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Is drowsiness a sign of low blood sugar?

A: low blood sugar is also called hypoglycemia. Drowsiness is a symptom of low blood sugar, according to the National Institute of Health. Other symptoms of low blood sugar include shakiness, anxiety, confusion and dizziness.Source:National Institute of Health: Hypoglycemia...


are the dangers of low blood sugar as great as high?

A: Both low blood sugar and high blood sugar can be dangerous. low blood sugars are considered an emergency and must be treated immediately. Left untreated a low blood sugar can lead to seizures and possibly death. Things that affect blood sugar include food, exercise, medications and illness. Testing your blood sugar as directed by your healthcare provider and learning the signs to watch for and how...


Recently, having instances of low blood sugar but not feeling the signs ie: shaky, sweating, tired. How do I get back to feeling the signs?

A: Thank-you for contacting dLife.com. It sounds like you may be developing hypoglycemic unawareness. This is where as you say ''not getting the usual feelings or warnings.'' This is quite common in the Type 1 diabetic. I would do the following: FIrst talk with your MD and make him aware of this. Is he will ing to let your numbers run just a titch higher for safety sake. Make sure that the people around you are aware of the treatments for hypoglycemia Make sure you are wearing an ID band alert Are you able to change you eating pattens to more frequent small meals with complex fiber rich carbs and protien? Would your MD consider hooking you to a Continuous Glucose Monitor to identify how often...


Whenever I diet, I get symptoms of low blood sugar?

A: well, when you diet, what do you eat? and how much? also, why not keep healthy snacks handy? i almost always have a luna bar, balance bar, or thinkthin bar in my purse and backpack. compared to a bag of chips or cookies, they''re not such an unhealthy snack to hold me over when i still have a couple hours before i''ll be able to have a real meal. i was also recently reading an article, i wish i could remember what magazine, but it talked about how one of the things not to do it beat yourself up for having something not diet approved. and they were talking about how it''s ok if you slip and have a cookie or something in the afternoon. just make up for it later by having a lighter dinner, or skipping a glass of wine...


What Is The Cause of low blood sugar When Pregnant?

A: low sugar levels in blood or hypoglycemia during pregnancy is common problem which can cause dizziness, headache, confusion, irritability, shaking, hunger and nervousness. This is due to growing fetus which also need glucose for the brain development. Mother is responsible for supplying glucose to the fetus and this can cause low levels of sugar during pregnancy. You can manage this problem by eating something when ever you feel any of the above sign....

Are these symptoms of low blood sugar?

A: What you are describing has nothing to do with low blood sugar. Several times a year I have to deal with this and it is mostly when I am loosing weight. Dizziness and lack of concentration are the notable signs. When this happens I will eat something high in sugar and it will be gone in a matter of minutes. My guess is that you are having an adverse reaction to the medication you started taking. Which may not be a normal side effect, thus not listed by the manufacturer of the drug. Actually, it may have been registered on their survey of those taking the...


Hypoglycemia Symptoms: Is low blood sugar Affecting Your Relationships?

A: Hypoglycemia symptoms are not at all clear-cut but they can be at the root cause of distressed relationships. Many people may suffer from one or more hypoglycemia symptoms without realizing it. often these symptoms are general and can be indicative of other medical conditions, so they are often ignored. Other times, they are treated as individual symptoms: a headache with ibuprofen, fatigue with a cup of coffee, or feelings of anxiety or stress with an alcoholic beverage. Affect your relationships But recognizing a combination of these symptoms can lead to the...


If you pass out from low blood sugar?

A: If someone has low blood sugar, chances are, they are diabetic. Call 911 first thing. But do not sit around and piddle on your butt waiting because there is a time when the body goes too long without sugar (I''d say within 4 minutes of passing out) and you can die. You would get something sweet and give it to them. HOWEVER, do not give them any liquids...they will aspirate it. A diabetic that is on insulin should ALWAYS CARRY Glucagon. Cake frosting, for example, is a good thing to use. Just put it into the sides of their mouth (not a whole lot) and wait until they regain consciousness. Diabetic people need to carry that with them at all...


How Can I Manage low blood sugar In Children?

A: Hypoglycemia, commonly known as low blood sugar, is a potentially serious condition in which the body’s glucose levels periodically drop, resulting in a range of symptoms such as shakiness, faintness, sweating, irritability, headache, disorientation, and in extreme cases, seizure. low blood sugar in children can be especially dangerous, as they often cannot treat or even identify the source of their discomfort. Thus as a caregiver, you must manage low blood sugar in children by supervising their...


Do i have low blood sugar ??

A: To be honest I think if you''ve gone all day long without food or any type of glucose then it''s no wonder you feel dizzy, and it doesn''t indicate that you are diabetic. My wife often gets shaky and dizzy after doing the garden say which tells her she needs food. However that said if you are seriously worried then you should go to the doctor and get bloods done, to put your mind at ease. signs of diabetes include: • Increased thirst • Going to the loo (for a wee) all the time – especially at night • Extreme tiredness • Weight loss • Blurred vision • Genital itching or regular episodes of thrush • Slow healing

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