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What Are the signs of lyme disease?

A: lyme disease is a bacterial disease transmitted by the bite of several United States tick species, including the deer tick, the lone star tick, and the American dog tick. signs of lyme disease fall into two categories. Early lyme disease symptoms follow a pattern of flu-like symptoms accompanied by a rash, while late-stage signs of disseminated lyme disease include fatigue and neurological symptoms. The earliest

What Are The First signs of lyme disease?

A: lyme disease is caused by a tick bite.  The first signs a lump with a small scab on the skin surface. A reddish skin rash in a ring shape, may be the only sign of infection. The rash spreads out of a bite after three to 30 days. Other common early symptoms include tiredness, headache, joint pains and flu-like symptoms.  It is important to get to a doctor and get treated with anti-biotics....

Are their diferant types of lyme disease?

A: there are different and its very very bad to get. its uncurable. you should research it..wikipedia.com i don''t think so, i think there different stages of it try looking it up @ www.webmd.com they are really great for things like that good luck There are no different types, but symptoms varie from person to person. THis is sort of a tricky question to answer because the term "lyme disease" is only really used in the United States (& Canada). It''s known as LB in Europe & similar terms in other locales around the Northern hemisphere. There are several geno-species of the borrelia ("Borrelia Burgdorferi") that result in


What are the neurological complications of lyme disease?

A: lyme disease is caused by a bacterial organism transmitted to humans via the bite of an infected tick. Most people bitten by an infected tick develop a characteristic skin rash around the area of the bite. The rash may feel hot to the touch, and vary in size, shape, and color, but it will often have a ''bull''s eye'' appearance (a red ring with a clear center). However, some people do not develop the rash, which makes lyme disease hard to diagnose because its symptoms and signs mimic those of many other diseases....


Reoccurrence of lyme disease or a second tick bite?

A: This is an interesting question. According to one of the major national guidelines on lyme disease management (http://www.guideline.gov/summary/summary.aspx?doc_id=48...): ''Persistent lyme disease is more resistant to treatment and more likely to produce a relapse. Although persistent lyme disease may resolve without additional therapy, many experts believe that this condition should be treated with repeated and prolonged antibiotics. Physicians should extend the duration of antibiotics to prevent or delay recurrent and refractory lyme


What are the signs& symptoms of lyme disease?

A: lyme disease is a bacterial infection that is transmitted by ticks. Although a tick bite is typically the first sign, the bite is not always apparent.Early SymptomsThe first symptoms of lyme disease may include a bull''s-eye skin rash, fever, headache, muscle pain and chills....


are these signs of lymes?

A: Hi, Jamie...this is a tough one. of course, to be properly diagnosed, you"d have to see a lyme specialist because physicians are not properly schooled in lyme. It is very typical for people to have negative test results early on in this disease so you would be denied treatment anyhow. A lyme specialist will treat you regardless of the test results. He makes his diagnosis by bite history and symptoms. Less than 50% of people with lyme get the rash so that is not always a dependable diagnostic tool. The stiff knees could be a "coincidence" or it could be the beginnings

Is Numbing In The Feet And Hands A Symptom of lyme disease?

A: It can be but it is not one of the early signs.  Numbness of feet is a symptom of several disease like diabetes and you need to have it checked out by you doctor....

What Are The Real Symptoms of lyme disease?

A: Symptoms can vary from person to person and sometimes there are no symptoms at all. In around 70-80% of cases, the first sign of infection is usually a rash known as erythema migrans. The rash appears between one and four weeks after the bite. It spreads gradually from the site of the tick bite and can cover much of the trunk of the body. Other symptoms include: fatigue, chills, fever, headache, and aching muscles and joints, stiff neck, and swollen glands....

Can You Stop Your Antibiotics Early When You Have lyme disease?

A: Never stop a course of antibiotics without consulting your doctor first. A lot of people stop taking antibiotics because they think they are cured or because they don''t like the side effects. This leads to the creation of drug-resistant bacteria- one example is MRSA, which is widely spread in hospitals and very difficult to get rid of. Doctors will never recommend to stop taking antibiotics early, even for a minor infection. Even if you feel better the bacteria can still be looming. If the side effects are unbearable, talk to your doctor about switching to another drug. No. If you stop the antibiotic treatment early, you risk the comeback of the

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