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Can fibromyalgia cause sleep disorder breathing and excessive daytime sleepiness?

A: It can absolutely cause sleep disorders. Fatigue in fact is an index symptom. Also, as it''s painful, you can expect sleep disorders which in turn exacerbate the problem you described. As to pathologic sleeping disorder breathing patterns, I never heard of this symptom related to fibromyalgia. This symptom may relate to another disorder altogether....

Dr. My daughter is 8 months old is having sleep disorder in the night and suffering from frequent cough due to which she is loosing her weight. Please suggest home remedy or alternative treatment. Thanks Sudha

A: sleep Disorder – Read Causes and Cures Your question is not clear as to which sleep disorder you are talking about. sleep disorders can be of various types like snoring, insomnia and sleep apnea. Snoring is often characterized by loud voice of air flow during sleep. Insomnia is a condition where the person faces difficulty in sleeping. sleep apnea is a severe disorder that is mainly characterized by difficulty breathing and short breaths. Your question slightly shows the symptoms of sleep apnea. Even the cough  that you are talking about may be because of...

Do I have a sleeping disorder as I seem to be experiencing symptoms of sleep deprivation or is there something else wrong?

A: It is difficult to make any firm conclusion from what you say, particularly without knowing your medical history or whether you have stress in your life, or why you waken up during the night. Because everybody is different with regard to how much sleep we each need and how we actually behave when we are asleep. You say you have six hours sleep on average on good nights and on other nights you get even less so clearly you are getting far less sleep than AN AVERAGE PERSON needs. So the first issue in any analysing of you is whether you yourself are getting insufficient sleep for your own specific needs as a human being. sleep experts today...


How Do I Choose the Best sleep Disorder Clinic?

A: A sleep disorder clinic is a specialist facility dealing in a wide range of conditions which relate to sleep, particularly those which affect breathing. Some of the factors for choosing the best sleep disorder clinic are the same as with any medical facility. However, there are also some specific issues to look out for. If the patient is a child, you should strongly consider choosing a clinic which specializes in child patients. Such a clinic would have experienced staff who can deal with the way many children may be frightened or unsettled by the treatment. You may also want to look for a clinic which has adequate facilities for parents who prefer to be on hand during the night in case...

How Do I Choose the Best sleep Disorders Center?

A: Patients who have difficulty going to sleep or staying asleep are often referred to a sleep disorders center. At the center, doctors and technologists work with the patient to define the exact cause of the sleep related problem. As part of the diagnostic process, patients are often required to sleep at the center. A series of monitors are connected to the patient, and they are recorded and observed during the night. The qualifications of the staff, equipment, association with local hospitals, and reputation are all important items to review when choosing the best sleep disorders center. Although all interruptions to normal

What are the Different Types of sleep Disorders?

A: In medical terms, sleep disorders are an irregularity in the amount or quality of sleep that a person achieves. sleep disorders are also persistent problems. They may be physiological problems that cause the sufferer mental distress. sleep disorders have the ability to interfere with the sufferer’s ability to cope with day to day living, affecting both their work and their social life.. There are around 70 different types of medically recognized sleep disorders. The disorders are usually categorized based on their cause. There are two main areas of disorder, parasomnias and dyssomnias.. Two common sleep disorders under the parasomnias...


Tricks to better living, after diagnosed with a sleeping disorder?

A: I haven`t been diagnosed with a sleeping disorder, but "menopause" has hit my sleep patterns out of the field. These are the steps I take to get a few hours of consecutive sleep.. 1. Be as active as possible during the day. I cycle, when weather permitting, an average of 40 km (25 miles) every morning.. 2. I only drink decaf coffee.. 3. I walk the dogs (you don`t need dogs to walk) for 30 minutes late each afternoon.. 4. I either go to the gym 3 days a week or do a work out at home. At home I do 3 x 10minute sessions.. 5. I stop watching TV and using any technology around 8 pm.. 6. I always do deep breathing exercises when I go to bed.. 7. If I wake, I will do more deep


How many kinds of sleeping disorders are there?

A: There are actually over 84 different kinds of sleep disorders. Some are more common than others. One sleep disorder is called hypersomnia. This is a condition where someone sleeps typically more hours than normal people-usually consistently over ten hours a day. These individuals can fall asleep at almost any time like at work or even while they are driving. This is one disorder that if someone with hypersomnia is driving and falls asleep and he might kill someone accidentally. This is deadly. sleep apnea is a more common kind of sleep disorder but it can be a life-threatening condition. Individuals that have


What is this sleep disorder?

A: http://www.medhelp.org/forums/neuro/archive/2409.html I used to get the same symptom that you describe. I have never found the cause. I did later get diagnosed with sleep apnea which is a condition where your airway relaxes and closes when you fall into deep sleep. That being said, I do not know if the sudden waking, shock like symptom was tied to my sleep apnea or not. You should talk to your doctor and possibly have a sleep study done to evaluate your sleep and look for sleep disorders. Best of luck to you! It seems serious. Visit your doctor. sleep Paralysis. Don''t panic U''ll make it worse. Go get URself...


Does anyone know why when my son is a sleep his breathing becomes heavier than normal and what can i do?

A: Hi I''m not qualified to give you any medical advice in that department but it may help if you place an extra pillow under him so that his upper body is at an angle to his legs, sometimes when a child lays flat any mucus in the lungs trickles into his/her windpipe, rising the child will keep this mucus/phlegm in the bottom of the lungs until it can be coughed up, hope this helps. Ray. West York''s. U.K. If he also has a gergling or nasal congested sound he may have fluid in his ears and may need tubes in his ears my son did Have you considered taking your child to a pediatric sleep center? They will monitor breathing, co2 and ph for reflux. Do you notice any times at which your son stops breathing for a few seconds?...

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