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signs of cervical cancer

A: According to your description I can identify 3 major problems in your case: The first one is peeing without will (urinary incontinence). Peeing is a complex neuro-muscular reflex and any damage of the spinal cord, nerves that innervate the bladder, muscles of the bladder, or the bladder’s outer sphincter can cause urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence can be a sign of cervical cancer but in later stages when the cancer spreads on the bladder. The second problem is irregular vaginal bleeding (spotting). Spotting can be due to functional or organic reasons. cervical cancer could be one


What are warning signs of cervical cancer?

A: Unfortunately, the warning signs of cervical cancer rarely show up until the cancer has spread beyond the cervix, but they include: abnormal menstrual bleeding, bleeding between periods, heavy discharge, pelvic and abdominal pain, and painful urination. Now, because these warning signs come late, it is important all of us get screened for cervical cancer regularly. That way, it can be caught before it has a chance to progress to the point of sending out warning signs. And, of course, even...


What are visible signs of cervical cancer?

A: Hmmm, that`s an interesting question, I have never had anyone ask me what visible signs of cervical cancer might be. I think the answer is there aren`t really any. Advanced cervical cancer can cause unusual, heavy discharge or bleeding or abnormalities in your menstrual cycle, but I don`t know if those are considered visible signs. In other words, you can`t tell if someone has cervical cancer when they are walking around. Which is why regular screening is so important.. ...


Is the a sign of cervical cancer?

A: Hello Mimi81, There can be many reasons for irregular periods. I encourage you to make an appointment with your doctor. A pelvic exam should be performed every year. Early cervical cancer usually produces no signs or symptoms. Irregular bleeding is a sign of cervical cancer, but it also is a sign of other issues. Since your period has always been irregular there may be a medical reason for this. I encourage you to find an OBGYN that you are comfortable with so you can discuss these issues. There are alot of young people that are hesitant to get proper care because


  Iam 47 years old had menopause 3 years ago.iam having pain in my pelvicreagion,is it a sign of cervical cancer?or notand what are the importantsymptoms?as i have menopuase what are my risks and signs for cancer?does unusualdischarge orsudden bleeding is

A: Hi,Pain in the pelvic area can be due to various factors like ovarian cyst, urinary tract infection or even dueto some pathology of lower gastro-intestinal tract. These symptoms are not specific for cervical cancer. Themost important symptoms of cervical cancer are bleeding after sexual intercourse, irregular vaginal bleeding.Menopause has no effect on cervical cancer. In menopausal women discharge or bleeding can be a sign ofcervical cancer, but the most important cause is uterine cancer.


What Are The signs of cervical cancer?

A: The symptoms of cervical cancer are very similar to symptoms of other ailments which is why they often go ignored. For one the pain is strikingly similar to that during ovulation. Symptoms vary from person to person and often become more obvious when the cancer has spread and is in the last stages. Some of the common symptoms are: 1. Pain in the pelvic area that varies from dull to severe stabbing pain. 2. Unusually heavy flow during menstruation. 3. Pain during urination. 4. Bleeding between menstrual cycles, after sexual intercourse and during pelvic exam. Since these symptoms are also...

What Are Some of The Early signs of cervical cancer?

A: Early signs can include vaginal bleeding and a mass. Feeling like your skin is extra thick in a particular spot...

I Was Diagnosed With Hpv What Are Some of The signs of cervical cancer?

A: I have read a lot on the internet and i believe that some of the signs are vaginal discharge, painful intercourse and in later stages bleeding which means, heavy periods or bleeding between periods if you want to know more about symptoms just google it, i found it to be a big help....

What Are the Causes of cervical cancer?

A: The causes of cervical cancer are linked to genetic mutations that turn healthy cells in the cervix into abnormal cells that grow at an accelerated rate. While the mutations are really the sole causes of cervical cancers, the factors that create the mutation are many and varied. Infection with certain viruses, smoking, and extensive use of birth control pills have all been linked to increased chances of cervical cancer.. Some research suggests that the presence of cervical


Are heavy periods a symptom of cervical cancer?

A: Good news, I hope! No, there is no connection between cervical cancer and heavy periods. From what I`ve read, there isa connection between bleeding (or any discharge for that matter) in between periods and cervical cancer. But that`s a pretty late symptom of cervical cancer, so you really need to be getting screened annually by your doctor to catch any potential cervical cancer before it gets to the stage of causing symptoms such as heavy bleeding. But, also, I`ve read that heavy bleeding during your period could be a sign

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