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Is there any tablet that can make sb sleep sound like he's dead for one hour ?

A: ambient will knock you out quick and hard vist www.google.com Be careful when dealing with such tablets; Benadril & Chloral Hydrate are such tabs. But unless you take it under medical supervision, it would be difficult to keep sb dead just for one hour! valerian is a nice herb that will make people sleep soundly...but it can be dangerous if handled improperly..so..you might wanna ask a professional Ya! It comes in a form of a syrup and also tablets. Its name is Sinarest sb? Yeah, there is alot of medicine that knocks people out, Benadryl for one, and then perscription medicine can do that. Just make sure the breathing is OK Yes, there are plenty.They work 100% too, and exactly for the period you intend it to work. But I''m not telling....


Not sleeping "soundly"?

A: Eat m&m''s and a dr pepper. I had a friend who said his daughter couldn''t sleep and she ate a little pack of M&M''s and a can of Dr. Pepper and she was out in 15 minutes if that doesn''t work try the healing garden Lavender spray. You can buy it at walmart, just look in the aisle where all the body sprays are. Spray it on your pillow and it will make you go to sleep. i got prescribed Tamaze for me **** sleeping.... wish me luck! i takin one tonight. apparantly they make u tired for the first 3 days like during the day then your fine... DONT TAKE STILNOX as i have herd the first batch tripped ppl out n this new batch makes you have aggressive mood swings. Dont read stimulating books or play video games after...


Im need a remedy to calm my brain activity while I sleep.I sleep soundly,bt experience heavy brain activity and wake up often.When I do not have a glass or two of wine at night,I experience this.

A: Treatment for sound sleep- Please take 2 tsf honey in 1 cup of warm water just 10 minutes before going to bed.The brain activity you are witnessing is due to withdrawal effect of wine as it is a central nervous system depressor. Instead of feeling the effect of withdrawal seriously start with Yoga breathing that is slow and deep inhalations and exhalations for 10 minutes before sleep. Do not drink wine. Yoga breathing itself will calm the mental activity.Take a homeopathic medicine called Nux vomica 30 5 pills 2 hours before your usual sleeping time. Take this remedy for 10 nights. Then alternate nights and then stop it.It's much more effective to bath with warm water just before

Can''t sleep; sounds will wake me.

A: Maybe white noise (e.g. from a fan) would mask the sounds enough for you to fall asleep?...


I usually drink a cup of hot caffiened coffee just before I go to bed at night. It knocks me right out and I sleep soundly (except to get up to go to the Lou) My husband think''s this is not normal, is this all that unusual? Anyone else?

A: if you are a coffee freak like me your body is so used to the high levels missing a cup puts you into withdrawls - - doctors are now putting it into IV''s during surgery so patients stay calmer during recovery with fewer migrain headachs It''s a little weird, yea. Caffeine keeps me awake for hours, its unusual yep. :-)...

What can i take to help me sleep?

A: alcohol, weed try taking Benadryl at bedtime Everyone has a position they initially get into when they go to bed...however the best position to be in is the one you are in when you wake up. Realize what position you wake up in after a good sound sleep. Now, when it''s time to go to bed, get into that position, your side, back, etc., as that would be the best position for you to get another good nights sleep. Also, don''t eat anything for three hours before you go to bed. If you feel hungry and need a snack, ...have a pear, peach or a plum . If you can''t control your appetite, you won''t get a good nights sleep. Medication should be the last thing you take for a good nights sleep. It may be...


My husband holds his breath in his sleep.?

A: It sounds very much like OSA (obstructive sleep apnea). Your husband isn''t holding his breath, he actually stops breathing. The soft tissues in the throat relax during sleep and actually block the airway. sleep Apnea is a dangerous illness that has been linked to high blood pressure, heart failure, and fatigue-related accidents.Your husband should get an appointment for a sleep test. sleep Apnea is usually treated in one of two ways: 1) surgery to remove part of the soft palate 2) Use of a CPAP machine, which is a mask- like device that furnishes contstant airflow to keep the airway open. If he has a good insurance policy let him sleep...


Help me sleep?

A: take up a drinking habbit. ie glass of wine or two. Im 58 and have the same problem. Im taking temazapam, my problem is that when I get relaxed my mind goes wild. In that pre REM period I think of everything From A to Z then I finally get to sleep. What I do now is take a short nap when I can, Take the temazapam 10 min. before I go to bed and don''t think of anything else. try asking your doctor for tamazipam i can promise you that you woant stay awake till 3am after a couple of them!! Do quite strenous exercise so your really tired!!! Also try and get your hands on ''The God Dellusion'' AUDIO BOOK Play that (guarenteed it will bore you to sleep!!!!) Hi, have you tried just staying up all night then carrying on with your normal daily...

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