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Is it possible my sleep disorder is actually a need for nasal decongestants every night?

A: Hi John - thanks for your question.  I''m not sure if a CPAP machine is for you either.  Only a medical doctor who specializes in sleep disorders can help you with that.    On another note, have you consulted an allergist or an ENT specialist who might be able to help you with the allergies?  Maybe you have, but if not maybe that is a place to start.  But I will tell you after reading much of what is written about apnea, it is not something you want to neglect.   You can read more about sleep apnea and its treatments and preventions at these pages on our site.   Hope this helps.  All the best, sue (moderator)...

Do I have have a sleeping disorder?

A: yes NO You are very normal, it''s okay, just smoke more dope. could be a brain tumor ... go see the doctor!!!!!! how are we suppossed to know, we dont even know you! but i think you do!!!!!!1 hahahahha .....jk GO to the Doctor These are sometimes classed as Night terrors, where you can''t tell the difference between wake and sleep yet you honestly believe you are fully awake. At times your vocal chords act paralyzed as well making screaming almost totally impossible. These episodes very often take place during a time when the person is under stress and the body reacts in this rather odd way to the daily stressors by causing the brain to misfire and disrupt the normal pattern of sleep. Feeling faint at times can also be a stress related...


Have you ever had a sleeping disorder called insomnia?

A: Nope never had it. I sleep like the dead. ZzZzZz If I could sleep on it, I''d get back to you with the answer. In the mean time, I couldn''t fall asleep if you payed me!!! Ya my mom has it. You don''t get over it you can only treat it. You can try to do things that are more relaxing and drinking special herbs. Another option is sleeping pills. Well,I never did because I don''t mind it.You can go to the doctor,and they will probably give you a prescription.If you''re a caffeine fiend like myself,quit that.Wake up early one day,so you''ll be tired later.Try to do alot during the day and don''t leave work to be done at night. Warm millk w/ one tablespoon of vanilla extract and reading before...


What type sleep disorder is characterized by holding the abdomen rigid during the breathing cycle?

A: Your wife may have to go to a sleep lab where they can monitor her. I have never heard about something like this before and I can''t find any information either....

Hi, I was wondering if there were any sleeping disorders known to the medical world that are connect

A: Dear Guest,Do not diagnose yourself by correlating something somewhere, it will lead to mental pressure and tension andbelieving that you are suffering from a particular disease.You do have sleep disturbances sometimes in Schizophrenia and also Hallucinations, which are very prominent.Please visit a Psychiatrist and confirm the symptoms and this type of diseases cannot be diagnosed online, wecan give you a lead.Take care and come back to us on further queries!...

Dreams and sleep disorders

A: With respect to your description, you probably have very emotional dreams during sleep. Dreams are a reflection of our sub-consciousness. If you talk too much, speak too loud, or hit in your dreams, and that bothers your girlfriend, you can ask for medical help from a mental health doctor. Otherwise, you donít have any sleeping disorder as long as you can asleep enough....


sleep disorders - my daughter only seems to require about 6 hrs sleep a nite, should I be worried?

A: 26 Aug 2011 Hello jodiberghuis. I would say no. I have several nieces, both who are now in thier teenage years, much the same as your daughter. Both excell in thier grades. Its often this way, generally the younger you are the more sleep is required, example, pre-teen, teenage years. Well,I wouldn''t worry. As you said, shes alert etc. If she has a hobby, that might help her during her awake hours. Best to you, and again, I really would not be concerned. Votes:+2CommentVote upReport caringsonbj 26 Aug 2011Well Pledge so good to see you have been out today, hope all is going well- I still enjoy Iced tea Billy Add your Comment caringsonbj26 Aug 2011 Dear Jodiberghuis: I have two relatives that have these same issues, their parents have concerns but they do not seem...


Melatonin and Cyclical sleep Disorder ?

A: I can''t say I''ve read up anything on the disease or melatonin, although I do know that''s a hormone secreted by our bodies to make us sleep or something like that, so I daresay it''s a synthetic hormone to replace a lack thereof. Goodluck in your search, do let us know your findings! Cheers Sally Hi Klawk, I hope that sleep disorders are not pre alzheimers. I have a sort of sleep disorder. Mine is called restless leg. I just started taking meds for that. A new one, called Requip. Seems to be helping some. I think that my sleep problems are much different than yalls and hopefully, just for a few months, because of stress!!! Good Luck with you...


sleep disorders can cause cronic fatigue

A:  You''re absolutely right Harry, and it''s good thing you mentioned it too, because I for one would probably assume that any sleep disorder mentioned here was just a symptom. ( Excuse me while I kick myself.) Thanks for all the emails..i see my self on all of you..and i know, now, that i am not crazy... Tonight, i am going to see doctor for the 3 th time this wk. My iron level has dropped so much, they will run another CBC test at 5..pm..and if iron is as wors as it is right now...I am getting blood transfusion tonigt However, i told the doctors and nurses, that anything that will need to be done, will be after my service at church ...wich ends at 8:30. This CFS is not gonna be running the show for me..no way JOSE...I will be in control as longest i can do...


Effects of sleep disorder

A: http://monica-sharma-live-life.blogspot.com/2009/12/trouble-sleeping-10-rules-to-sleep.html Thee are different types of sleep disorder. If you have trouble breathing (snoring) then you will not be able to get good rest. You will wake up and still be tired or be tired during the day. Hello Miramar,   Generally the major effects of sleep disorders are poor work performance, driving accidents, relationship problems, and mood problems like anger and depression. There are four types of sleep disorders:   ** Insomnia - which is the inability to fall asleep or stay a

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