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I often get stressed for some simple matters. What should I do?

A: You are facing a major stress and you need to be very cautious in every task you handle. Look for the seriousness in every matter. If you can resolve the problem which is bringing the stress for you then you must act. I know that this may be difficult but you can discuss your problem with someone you really believe in. And if you have none to believe then pray to god or else you can meet a counselor to help you resolve the problems you are facing. Be bold and be patient....


Please suggest some simple and effective acne cures.

A: Easy and Effective Acne Remedies It is always frustrating to deal with acne, whether you are a teen going through puberty, or an adult with an occasional pimple or two. Luckily, there are many easy and effective acne remedies that you can rely on to treat your acne. Here is a look at some of the most effective ways to treat your breakouts. Clean your skin: It goes without saying that when you take care of your skin, you are less prone the developing acne. You need to take the time at least twice a day to clean your face with a good cleanser, both in the morning and at night. This will wash away any residue or grease that can build up on your face. This is especially important for those that wear makeup. Never go to bed with makeup on, or you can bet you will wake up with acne.Treat,...

simple debate: Free will or determinism?

A: The only ‘right'' answer is we know absolutely nothing for sure…so, that renders my input virtually useless. I could ignore this entire question. I CHOSE to comment. @rpmpseudonym Assuming you have choice and not just a list of possibilities which your cognitive architecture picks one out for you based on a library of past experiences and interactions with the world. @Coloma Yes, ultimately this debate is pointless. But it is fun and makes you wonder more. As well as the fact that debates help strengthen your own views (albeit strengthening the opposition) and provides a richer and fuller account, I would still like people to try. It''s just a shame that there could be a determination of the amount/type of people who reply to this thread. Lol…possibility vs....


What was the matter with this old woman''s hands?

A: I sounds like what we used to call dropsy, or Edema It could also have been the severe effect of Rheumatoid Arthritis. I had a patient once that had severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and she couldn''t do anything with her hands. They were red and very mis-shapened. The joints bent in abnormal angles and her fingers actually looked shortened. I think that @YARNLADY might be right. It''s something that used to be referred to as “dropsy,” a form of edema. It doesn''t sound like arthritis. Arthritis wouldn''t present with the puffiness, I don''t think. But I''m not a doctor, I could very well be wrong. As @Seaofclouds it sounds like very severe RA. That runs in my family, my mother has it for certain. On her bad days her hands get very red, swollen, and difficult and painful to use. Well...


Okay, I have a pretty strong Faith, so I will make my question simple, Why does God let Bad things happen?

A: God never said our lives would be easy, he only said he wouldn''t give us more than we can handle. He will be there all the way, and your faith will be strengthened as a result. In fact, God actually promised we would have suffering. Look at Job who lost everything he owned and his family. He remained true to the faith. Suffering is a part of life, and don''t blame God for allowing them to happen. we bring it upon ourselves because we have such a polluted environment brought about by our own greed. this includes what we eat. do you realize all the chemicals that greedy self serving people put in our food supply just for PROFIT. humans were never meant to ingest manmade chemicals .these are not from our creator but man made artifical substances. furthermore we are ignorantly &...


Discover Remarkable Tips On Increasing Your Height No matter How Old You Are

A: Do you have a serious interest in growing taller? Have you ever wanted to know the secrets to growing taller? Have you ever been called shorty and it disappointed you? If you answered yes to any of these questions this article is for you. If you desire to grow any taller it is important to put together a height program to follow. This program is similar to a weight loss or any exercise program. To try to increase your height without a program to follow is a waste of time because it`s way easy to get off track if you don`t have a definite plan to follow. So we will discuss the main points you must have in your height increase program. The first thing you need to incorporate in your program is diet. Proper nutrition is of the highest importance when it comes to growing taller. Without this...


Why is something so simple as eating with chopsticks viewed as showing off?

A: I guess the crucial question would be, if you were eating it alone, would you still have used chopsticks? My guess (not knowing you) is that it isn''t showing off to you. And, that the little bit of truth is in the mind of the person making the tease or joke. They feel shame or something and are projecting that feeling on you instead of taking responsibility for it themselves. @thorninmud: Actually, yes I would have. I''m still getting the hang of it… I take opportunities like that to practice. Plus, I''m eating alone in my cubicle. Just sounds like harmless goofing to me. My experience: keep doing it, and eventually, one by one, they''ll pick up their own chopsticks. And no, that is not a euphemism. @poofandmook Then no worries. Some people, though, wouldn''t. They''d want to make...


Would you rather be simple or insane?

A: simple, because you can change that by simply trying to get some education. insane is something that you can''t do anything about..... I have always told my mom I wished I was mentally challenged. My mom is an awesome mom and then I wouldn''t care about all the crap that goes on in the world, my mom would just take care of me and I''d be happy! We both laugh at that! Insane cause you get to do more fun stuff and not really care about it! Well, that''s what my loony husband said!! These people on here who say they want to be insane are idiots. Insanity, or severe mental illness, is so painful that 15 to 20% of people with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia kill themselves. On top of the pain of the illness itself is the extreme social rejection that the diagnosis...


What''s your favorite simple appetizer to make/serve?

A: Pigs in a blanket or Deviled Eggs You can toast whole shelled pecans in a pan, slowly, with a tiny bit of butter, cayenne pepper, salt and brown sugar until glazed. A veggie tray Spanish tortilla Boil up some of ‘dem damn shrimp, and make a simple cocktail sauce (ketchup, tabasco, horseradish, soy). Nothing easier or better. Hummus (Trader Joe''s recommended if they are in your area) Tzatziki (Greek yogurt dip) Guacomole Carrots, crackers, pita to dip in the hummus tzatziki and guacamole. Really good bread with olive oil to dip Place goat cheese in a baking dish, cover with pasta sauce, warm in the oven Serve with bread I have never done it, but a friend fo mine told me you can take pillsbury crescent rolls and lay it out flat, so it is a rectangle, and kind...


Who is your favorite? I would love at lest 5 answers, it''s really simple!!?

A: There are more characters, like there parents, and kids at school, but these are the main people. Please tell me your favorite one and why. Drew(andrew) Reaves- leader. power- unlock, decode, or start and thing with his mind, and can Sense other people with powers. He looks out for every one and is very mature for his age, connects every one, meaning if he wasn''t there, nobody would each other, Dirty blond hair, IDk what style yet, Hazel eyes 15 Zack Hall-Smart- See future, reads minds. Immature, will say anything, not good at seeing the future, and can''t really control his mind reading. He just picks up peoples thoughts randomly unless he concentrates Green eyes, crazy red hair, 13 Marvin Morge- Dare devil-move things with his mind. Every girl has a crush on him, loves jay''s cousin...

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