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I Am Worried I Might Have social anxiety. What Are The Main Symptoms?

A: social anxiety is often confused with agoraphobia and it is basically the fear of being in social situation. Whether the fear is of standing in a room full of people and giving a speech, or whether it is of simply being with a couple of people, that is social anxiety. There are various different severity levels when it comes to social anxiety and so the symptoms you experience will be different from somebody else suffering from the condition. Some people simply feel a little embarrassed and they go bright red and shake a little. That is mild social anxiety and it is...

social anxiety Disorder and Depression

A: hi there n welcome i never had social anxiety up until i became deaf in last yr i now find self in house isolating self enormous amount of time on twatching tv or just lost in thoughts i hv become a shell of the me i once knew n its real hard but i know somewhere in there i hv to if not just for me but for daughter get me back i dont like going out now where before i was always on the go i feel isolated in room full of ppl due to not hearing them so yes i understand that pain you have n the emptiness i think with the other sx you might be needing to talk to someone hving thoughts like that develop isnt rational as you are still aware of them n are seeking help so i would really try to see a professional until then we are here we do listen n...


Already on anxiety meds,~a month ago started atenolol for social anxiety, doesnt seem to be working?

A: Be nicer to your self, I know just how you feel. I''m 62 and been dealing with the same feelings. Like something is wrong with you. The only way I felt at ease was drunk. I have been taking a anti-Depresent and Clonazepam for high anxiety. Don''t give up. I wiil be a friend.Just click on add a friend I''m married with 13 grandkids Thanks for your response and for offering to be a friend. I feel like this sounds pathetic, but I really do appreciate it. I''ve always been really hard on myself, people always tell me not to be but I can''t help it, I don''t know how. I''ll be 30 in a few weeks and feel like it''ll always be this way if I haven''t been able to figure it out by now, which is quite depressing. I''m too am on Clonazepam, and for several years in my early...


Can caffeine make social anxiety worse?

A: Dear Caring Partner, Certain triggers, such as caffeine, a stimulant, increase social or even general anxiety. If you haven''t yet, you may want to talk with your partner about what you have noticed. Then you can raise the issue so that he may consider decreasing his caffeine consumption, even as an experiment, to see if it has any effect in either managing or reducing his anxiety. As you may know, eliminating caffeine entirely will not eliminate his anxiety, but it will probably, based on your observation, reduce it enough to be more manageable for him, and, as a result, for you. social anxiety can be triggered by stress, diet, environmental...


how does one cope with social anxiety?

A: You can overcome it.... I got over mine by being a substitute teacher. Focus on the other purpose tuppence said: 1 Get involved with volunteer work. That will give you something specific to do while you are around others. The more you give, the more room inside you there is for others. Blocking people out means you are very centered on yourself and fears for yourself. I was there and I understand so I''m not criticizing you. The answer is to get involved in something where you have something definite to do. Some of us simply are not good in an open social setting. I have two daughters who are ''people magnets,'' and...


social anxiety Disorder: Yet Another Made Up Illness

A: Well, aren''t we making the world a better place today? Good thing you haven''t lost your resolve... some of us have already given up. I don''t like the way drug companies are pushing their products - the consumer ads, the vists to drs., all that, but... There really are people who are unable to function because they are so painfully ''shy''. My niece, who is a very beautiful (and I''m not exagerating here, she is a one-in-a-million type) and talented soon to be 21 yr old, will now actually leave her house now that she''s on Zoloft. I''m on Paxil. I hate it (the side-effects are bad), but it keeps me alive. First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you. F. Scott Fitzgerald nice idea of a ''cure'' you have for something you seem to know nada about. for a...


social anxiety disorder help?

A: One of the most effective ways of overcoming social anxiety is to start by making friends with the anxiety itself. This may sound strange, because we don''t want it, but making it into a problem and then resisting it or avoiding the inner feelings of anxiety simply perpetuate the anxiety. In Mindfulness Therapy, we teach people how to turn towards their fear and care for it in exactly the same way that you would do for a friend in pain. You wouldn''t avoid him or her would you? Yet this is exactly what we do with our own inner pain - and it doesn''t help. When you cultivate mindfulness around the pain then you will create the ideal conditions in which the pain can...


Any social anxiety sufferers out at hand let address?

A: . I am. I don''t know if I can get her bra sour, or find my dose, or get a spike in my sou`wester, or learn to play the ukulele. Seriously? When adjectives you medical do-gooders with your grope dream therapy, your wonder drugs, your shepherd''s pie, realize what you are, then you are okay. It''s okay what you do when you head off the office and turn home. But put Mr. Socrates to work all time, be a psychological sleuth, then you can invoke anything great doctor you want. Hostile? No. Just reading the news. ... .. .. I do not suffer from social anxiety, but my 28 year hoary daughter does. It is very difficult to walk anywhere. If she gets contained by a crowd, even people she know, she starts to have hysterics attacks really bad. I enjoy...


Generalized anxiety Disorder - I have some unusual questions about gad and social anxiety disorder.?

A: Hi rockchalk, That''s a very honest and straightforward question. I have a serious case of agoraphobia which is primarily based on a fear of people in general... even family and close friends. There are many deep seated trust issues involved here. If you feel that I might be able to help you, I''d be happy to answer any of your questions. Take care and best of luck to you with your problem(s), keemo7 The questions are not about me and are very difficult to explain why I need to know. Here they are and if anyone has some feedback, it could really help. By SAD, I am referring to social anxiety Disorder. I don''t know if that is a proper acronym for it, but that is what I am referring to. If you feel like another similar disorder might be more...


Do I have social anxiety Disorder (read description for details)

A: It sound like you have social anxiety disorder. Get some therapy if you want to and can, but please stay away from drugs, both illegal and the ones offered to you by a psychiatrist. I''ve had social anxiety disorder since I can remember. The first signs of it were when I was a kid. I was not a very social kid since I can remember. Then in early elementary school I cared too much about what others thought. Once I got into middle school, I found myself pretty much a loner. High school I was a nervous wreck around most people, but I tried not to show it. Today I try to avoid social situations at times, because I''m afraid I might have too much...

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