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What Could Be Some Possible Solutions To sleeping disorders?

A: There are a number of various ways to control sleeping disorders.  Treatment for such a disease could be given in hospitals as well with the use of anti-psychotic medication.  If the situation worsens and the sleeping disorder intensifies in the form of frequent sleeping attacks, such sleeping attacks are not a very good sign as according to expert opinion.  Experts suggest that all those people suffering from such sleeping attacks could undergo these attacks at any time of the day, no matter what they are doing.  On a general basis, the duration of these attacks is around fifteen minutes and there is...

What Are The Possible Repercussions Of sleeping disorders?

A: Experts have conducted thorough research on the aberrant sleeping pattern of patients who are suffering from sleeping disorders.  Although it seems apparently and is even true in reality in a general context that this sleeping disorder is not dangerous nevertheless it has a huge tendency of risk as the state of sleep is an unconscious one in which the individual is not aware of what he is doing.  This could lead to many accidents and sometimes even death.  This sleeping disorder was initially considered by experts as a psychological disorder, classifying it as a form of hysteria.  But later on, it was...

sleep Study and sleeping disorders

A: my hubby is having a sleep test done some time in the next few weeks. he is NOT looking forward to sleeping in a strange place, with strange people and wires and gadgets hooked up to him.... I hope you figure out what is going on with your sleep...such a bummer when you don''t sleep. I sleep - to deeply, since my illness. That is sort of how my husband is. He can''t fall asleep but once he gets asleep, you CANNOT wake him up. It''s crazy. I had 2 sleep studies a couple of years ago, and I am slated for another one in a week or two. The place for the study is very comfortable, (it is like a...


sleep disorders cause fatigue

A: hello hry33! I am getting a sleep study done very soon. I am skeptical that sleep is my problem though due to the fact that I don''t snore and also because my chronic fatigue was triggered by a viral onset. I must admit though that my only symtoms are chronic fatigue and brain fog so maybe for some strange reason this is my problem. Guess I''ll have to wait and see! Thanks for the info! Peace out, T-BO seems there are some sleep disorders where no snoring is heard...


sleeping disorders, or something of the likes?

A: it sounds like a case of sleep terror disorder, it can be caused by stress and prob. the alcohol can provoke it too. sleep terror disorder is characterized by extreme panic and a sudden, loud, terrified scream during sleep, it can also be followed by physical activities such as hitting objects or moving in and out of the bedroom. Persons with this disorder can injure themselves. sleep terror is a disorder of arousal that primarily occurs during stages III and IV of NREM sleep. Subsequent recollection of the episodes either does not occur or is partial.  Rajeev Singh MD  ...


Can I be treated for a sleep disorder without a sleep study?

A: Here, I found you a picture: Image. That little box on the woman''s right - it just unhooks from the wire coming in from the top, but all the little spaghetti wires can still stay attached to you without any fiddling around. She also has a pulse oximeter on her finger that just slides right off....


Do you have sleep disorders?

A: I have sleep apnea. I was falling asleep several times during the day, just sitting at my desk. Also I had a lot of times at night where I would wake up almost in a panic attack for no reason.. Was diagnosed with sleep apnea and have a CPAP machine. I was told I would sleep better, life would be brighter - and I do sleep better, and never wake up panicked anymore from lack of oxygen - but the darn mask is so uncomfortable I wake up several times a night anyway now.. I have sleep apnea. It is something you develop as you age. I was first diagnosed 10 years ago. I never got enough sleep, always tired, lethargic, and...


fatigue can be caused by a sleep disorder

A: Hi! What types of symptoms, (if any) besides fatigue, would stem from sleep disorders? Do you know? Thanks much! ~ Tracy...


sleep Disorder Centres in Greece?

A: ***caseycat*** said: 1 Hi, I Googled ''sleep disorders clinic, Greece'' and came up with two places for you: the University Hospital in Patras, and the Evanglismos Hospital at the University of Athens. If neither of them are near your mother, I would suggest calling either, as they should know of any other sleep disorder centers in your country. Your mother''s doctor might also be able to give you a referral. I hope this helps! Katherine PS. Is that your kitty in your avatar? Cool picture! Sign in to report abuse or send a compliment ...


Can fibromyalgia cause sleep disorder breathing and excessive daytime sleepiness?

A: It can absolutely cause sleep disorders. Fatigue in fact is an index symptom. Also, as it''s painful, you can expect sleep disorders which in turn exacerbate the problem you described. As to pathologic sleeping disorder breathing patterns, I never heard of this symptom related to fibromyalgia. This symptom may relate to another disorder altogether....
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