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What Are the Most Common social anxiety Symptoms?

A: Some people have an intense fear or phobia of social situations known as social anxiety disorder. social anxiety symptoms can range from intense worry or fear to dizziness, nausea and other physical manifestations. These symptoms can sometimes be severe enough to prevent a person from leaving his or her own home. A normal person might mildly worry about speaking in front of a large audience. Such a situation could cause intense fear for a person with social anxiety. A single public event could trigger social anxiety symptoms such as worrying for weeks in advance of the...

social anxiety Disorder

A: social anxiety Disorder, previously called social phobia, is a very disruptive and frightening anxiety disorder. The person with this problem has difficulty functioning in any social situation that involves interaction with others as well as having difficulty analyzing themselves; they are usually overly critical of their performance, which results in lowered self esteem. This disorder involves both a ''chemical''(physiological) problem and a behavioral (environmental) problem. Medication is utilized to stabilize the chemical problem, which basically relates to the phobia or fear of being in social situations. You may know of the ''flight or...


what is social anxiety disorde...

A: There could be many psychological reasons for social anxiety. I came across this Anorexia resource on the web. I found this site pretty good. They have whole lot of information on anorexia and I hope it helps.  Take care! This is the way that it was explained to me by the psychiatrist (40 years experience) who diagnosed me with anxiety: First it starts off neutral, such as when you''re asleep. Then something stressful happens, you deal with it okay, then you may start to feel irritable the next time something happens, then you start to speak a little quicker the next time that stress builds up and you start to be incredibly social (which confuses the hell out of people who thought you...


Am I anti-social or is this just apart of my social anxiety?

A: Boy, did your parents do a number on you. maybe your just normal! many people who dont wanna get swept up in the drama end up being the most normal. you are not anti social. your just who you are. and your friends should respect that. Antisocial is a commonly misused word. It''s different than being shy and having social anxiety. Antisocial implies that you''re a major weirdo who can''t get along with people in a normal way. From what you just said, I would not call you antisocial. I''m exactly like this... and I thought I was the only one. But frankly, I don''t know what to tell you :S I would personally think it''s more of a


Can caffeine make social anxiety worse?

A: Dear Caring Partner, Certain triggers, such as caffeine, a stimulant, increase social or even general anxiety. If you haven`t yet, you may want to talk with your partner about what you have noticed. Then you can raise the issue so that he may consider decreasing his caffeine consumption, even as an experiment, to see if it has any effect in either managing or reducing his anxiety. As you may know, eliminating caffeine entirely will not eliminate his anxiety, but it will probably, based on your observation, reduce it enough to be more manageable for him, and, as a result, for you. social anxiety can be triggered by stress, diet, environmental...


Have you suffered from depression or anxiety or social anxiety?

A: i suffer fromk anxiety. im 13. ever since i was 3 i would be so afriad of vomit and vomiting. i would get panic attacks and black out. the attacks didnt get bad till this april. i came back from mexico and i was soo scarred to go back to school because i had the stomach thing from the water. when i went back to school i felt nauses, my mouth dried up, my heart raced, my breath shortned, and i became soo tense. later more affects came like dizzyness. my mom took me to a therapist 2 weeks later and she helped but my anxiety became so bad i couldnt even go to class. so i went to a psychiatrist and she put me on zoloft starting yesterday. I suffer from social anxiety simply because my spoken...


Help with social anxiety?

A: I don''t know where these people get their stats on AA. They are not a cult and ummm... Anyhow, to your question... If your having major anxiety than I suggest seeing a psych. If not not then you need to see a therapist to find out "why" your having these reactions. I take meds for anxiety and although they help me, I wouldn''t wish them on anyone who can get around it any other way. For me, unfortunately I need them for now. They are a class of medication called benzodiazapiens. Valium, xanax, klonopin...etc... the problem is they are highly addictive and hard to come of without having seizures and such. Try your best to find the source of your problem and work to fix it. Medication isn''t all it''s cracked up to be. I wish you...


social anxiety ?

A: yes, I think you need some more treatment in there. I think you''re paranoid. Don''t worry about it. If you truly had something wrong with you [which I can only assume you don''t] then definitely one of your friends will tell you if you have something on your butt. That''s what friends are for right? You might have a sweet smelling body wash or shampoo that smells good and people might smell you while they are passing by you-which is weird...haha I think people are look at your butt because either: You are wearing strange pants or you have a nice butt hahahaha. Don''t feel so scared. You look pretty in your avatar. Just, if a kid looks weird at you, say "What?" If you really think you smell bad which you probably don''t-buy a perfume. it seems to me your shy and thats ok i am to...


social anxiety or Shyness?

A: Jessica Thank you for your thoughtful question about, shyness.  social anxiety and shyness are pretty much the same thing. This limited forum is not sufficient for me to provide you with the support and encouragement your desire to get over your shyness deserves.  But I will try to be as helpful as I can. Here is a program that I have used with many of my patients to overcome social anxiety. First find a place where the kind or age group of people that you are most anxious to get closer to like to hang out.  Make yourself go there on a regular basis, but only to observe at first.  Go there and hang out until you are totally comfortable in that place, even if...


What sort of coping methods or strategies helped you deal with social anxiety or agoraphobia

A: Various coping mechanisms that have helped me transform myself from an agoraphobic high school dropout who left the house once a month into a scene whore who is, right now, preparing to go to a crowded house party: -When you have a panic attack, write down all the destructive thoughts looping sickeningly through your head and once you''ve vomited them out on paper and calmed down a bit, go through bit by bit and use calm logic to refute them. "Everyone is staring at me" might get "people don''t notice me more than anyone else, I''m not any more conspicuous than anyone else, people have better things to do and more pressing concerns than judging me." "Everyone hates me and doesn''t want me around" might get "that''s obviously not true, my mom and my friend...

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