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How Do I Choose the Best Sleep Disorder Treatment?

A: Sleep disorders can take many different forms. Insomnia, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, and even snoring are all examples of sleep disorders that can reduce sleep quality or cause sleep deprivation. To choose the best sleep disorder treatment, it’s important to take into account the type of sleep disorder involved, and whether it has psychological or physical causes. Restful sleep is essential for good health. Most people have trouble sleeping from time to time, but for some, occasional insomnia can be a precursor to more serious problems. Sleep disorders that lead to trouble sleeping or achieving restful sleep can cause mental and physical problems such as...


What are the Different Types of Sleep disorders?

A: In medical terms, sleep disorders are an irregularity in the amount or quality of sleep that a person achieves. Sleep disorders are also persistent problems. They may be physiological problems that cause the sufferer mental distress. Sleep disorders have the ability to interfere with the sufferer’s ability to cope with day to day living, affecting both their work and their social life.. There are around 70 different types of medically recognized sleep disorders. The disorders are usually categorized based on their cause. There are two main areas of disorder, parasomnias and dyssomnias.. Two common sleep disorders under the parasomnias...


How Do I Choose the Best Sleep disorders Center?

A: Patients who have difficulty going to sleep or staying asleep are often referred to a sleep disorders center. At the center, doctors and technologists work with the patient to define the exact cause of the sleep related problem. As part of the diagnostic process, patients are often required to sleep at the center. A series of monitors are connected to the patient, and they are recorded and observed during the night. The qualifications of the staff, equipment, association with local hospitals, and reputation are all important items to review when choosing the best sleep disorders center. Although all interruptions to normal sleep patterns are disturbing to the patient, there are various levels of priority among sleep disorder professionals....

What Is REM Sleep Disorder?

A: Most individuals experience a deep state of sleep, known as rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, in which dreams occur, the eyes move quickly, and brain activity temporarily paralyzes voluntary muscles. The brains of people who suffer from REM sleep disorder do not effectively signal the nightly paralysis of muscles, often resulting in spasms, thrashing of the legs and arms, and even acting out vivid dreams. Individuals pose a risk to themselves and others due to their violent movements, and many afflicted people experience physical symptoms from not getting enough rest. Doctors can help people with REM sleep disorder by carefully monitoring their symptoms and prescribing medication to help them sleep soundly throughout the night. Doctors and researchers believe that REM activity comprises...

What Are the Different Types of Sleep Disorder Medications?

A: There are several different types of sleep disorder medications, but they are grouped into six main categories, all of which require a doctor’s prescription. The most commonly prescribed are hynotics, barbiturates, and opiates. The other less commonly used categories are dopamine, anticonvulsants, and antinarcoleptics. In addition, there are many types of over-the-counter sleep disorder medications. Many types of sleep disorder medications can be habit forming. People who routinely take drugs to help them sleep can become dependent on them both psychologically and in a true physical sense. Some of the most physically addictive sleep disorder medications are opiates and barbiturates. Regular use of these drugs can result in addiction and could include severe withdrawal symptoms, such as...


Dr. My daughter is 8 months old is having sleep disorder in the night and suffering from frequent cough due to which she is loosing her weight. Please suggest home remedy or alternative treatment. Thanks Sudha

A: Sleep Disorder – Read Causes and Cures Your question is not clear as to which sleep disorder you are talking about. Sleep disorders can be of various types like snoring, insomnia and sleep apnea. Snoring is often characterized by loud voice of air flow during sleep. Insomnia is a condition where the person faces difficulty in sleeping. Sleep apnea is a severe disorder that is mainly characterized by difficulty breathing and short breaths. Your question slightly shows the symptoms of sleep apnea. Even the cough  that you are talking about may be because of the breathing problem. Here are some of the most common and effective natural cures for various sleep disorders: Melatonin is a hormone that is...

How Do I Choose the Best Sleep Disorder Clinic?

A: A sleep disorder clinic is a specialist facility dealing in a wide range of conditions which relate to sleep, particularly those which affect breathing. Some of the factors for choosing the best sleep disorder clinic are the same as with any medical facility. However, there are also some specific issues to look out for. If the patient is a child, you should strongly consider choosing a clinic which specializes in child patients. Such a clinic would have experienced staff who can deal with the way many children may be frightened or unsettled by the treatment. You may also want to look for a clinic which has adequate facilities for parents who prefer to be on hand during the night in case their child becomes disturbed. Make sure you choose a sleep disorder clinic which specializes in your...

What Is the Treatment for Shift Work Sleep Disorder?

A: Treatment for shift work sleep disorder include lifestyle changes and over the counter and prescription medications. Shift work sleep disorder requires a two-pronged approach to treatment. The patient needs help sleeping and feeling rested during the sleep cycle, as well as help remaining awake and alert during the work cycle. Lifestyle changes are the most straightforward method of dealing with sleep disorders from shift work. Since the individual is not sleeping at the same time as the general population, it is important to take into account noises that would not normally be a problem. Wearing ear plugs or using a white noise machine while sleeping to muffle outside noise can help, as can...


What Is Shift Work Sleep Disorder?

A: Shift work sleep disorder is a condition in which an individual working a schedule other than daylight hours experiences difficulty achieving recuperative sleep. The root cause of this type of disorder is an interruption of the body’s natural circadian rhythms, making it difficult for the individual to rest properly. Along with people who usually work night shifts, anyone who frequently changes their work hours between day and night time may also experience this type of sleep problems. Many studies which focus on the role of sleep in general note that human beings tend to achieve restful sleep more easily when the work schedule is set for daylight hours. Even people who work what is sometimes referred to as second shift or afternoon shift schedules that end at ten or eleven o’clock in the...

Do I have a sleeping disorder as I seem to be experiencing symptoms of sleep deprivation or is there something else wrong?

A: It is difficult to make any firm conclusion from what you say, particularly without knowing your medical history or whether you have stress in your life, or why you waken up during the night. Because everybody is different with regard to how much sleep we each need and how we actually behave when we are asleep. You say you have six hours sleep on average on good nights and on other nights you get even less so clearly you are getting far less sleep than AN AVERAGE PERSON needs. So the first issue in any analysing of you is whether you yourself are getting insufficient sleep for your own specific needs as a human being. Sleep experts today are still not really sure exactly in what way sleep is beneficial nor why there are a few extremely rare individuals who can get by throughout their...

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