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What to take for depression and social anxiety?

A: A couple of shots of Jagermeister will help the social anxiety, AND depression for a few hours. cyanide capsules Don''t start popping pills! Get healthy! Please Read: http://www.amazon.ca/Your-Drug-May-Problem-Psychiatric/dp/0738201847/sr=1-10/qid=1161982840/ref=sr_1_10/702-2023338-0597617?ie=UTF8&s=books Don''t take anything. Talk to a medical professional or mental health counselor first. There are many things you can do to improve your depression that does not involve medication. Regular exercise, healthy nutritious diet,meditation, and facing your fear of people and overcoming your social anxiety. You have to throw yourself out there and you will be glad you did. Try Trazdone its an...


  do i have social anxiety disorder?

A: Hello ns10, the symptoms what you have mentioned definitely correlates with social anxiety disorder, which isalso called as social phobia. It is characterized by immense fear in social situations, like school gathering,parties, talking or reading in frontof teacher etc. Treatment involves psychotherapy, medications or both.Consult a Psychologist. Need not to fear it is treatable. Hope this helps you. Regards...


Manacled with social anxiety

A: Well it''s always good to start with an expert like a doctor but sometimes there are steps you can take before that so that the costs aren''t so much. I would recommend figuring out what it is exactly that produces your anxiety. Probably not a very hard thing to do because it''s pretty obvious when you start feeling anxious. If you can sidestep those things avoid them in your everyday life. However if that is not an option you can take there are things you can do to relieve some of that anxiety. Some of these things won''t work but some of them might. I don''t know when exactly your social anxiety effects you but for most it''s when talking in front of people. You can focus on something...


Preventing social anxiety

A: You could try Kudzu extract for the alcohol craving. I''m not sure what would be most effective for social anxiety. I have the same tendencies, and I''ll be interested in seeing what suggestions come along for you....


Will xanax help my social anxiety

A: Yes Xanax is a great medicine for social anxiety...

Is there medicine you can take for social anxiety

A: The three types of medication prescribed to alleviate social anxiety are Beta Blockers, Antidepressants, and Benzodiazepines....

I think I have social anxiety disorder can someone help me?

A: Worrying is a bad habit, you need to overcome it like any other bad habit. Try to modify the factors under your control, that is the only thing you can do. From http://mshn.org/worry.html Happens to many people. I suggest going to see a Psychologist for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Do NOT go on SSRIs. i used to have that... REALLY BADLY. and i hated it. just become less shy. and practice talking to people. it sounds weird... but do it. for example, talk to them first. and when you HAVE the opportunity to talk to someone, just do it :] make eye contact. this helped me get over it. i just forced myself to change it :] now i''m all better. Wow, you remind me of me. I also used to feel social anxiety and started getting panic attacks so bad...


Help! I have social anxiety due to my height.?

A: Be Grateful. Go out and have a social life as there are many tall women out there that would love to meet a tall, warm caring man. NOOOOOOOOO!! STOOOOPPPP!! What are you talking about? Chicks dig taller guys generally, so try socializing with chicks, as long as you don''t act like a scared boy, you will be fine, chicks like men with confidence, and thats what you need in order to be friends with everyone in general. Just act causal, and keep it a low profile. Most chicks will fall flat if you do that, Cause i do it all the time. Females are curious beings after all. Though i''m good at socializing with most people. I''m not tall, I''am only 5''6. Is that stopping me from talking to a Tall hot chick? NOOOOOO. Am''I...


How can I deal with intense social anxiety so I can get on with living?

A: Check out the anxiety and Phobia Workbook. It''ll give you some background information on anxiety, and give you a start on cognitive-behavioral therapy. (I''ve found CBT to be ridiculously effective in deaing with anxiety, and one of its great advantages is that it''s very easy to do on your own.) Good luck!...


I need helo with my social anxiety!

A: Do you feel safer ''in the house'' like you don''t want to leave? One thing I know can be helpful is vitamin B complex and sublingual vitamin B12. You might want to try getting some counseling too. What your parents are telling you is right. Many people with phobias have to do the very thing that scares them to over come it. Phobia therapists will have people with a fear of dirt and filth go and play in the dirt. Good luck with school Vitamins? How is that going to help me? Because many people with problems like ADHD, OCD, anxiety, phobias, depression, stress, schizophrenia, etc......have a vitamin B deficiency. Here is an article that explains how it works but it is more on brain fog than covering all areas of ''cognitive thinking'' Paying attention to your fuzzy...

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