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How many kinds of sleeping disorders are there?

A: There are actually over 84 different kinds of sleep disorders. Some are more common than others. One sleep disorder is called hypersomnia. This is a condition where someone sleeps typically more hours than normal people-usually consistently over ten hours a day. These individuals can fall asleep at almost any time like at work or even while they are driving. This is one disorder that if someone with hypersomnia is driving and falls asleep and he might kill someone accidentally. This is deadly. sleep apnea is a more common kind of sleep disorder but it can be a life-threatening condition....


Is this a sleeping disorder?

A: I have delayed sleep phase syndrome, but you must meet other criteria as well... It is Insomnia - Chronic inability to fall asleep or remain asleep for an adequate length of time Something to help would be running before you go to bed, since you use more energy and your body will be more tired so you will probably fall asleep easier. Its ok maybe you have something bothering you. Try to listen to music or tv before you go to bed. Hope you get to bed! i have the same problem but idk if this is a sleeping disorder... i have the same problem too..but i have no idea either im gona start takin sleeping pills i think I don''t think so, watch tv...


What is this sleep disorder?

A: http://www.medhelp.org/forums/neuro/archive/2409.html I used to get the same symptom that you describe. I have never found the cause. I did later get diagnosed with sleep apnea which is a condition where your airway relaxes and closes when you fall into deep sleep. That being said, I do not know if the sudden waking, shock like symptom was tied to my sleep apnea or not. You should talk to your doctor and possibly have a sleep study done to evaluate your sleep and look for sleep disorders. Best of luck to you! It seems serious. Visit your doctor. sleep Paralysis. Don''t panic U''ll make it...


How do I know if I have a sleep disorder?

A: A first step would be a preliminary eval -- on your own or bu your PCP. It would include the use of the Epworth sleepiness Scale (ESS) (http://www.awakeinamerica.org/Epworth/) and the World Class Snoring Quiz (http://www.awakeinamerica.org/Outreach/WebsleepQuiz.pdf). If they show you have good reason to suspect a sleep disorder, talk to your PCP about getting a referral to a board-certified sleep specialist, if possible. sleep studies are the only way to definitively diagnose sleep disorders, and sleep studies are needed to trat most sleep


What is this sleeping disorder?

A: Just wondering, how do you know your still not just asleep dreaming? I''m psychically awake. I can get up and walk around. Overactive ESP? Maybe you''re having the kind of dreams Hertaru is always asking about. Sounds like lucid dreaming to me. Can you decide that you will fly & then go ahead and fly in these dreams? I do, do a lot of lucid dreaming, not always by choice. but if I''m think about something a lot I will do it. Like one time I was getting my new computer delivered and had a dream about that, That works for negative as well. BUT that is not what I''m talking about here. The thing is my question is really unpleasant. I will feel STUCK in my awake dream thing and I don''t get any real sleep. Sorry if you don''t understand what...


Is there something we could do for sleep disorders.He is 44 and has trouble going to sleep and staying asleep.He worries excessively on everything

A: Health advice on sleep disorders The sleep disorder you describe sounds more like a mental than a physical problem! There is, however, help at hand. If you have trouble sleeping, the first thing you must do is beef up on your exercise. If you already exercise, you must increase the duration of exercise. Make it a point to exercise in the morning, rather than the later half of the day. If you exercise in the morning, you energy levels will rise and give you more vigour throughout the day. This begins to wane by evening, so that your general tiredness catches up with you, as well as exercise-related fatigue. This will help in sleeping well and deeply. You can also...

Name of sleeping disorder

A: Sounds like Familial Advanced sleep Phase Syndrome There isn''t much in this article, but the closely related disorder, Delayed sleep Phase Syndrome has a lot more information. These are both bundled under the collective name of Circadian Rhythm sleep Disorder, Which is certainly an interesting read. Hope this is what you are looking for....


What are circadian rhythm sleep disorders?

A: Circadian rhythm sleep disorders happen when your body clock is not in synch with day and night. People tend to sleep at night, when it is dark, and be awake during the day, when it is light. The body''s circadian rhythms may be disturbed when this natural pattern is not followed, leading to sleep problems like not being able to fall asleep, or not being able to wake up normally. Common situations that can lead to circadian rhythm sleep disorder include having jet lag or working at night....


sleep disorders - what is the best over the counter medicine to sleep?

A: Hello cantwait. The otc sleeping drugs aren`t the most powerfull, and not meant to treat the more severe, sleep disorders. Two that you might find a help are Sominex and Nytol. Regards, pledge. Hi, depending what country you live in, you can buy Melatonin OTC. it occurs naturally in our bodies so it isn`t chemical based. Although a natural product, it can be quite potent so start off on a low dose. As far as I`m aware you can buy it in strengths of 3,5 & 6mg tablets. You must have a dark room to sleep in for the tablets to work most effectively. They worked well for me.. I alternate between Unisom and Tylenol PM so that they stay effective and my body doesn`t build a tolerance to one or the...


Tricks to better living, after diagnosed with a sleeping disorder?

A: I haven`t been diagnosed with a sleeping disorder, but "menopause" has hit my sleep patterns out of the field. These are the steps I take to get a few hours of consecutive sleep.. 1. Be as active as possible during the day. I cycle, when weather permitting, an average of 40 km (25 miles) every morning.. 2. I only drink decaf coffee.. 3. I walk the dogs (you don`t need dogs to walk) for 30 minutes late each afternoon.. 4. I either go to the gym 3 days a week or do a work out at home. At home I do 3 x 10minute sessions.. 5. I stop watching TV and using any technology around 8 pm.. 6. I always do deep breathing exercises when I go to bed.. 7. If I wake, I will do more deep breathing exercises and meditation.. 8. I`ll...

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