>However, it has been demonstrated in quite a few studies that virtually all the SSRI class anti-depressants have *additional* impact on sexual function, including libido, arousal, and orgasm for a great many people.<P>You''ve posted several comments on several threads that seem to indicate that you think the effects that have been demonstrated to be related to the SSRI class AD''s are really effects of...


What Is Male Hormone Replacement therapy?

A: Male hormone replacement therapy is the restoration of natural body chemicals, such as testosterone, because of the loss or absence of adequate amounts of male hormones, or androgens. Some people are born with too few androgens, and as men age, they lose the androgens that keep them young and healthy. The lack of androgens means that secondary sex characteristics — such as a lowering of the voice, a maintenance of muscle mass and fat distribution and an impelling of sexual drives — fail to appear. Hormone replacements can be natural, from humans or other similar mammals, or artificially or synthetically produced by pharmaceutical companies. Some androgens, such as testosterone, can be absorbed through the skin in the form of an...

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