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Is any sperm in the mouth enough?

A: Dear Brent: Peace.  A smaller amount lessens your risk, and your mouth is a less dangerous place for exposure than other places might be.  Note also that semen (the fluid in which sperm swims), along with blood, vaginal secretions, and breast milk - is what should be avoided.  I clarify because sperm might be absent in ejaculate (cum) due to vasectomy but this does nothing to lower HIV risk. Risk for HIV (the virus that causes AIDS) transmission is low, but other STI/STDs can be transmitted more easily.  It"s worth getting tested to alleviate your fears and be sure. Best to you and yours....


I heard that having *** or sperm in ur mouth whightens ur teeth..is it true?

A: ewww I wouldnt use it if it really did lol what guy told you that? semen doesn&''t stain Mine whitens in a good way....

Can I Get Hiv Taking sperm In My mouth From A Person Having Hiv+?

A: Yes, there is a slim chance that u will most likely the acid in your mouth will kill the virus but if you have a cut in your mouth or any type of opening in the skin increases the chances of you getting the virus. Not to make u feel funny or ashamed or even criticize u but why would u even think about playing games or taking a risk with your life like that. I don''t even know u but I know that u are to precious to take risks like that. All life should be valued now matter what or who''s life it is. ''Remember to protect yourself at all times in everything u do.''...


If Someone Performs Oral Sex To Someone Who Has Herpes then I Smoke After That Person Will I Get Herpes In the mouth As Well?

A: If the saliva has the sperm/vaginal fluid of the person on their cigarette and then your mouth goes on there, you''re gonna have some serious issues with Herpes!...

can you get a girl pregnant if she consumes sperm in her mouth?

A: DUH, pregnant tonsils. Here''s another one!!!!!!! You are way too far ''in the dark'' for my help. Get a book on sexual reproduction. Yup,and she has to worry about the baby kicking some teeth out when born. Seriously, if you do not know the answer to this, you need to put your little toy away and not use it until you do - try the Amazon book Sex for Dummies, and don''t sleep through health class next time. Yep, the baby will grow out looking like a third breast and will eventually pop out of her mouth....


  Can u get pregnat if your boyfriend comes a small amout in your mouth before u pull away and u wash

A: Hello shadowcat, it?s for sure that you won?t be getting pregnant, if your boy friend had finished inside yourmouth. For women to get pregnant, the sperms should be released in the uterus from where they reach the eggsto fertilize them to form an embryo. But if the sperms are released in the mouth; they can?t reach the eggswhich are located in the ovaries. Digestive tract and reproductive tract both are different things. Hope thisinformation...


Can someone get infected of HIV by kissing somenone on the mouth.?

A: if some one has a bad diesase Well, I don''t think so. Saliva doesn''t carry the virus in adequate amounts to infect the other person (who would have to have a sore or something on the mouth). ie Magic Johnson''s wife. He announced he had it in like 1992 and his wife is fine. And, I''m sure they kiss. Simple answer - no. HIV cannot be spread through kissing. U can only catch it by having unprotected sex with somone who is infected, or sharing needles, any kind of bodily fluid contact except for saliva. It is possible. Highly unlikely. I dont think so unless they have a cut on their lips =S...


What Happen If sperm Goes To mouth?

A: Now that you have made it public nothing happens unless you get a std in the mouth other than that you are known as nasty.......and all the guys are looking for you so they may get a head job...the best to you...

Is It Safe If the Men''s sperms Get Into the mouth?

A: Yes. It won''t cause pregnancy, of course, just because its in your body. It won''t be able to impregnate the egg because it''ll be in the digestive system, not reproductive. Is it safe in other ways? Well, it should be, but you CAN catch diseases (STD) still. If the guy isn''t your regular partner, or is but this is one of the first times, play it safe and/or speak up & find out! Its worth it! If its your regular partner, if you know his bill of health is clean FOR REAL, and you''re able to trust he''s not just SAYING it is to get you to go down, good for you; sperm itself is safe to get into your mouth. Disease...

Am I taking the steps in the correct order?

A: Hi Eileen, What was your estradiol level the day of the FSH test?  An FSH without an estradiol level is often meaningless.... Actually, it sounds like your next step is to schedule a consultation with a board certified reproductive endocrinologist.  If you"re seeing an Ob/Gyn, you may be better served (at your age) by seeing an infertility specialist.  YOU shouldn"t be having to tell your doctor what to do next!  See the RE ASAP.... Dr. Roseff - Director of W.E. C.A.R.E. in West Orange, NJ Personalized/Individualized Successful care by a solo practice specialist in a warm and caring setting.... www.reproendo.com =============== Since I don"t know your entire history and haven"t...
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