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I am an anaemic. Pl tell me can drinking spinach juice frequently lead to formation of stone in kidney?

A: in my opinion, drinking spinach daily hasn''t lead to formation of kidney stone, lots of factor that cause stone formation. but besides drinks spinach juice, i also suggest you to eat eggs, beef and other greeny vegetables.. but why are you anemic? are you having a kidney problem? yes drinking spinach juice forms stone in kidney..so it is better to have ''chakandar'' easily available in market.. eat green leafy vegetables and u may try a tonic after concerning a doctor I''m also anaemic, my Doctor told me to eat more red meat that''s lean in fat. Take a low dose iron pill (because the pill will constipate you). Make sure you drink orange


Where would I get potato juice or spinach juice?

A: The way to get fresh juices of these kinds is to squeeze them yourself, the reason for this is that most vegetable juices are not easy to keep fresh for long shelve sitting periods unless they are added with some preservatives and chemicals to maintain the natural colors which in turn destroys the properties and natural compounds. Regards,   Dr. Charles Silverman N. D. www.homemademedicine.com  ...

Palak juice recipe

A: Yes, palak/spinach is one of the top healthy vegetable that you can eat. It supplies abundant nutrition to the body. Drinking spinach juice with lemon regularly decreases weight and obesity. spinach contains Vitamin A and C, fiber, folic acid, magnesium and flavonoids which reduces the risk of cancer specially lung and breast cancers. It is low in calorie and a very good diet for sick people. Additionally it is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, and niacin. spinach is rich in potassium and low in sodium, so it maintains the blood pressure. Due to the existence of beta carotene and ascorbic acid it supports the immune system of the body and protects...


Does spinach cause constipation

A: No, spinach does not cause constipation. Instead, it helps in relieving the sense of constipation from your body. spinach is a very healthy vegetable which has in it a lot of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, iron etc. and also that this would prove to you otherwise in the way you are thinking of this item. spinach juice when goes through your digestive system helps the body get relief from constipation to a certain extent. Other than spinach there are vegetables like broccoli, cabbage etc. Fruits, like apples, oranges, figs etc which also helps in relieving constipation. @Lehar Among the vegetables, spinach has been considered to be the...


spinach? Too soon to go back on store shelves?

A: I was on a spinach buy frenzie the last couple of months. But now, I won''t get near it. I am not informed by the government if spinach is stored in refrigerators in mass, so that in two months, will there be a batch that still has E Coli. I''m going with Romaine for a couple of months. Thank You. I just don''t like spinach so i wouldn''t bother in the first place. Do you think that popeye was just an advertising campaign for spinach? I won''t be eating spinach for awhile - a few months. I have Lupus and that is the last thing that I need is a case of s. coli. Sounds like the growers are running the show for the bottom dollar and not looking at our safety. I would...


Can you recommend some good spinach recipes?

A: Lasagna or Manicotti is where I use it most. I mix it up in the cheese. Wilted_spinach salad. You don''t have to use the bacon if you prefer vegetarian. I think it goes well when paired with this spinach soup. lol Moments ago I spread some melting spinach leaves on my garden. Compost is the consolation prize for not eating stuff fast enough. I like sauteed spinach because you really can''t go wrong. Raw spinach is good. And so is well-cooked spinach. Cook it a little, cook it a lot, whatever. - Heat oil or butter in a saute or frying pan – Add garlic if you want – Throw in spinach – Cover it –...


What are some good fruit/vegetable juice combinations?

A: Orange, pineapple and pear. Apple and seedless grape. Pear and orange. Pear, orange and apple Banana, pineapple and orange. Banana, guava, and mango. Kiwi, mango and apple. Pineapple, apple and mango. Whew!—Just try those and then report back….. :-P @Hypocrisy_Central Woo! I''m going shopping after work. you can play around with the proportions and adding water (or sparkling water) or herbs to most any of these. Parsley, tarragon, thyme go unexpectedly well here and there depending on your tastes. And a pinch of salt, celery seed, or hot pepper (or just a mild jalapeno) can sometimes pick up a too bland vegetable mixes pretty well. Obviously some will be better to different pallets than others :) apple, pear, kiwi strawberry, banana strawberry, pinapple, banana strawberry,...


How to juice Fast

A: This is how to perform an easy juice Fast. This is perfect for natural weight loss and helps to achieve balance. It is a healthy alternative to the water fast. A juice fast is a type of detox diet. The juice Fast involves drinking juice from fresh fruit and vegetables. Many people use this method because it is a healthier, safer option and is a source of vitamins. Prepare your body for a juice fast. Eat nothing but raw fruits and vegetables for two days leading up to the fast. Begin your fast with a purgative (a natural laxative) or an enema. You will need an enema every day that you don`t have a bowel movement, otherwise toxins can build up. Rid your system of...


I'm diabetic and only like sweet coffee and apple juice. Any ideas for beverages?

A: substitute coffee with caffeine pills, apple juice is fine, make sure its freshly squeezed and not bottled with added sugar and perservatives, look around for shops that sell diabetic food, the one near my house is called " get your fat a.s.s of the chair and lose some weight you slob" HI I AM GOING TO LET YOU KNOW MY NEW FOUND FRIEND Stevia...IT IS AN HERB AND IS BETTER THEN SUGAR...I HAVE RESENTLY BEEN STARTING SUGAR HIGHS. IT IS REALLY HARD TO GIVE UP THE SUGAR THEN I FOUND Stevia..HOPE IT HELPS YOU..HERE IS THE INFORMATION...IFYOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THE PAGE JUST E-MAIL ME..Stevia DOES NOT RAISE MY SUGARS... GOOD LUCK... How much sugar are putting into your coffee and how many cups do you have? A teaspoon of sugar has 4 carbs. Sugar is not off limits...


Could a Juicing Diet Be For You?

A: Carrying around excess weight and stress easily produces health problems for people - fatigue, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes are just some of the problems that could arise. However, like any problem, it can be solved and dieting can be a main component of health improvement. However, when most people think of diet, they automatically think they must eat less food. But in reality, a diet should mean more minerals, more vitamins and more nutrients. And what`s the easiest way to receive those nourishments? A juicing diet. Juicing fruits and vegetables is not only the best way to receive the greatest amount of the foods nutritional value, it also fills your body up with all the components it naturally desires and allows for less cravings of sweets and heavy caloric...

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