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spinal cord Stimulator?

A: 6 Feb 2012 ElizaJane23 just had one put in recently. The 6th of January if memory serve me. Go to you profile & look under friends, & type her name in the box. You may have to friend her, but she can give you some info. I haven''t heard from her in a while, but my doc was hot to do this to me too. I was told in 1994 by a neurosurgeon & a physc (required) that it wouldn''t help me. It does some people. If the trial didn''t help, I would refuse to do it. He can''t make you, & I doubt he would refuse you meds because it didn''t help. Just be truthful with him & tell him what the surgeon said... Mary632009 Votes:+1CommentVote upReport azauntie36 Feb 2012 Thanks mary632009 for referring me to elizajane23... i sent her a pm. Also, thanks for your input... I am thinking I...


Is spinal cord Regeneration Possible?

A: For many years it was assumed that spinal cord regeneration was not possible. Paralysis, often resulting from damaged spinal cords, was likely to be permanent, and many peoplesí lives were forever altered by a spinal cord injury. This is still the case today, but what has changed is the degree of optimism many people hold about someday being able to use medical techniques to fix spinal cord injuries and restart the damaged nerves that have lost function after an injury has occurred. Itís doubtful that a single...

What Is a peripheral Nerve Stimulator?

A: A peripheral nerve stimulator is a device that applies an electrical current to an individual''s peripheral nerves with the intention of alleviating chronic pain. The process of applying electricity to peripheral nerves is referred to as peripheral nerve stimulation. The peripheral nerves compose the peripheral nervous system and serve the purpose of connecting limbs, extremities, and other organs to the central nervous system, which is made up of the brain and spinal


What is the peripheral nerve?

A: Nervous system is categorized into two system which is the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. Central nervous system consist of brain and spinal cord. Any nerve that is apart from this two structure is considered as peripheral nervous system....

peripheral nerves&bulging disc

A: sorry,i am, just a little confused, nothing new there actually. is this an actual c spine problem or a low back issue? you don''t make that too clear here thats all. it defineitly DOES matter if this is espescially a c spine issue that is also impacting your legs. do you have a copy of your MRI in your possession right now? if not, get one, if you do happen to have it, could you just simply type out what was in that summary at the very end of that report? it would help ALOT in just seeing what and where any significant fndings were and if this is impacting your actual spinal cord too, espescially if this is at that c spine level. also typing it actual word for word as the interpretting rad...


Young Male with peripheral Nerve Condition

A: Brad, Have you tried to send me any pictures yet? Has there been any twists or turns with your health condition as of this time? Yours in Best Health, Dr Robert Arnone Upper Cervical Specific Doctor "Brainstem Specialist" 711 Old Ballas Road Creve Coeur, MO 63141 (314)995-5719 DrArnone@Live.com...


spinal cord stim, (periph. neuro/fibro)TOPAMAX

A: My husband, who has RSD in his legs, took Topamax for awhile. It made him depressed, he slept 16-18 hours a day, didn''t eat, couldn''t remember anything. It didn''t have the good effects that you see, but I really saw a difference when he went off of it. He now takes Lyrica (which was making his hands tremble, but now we know that is preferable). He also takes methadone and zanaflex. The zanaflex puts him to sleep so he takes it at night, but it does get rid of the pain and is a muscle relaxant--might help with your spasms. Allagash....you don''t say where you live but are you anywhere near the Allagash River? If so, you have a world class neurosurgeon not too far from you


Anyone with spinal cord Stimulators

A: i have a scs but never had that problem... sorry! just had my rsd spread... i had great coverage from my trial and well crappy from my perm. i was all the way up to the 100umg fetanyl patches when i had my trial and perm put in, then my pm took me off everything except topamax... then refused to put me back on anything... needless to say i''m no longer with that pm... i hope you have better results if you go thru with the perm! good luck with the sweating issue! Hi Monika, Sry to hear that you have RSD and welcome to the board. I have 2 stims implanted, a spinal cord stim and a peripheral nerve stim for...


spinal Stimulators and neuropathy?

A: I''m not going to be much help to you (sorry) but I find your question interesting. Actually there are so many kinds of "neuropathy" that what you can do about it depends on the type of Neuropathy and the cause (If known). I have Sensoral Axonal Pheriphal Neuropathy. Meaning the axonal layer inside my nerves of my limbs (includeing feet) was somehow damaged. I take a low dosage of Neurontin and it hanels my specific pain problems pretty good. I''ve never taken the Med you take. Since part of my many unhappy sensations is tingly, zappy creepy crawlies on the skin.. I''m not sure I''d appreciate any vibrateing simulator on that area. Never seriously tried it though, like I said it''s an interesting...


Is spinal cord impingement a guarantee for surgery?

A: It could definitely be causing a whole host of symptoms including peripheral neuropathy type symptoms, vertigo and leg problems. Though I thought with peripheral neuropathy there was a nerve study they could do to distinguish it from spinal causes. (though what is peripheral neuropathy anyway? seems like they come up with names for these things and it makes them happy and saves them from having to look for an actual cause). good morning all ---- No I don''t believe this is a definite surgery. I have 3 bulged disks, bone spurs on 2 of them indenting the cord, stenosis

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