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Vistaril for social anxiety does it work?

A: to be honest with you vistiril is a joke, its basically the same thing as benadryl it is an antihistamine i have never heard anything good about it but who knows? maybe your different Yes, it''s an antihistamine, hydroxyzine. The antihistamine in Benadryl is diphenhydramine. They are very different in terms of effects for me. Vistaril (hydroxizine) is arguably safer, particularly in terms of addiction. For me, it is milder and it does work for very mild anxiety initially for the first few days after which I develop a kind of tolerance to it. So taking it regularly 3 times a day for me would just stop making it effective. But I''ve found it does relax me mildly every time I refill the prescription after a break. To answer your question then, yes, it does work...


treatment of social anxiety disorder in or around Boston, MA

A: You''d be wise to connect with the Trauma Clinic. Dr. Van Der Kolk has a very good reputation. BTW the root cause of all anxiety is trauma. Something along the line put a bump and scratch in the memory bank triggered by life and relationships. Check them out. Be well....


Is this symptoms of social anxiety? Depression? :(?

A: 12 Aug 2011 Hey Aldrig, I too use to be a heavy smoker of the Ganja. I have to say since I quit, I have much less social anxiety. Your anxiety sounds like it qualifies for effecting your ability to function and needs to be addressed. Unfortunately until you cut out the pot, you may find that the medicine doesn''t work as well. I can only share once I quit the pot and got on the right medication and therapy, my anxiety has virtually dissappeared. I no longer worry about what others are saying or doing in reference to me. I would definitely be honest with the doctor. They are use to helping people like us, that is their job. I sometimes miss the buzz, but I definitely prefer how I feel now...


Is there a medication that helps with social anxiety?

A: Hi, and yes there are many. Your Doctor can find you one, they all need a perscription and work well Hello, the first line of treatment for social anxiety Disorder are the SSRI''s or known formally as Sustained Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors; some of the medications in this grouping are: Zoloft, Celexa, Lexapro, Luvox, and Paxil to name a few. Some sources are naming Effexor XR as a first line medication for social anxiety Disorder for refractory symptoms of this disorder, and usually implemented when there are treatment failures with the SSRI''s. So, absolutely discuss this with your prescriber which treatment regimen or medication would benefit you most, and even if you are a cadidate for...


social anxiety disorder: Panicked about meeting new people, speaking up in class, and so much more!

A: Dear Reader,About 5 million Americans have some form of social anxiety disorder, also known as social phobia. While everyone experiences nervousness or fear in social situations to a certain extent, those with social anxiety disorder are debilitated by their fear. They may have a constant, intense, and chronic fear of being watched and judged by others, or be terribly afraid of being embarrassed or humiliated by ways in which they behave. As you have described, this fear can prevent people with social anxiety disorder from doing everyday activities, such as going to school or work, and...


How do you draw the line between episodes of social anxiety and full blown panic attacks? Is there even really a difference between the two?

A: Panic attacks are physiological, meaning they''re related to your body chemistry and can come out of the "blue".  anxiety is related to your emotions and how you actually feel about certain situations and which can manifest as simple social anxiety to full blown anxiety attacks when you''ve become so anxious that you develop an intense physical reaction such as hyperventilating.  You may be confusing the feeling of panic that you get when you get an especially bad anxiety attack and misinterpret it to what an actual panic attack is.  As far as handling the two above situations, one of the best things to do is to acknowledge them for...


How to reduce social anxiety?

A: Hi there, First off, please do not start smoking weed as stated by some idiot. It may make you feel good shortly, but it`s habit forming and is seriously detrimental to your mental health in the long run. I have social anxiety too, and I know how difficult it is to overcome. I`m at University and sometimes I can`t even leave my room when I know people are around me (what if they ask me a question I can`t answer, what if I stutter, speak in a monotone etc.) These are maybe all familiar to you. I`m glad you`ve made the decision to stop taking meds. Good for you, I can`t seem to hack it without them, so I guess that`s one thing you should be proud of. You can only force yourself to do things to a certain extent. You have to take baby...


Has anyone have medical nouns from social anxiety?

A: Zoloft help quite a bit for me, but the biggest impact be be slowing getting out more and developing self-confidence. however, this would not have be possible without the Zoloft. immediately people can''t believe i ever have a problem with social anxiety, although I still hold occasional bouts, but nowhere near the intensity nor duration as what I have experienced the majority of my life. There is not a drug or medication to draw from rid of anxiety completely. I have suffered for some 17 years in a minute and have be on everyone and am still on a regimen. They take the slither off but it have ultimately been found that medication along near cognitive therapy get the best results. There are many that can soothing...


What is social anxiety Disorder?

A: social anxiety disorder is formerly an anxiety disorder in which a person has an excessive and unreasonable fear of social situations. These fears can bring on feelings of self-consciousness, judgment, evaluation, and inferiority. Symptoms of social anxiety disorders are: Psychological social anxiety Disorder Symptoms comprise: 1.Being introduced to other people 2.Feelings of apprehension or dread 3.Feeling tense and jumpy 4.Being the center of attention 5.Being watched while doing something Physical social anxiety Disorder Symptoms comprise:...


social anxiety go away

A: Gretna   Thank you for your question and welcome to anxietyConnection.com.   It can be very difficult to like with the symptoms of social anxiety disorder every day. You don''t mention whether you are currently receiving treatment, but, if not, that would be the place to start. Besides medications, cognitive behavioral therapy has been found to be effective in helping those with SAD.       For more information on social anxiety Disorder:   10 Things You Can Do in 2010 to Manage anxiety   Living with social anxiety Disorder

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