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spinal cord Stimulator?

A: 6 Feb 2012 ElizaJane23 just had one put in recently. The 6th of January if memory serve me. Go to you profile & look under friends, & type her name in the box. You may have to friend her, but she can give you some info. I haven''t heard from her in a while, but my doc was hot to do this to me too. I was told in 1994 by a neurosurgeon & a physc (required) that it wouldn''t help me. It does some people. If the trial didn''t help, I would refuse to do it. He can''t make you, & I doubt he would refuse you meds because it didn''t help. Just be truthful with him & tell him what the surgeon said... Mary632009 Votes:+1CommentVote upReport azauntie36 Feb 2012 Thanks mary632009 for referring me to elizajane23... i sent her a pm. Also, thanks for your input... I am thinking I...


spinal cord Stimulator- anyone have one, can u give me feedback?

A: 8 Sep 2011 i dont know but i think other member may can help you my apology <please don''t dislike this answar but that my help to you> Votes:+0CommentVote upReportSearch for questionsStill looking for answers? Try searching for what you seek or ask your own question. Search:Similar questionsAdvice on getting used to implants?I just got a spinal cord stimulator implanted a week ago. Now that the swelling has gone down I can totally feel all of the wire snaking down my back ... 3 answers • 14 Jan 2010 • 1 star Can morphine sulfate be taken long term?I have been taking MS contin (15mg twice daily) for 2 months to treat chronic pain from failed back surgery. My doctor wants me...


What is spinal cord Compression?

A: spinal cord compression can be one of the most painful injuries to the back. With spinal cord compression, the spinal cord is compressed by blood, bone, pus, tumors, or a herniated disc. A healthy spinal cord is protected by the spine, but some injuries and diseases can put added pressure on the spinal cord and spinal cord nerves, thereby causing pain. The pain may last only a few minutes, or in some cases, for days at a time. The symptoms of spinal

What Are the Most Common spinal cord Problems?

A: spinal cord problems can have serious consequences for patients because the spinal cord is responsible for transmitting messages to the body from the brain regarding movement and sensations. The most common spinal cord problems are from injuries to the spinal cord and surrounding tissues. These injuries may result from an accident, trauma or a chronic condition, such as multiple sclerosis or severe arthritis. spinal cord injuries and problems often result in total or partial paralysis, bladder and bowel control problems, pain, circulation...


What is a spinal cord Injury?

A: A spinal cord injury is an injury which affects the spinal cord, a key part of the central nervous system. In the wake of an injury to the spinal cord, a patient will experience disabilities below the level of the injury. spinal cord injuries vary widely in severity, which makes proper diagnosis very important to ensure that a patient receives the correct level of care. Because such injuries are a major concern for people who have been in traumatic accidents, training about spinal cord injuries is provided to many first responders so that they...

What are the treatments available for a tethered spinal cord?

A: What is Tethered spinal cord Syndrome? Tethered spinal cord syndrome is a neurological disorder caused by tissue attachments that limit the movement of the spinal cord within the spinal column. These attachments cause an abnormal stretching of the spinal cord. The course of the disorder is progressive. In children, symptoms may include lesions, hairy patches, dimples, or fatty tumors on the lower back; foot and spinal deformities; weakness in the legs; low back pain; scoliosis; and incontinence. Tethered spinal


What Is a Severed spinal cord?

A: A severed spinal cord is a break in the network of nerve cells in the spine. The spinal cord is a spongy white substance encased inside the hollow vertebrae and discs of the spine. This cord can be severed due to a traumatic injury. If the spinal cord is severed, it can cause paralysis below the point of the damage, which can be total or partial, depending on the level of injury and degree of impairment of the cord.. The spinal cord is divided into segments which control different parts of the body. The upper segments regulate movement and...


What Are the Different Types of spinal cord Disease?

A: The spinal cord is essential in relaying chemical impulses to and from the brain, controlling reflexes, and sensing pain. Individuals who are diagnosed with spinal cord disease often have significant problems controlling muscle movement, seeing, and speaking, and some patients suffer from partial or complete paralysis. Most cases of spinal cord disease are directly related to spinal column injuries, though symptoms may also develop as a result of genetically inherited conditions. spinal cord problems may result from such neurological and demyelinating disorders as...

What Is a spinal cord Stimulator?

A: A spinal cord stimulator is a device that helps to alleviate pain by blocking certain neurotransmitters. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the implantation of spinal cord stimulators for pain management. Doctors often suggest this device for patients with a history of chronic pain issues. Most studies show the spinal cord stimulator works best on pain caused by injury or nerve damage. Certain spinal conditions that the stimulator usually helps include spinal damage, misaligned vertebrae, or degenerative disease. Candidates with back problems caused by...

Is spinal cord Regeneration Possible?

A: For many years it was assumed that spinal cord regeneration was not possible. Paralysis, often resulting from damaged spinal cords, was likely to be permanent, and many peoplesí lives were forever altered by a spinal cord injury. This is still the case today, but what has changed is the degree of optimism many people hold about someday being able to use medical techniques to fix spinal cord injuries and restart the damaged nerves that have lost function after an injury has occurred. Itís doubtful that a single researched element will provide the cure to spinal
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