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how can i treat the symptoms of endometriosis?

A: Please, please get to your doctor! Found this site w/ more info. ... Options, summarized by endometriosis.org Hi, It can come from being celiac. Celiac''s can''t eat dairy or gluten grains. smartcookie said: 1 Hystersisters.com is a great web site that can give you information about endometriosis. Sorry you''re uncomfortable !! Sign in to report abuse or send a compliment 39 months ago Shasha said: 2 Progesterone cream also...


symptoms of endo?

A: Dear Amy: Thank you so much for writing.  I am sorry for what you have been enduring.  I am particularly sorry for your recent pregnancy losses. The only way to know for sure if you have Endometriosis is by surgical diagnosis in which biopsies can be taken and histology confirmed.  The good news is, the disease can also be removed at the same time, during the same procedure (typically a laparoscopy, which is minimally invasive and confers much less healing time than a traditional open surgery like the laparotomy). However, a diagnosis can be suspected based on symptoms.  Any pain is a sign that something is wrong, particularly pelvic pain - of which Endometriosis is a leading cause.  Painful sex and periods...

Menstration an effect of endometriosis.

A: Hi Amber, Thank you for writing to me. I would suggest going to a doctor just to be on the safe side and find out about the "pieces of something". This is not a sign of Endo so I wouldn"t be too concerned about that. Although having something coming out of you when menstrating is not something I would consider normal either. It may be of no great concern but it is better to have things checked out. If you start having a lot of pain with your period then I would start looking into an Endo diagnosis. Usually pain is the most common symptom. There have been studies linking Endo and heredity. It is possible but it is not known for sure. So many women have Endo...

Are heavy periods a symptom of cervical cancer?

A: Good news, I hope! No, there is no connection between cervical cancer and heavy periods. From what I`ve read, there isa connection between bleeding (or any discharge for that matter) in between periods and cervical cancer. But that`s a pretty late symptom of cervical cancer, so you really need to be getting screened annually by your doctor to catch any potential cervical cancer before it gets to the stage of causing symptoms such as heavy bleeding. But, also, I`ve read that heavy bleeding during your period could be a sign of something else, such as endometriosis (and I`ve known a number of my friends who have had it and had really horrible, heavy, painful...


scared - symptoms of cancer?

A: HI Lower left quadrant pain could be a sign of diverticulitis. That''s inflamed pouches on the colon. It''s very painful. Colon cancer likley wouldn''t be causing you pain (unless it''s very advanced) which is why it can get so bad- it''s there and we don''t know it. Do you have endometriosis? That can cause the same type of symptoms you''re having. message deleted thank you both for your replies - hopefully i won''t get sick on the phosphosoda i''ve had it before for a lower gi so maybe i''ll be okay. I don''t have endometriosis i dont think - had a bunch of ultrasounds a month ago. Yeah if it''s cancer it''s advanced i guess. i''m hoping...


treatment for endometriosis after hysterectomy

A: if I understood you had an hysterectomy for endometriosis and the endometriosis expend else where? am I right? I might include below some input on pregnancy risks siince I am not sure if you had an hysterectomy, I think you had . let"s start with general info then specific with the treatment proposed: The treatment options for endometriosis include: Observation with no medical intervention Hormone treatment Surgery Combined treatment Complementary therapies. Observation with no medical intervention In mild cases of endometriosis, it may be possible to simply monitor the condition with regular visits to your doctor or gynaecologist. Antiprostaglandin medications (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen and...

a sign of an underlying problem?

A: Hi, Welcome to the forum. One possibility for your symptoms is endometriosis. Endometriosis is the growth of cells similar to those that form the inside of the uterus (endometrial cells), but in a location outside of the uterus.symptoms of endometriosis include pelvic pain(usually before menstruation but sometimes during intercourse,urination or defecation), sometimes diarrhea or constipation,irregular or heavy menstrual bleeding,sometimes blood in the urine and inability to conceive. Although ultrasound is useful in diagnosing endometriosis, but still cannot definitively diagnose endometriosis.Laproscopy is the only accurate way


Is this endometriosis?..confused..?

A: Endometriosis symptoms are; Pain is the most common symptom experienced by women with endometriosis. It may occur in any of the following forms: Period pain - immediately before and during the period Pain during or after sex Abdominal, back and/or pelvic pain Pain with opening bowels, passing wind or urinating Ovulation pain, including thigh or leg pain Bleeding Heavy bleeding, with or without clots Irregular bleeding with or without a regular cycle Prolonged bleeding Premenstrual spotting Other symptoms may include: Bowel or bladder symptoms, including bleeding from bladder or bowel Irregular bowel habits e.g. constipation, diarrhoea Increase in urinary...


What Are the signs of an Abnormal Uterus?

A: The major signs of an abnormal uterus include pain, unusual bleeding, and irregular cycles. While some of these symptoms could indicate serious conditions such as cancer or endometriosis, others might indicate pregnancy or a tipped uterus, both of which are not generally of medical concern. Anyone experiencing any symptoms of an abnormal uterus should consult a doctor to rule out any health concerns.. Pain is one of the most common symptoms of an abnormal uterus. It can range in intensity from mild to severe, and it can...


What Are the Pros and Cons of Hysterectomy for endometriosis?

A: A hysterectomy for endometriosis is often a personal decision between a patient and her doctor. For some, the procedure may result in a renewed zest for life because debilitating pain from the condition is eliminated. For others, menopausal symptoms are bothersome and surgery risks may pose additional problems for the patient. Once a woman''s reproductive organs are removed, she will no longer be able to have children. For this reason, hysterectomy for endometriosis is usually a last resort. The pain and suffering caused by endometriosis can be excruciating. Women with the disease may experience it at varying degrees. Some also experience pain during intercourse and find that their personal relationships suffer as a result. A hysterectomy...

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