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Muscle spasms and pain

A: Hi Jamie, I know exactly what you mean, I had the same thing happen to me many years ago, when my children were young. I had problems for years until I finally went to massage school and started to learn about the neck muscles. As I went more into the field that I"m in now, deep-muscle therapy for sports injuries and chronic pain, I totally understood what was happening and I was able to fix it - finally! I suggest you go to http://www.julstro.com and read about repetitive strain injuries. Then go to the sections titled "Muscles and Pain," and "What"s Happening Exactly."  That will at least give you some understanding of why tight muscles are the cause of pain. In your case the odds are your pillow is the wrong size,especially if you sleep on your side. If your pillow is too...

c7 t1 pain

A: Hi Melissa, The odds are high that you have a tight muscle pulling the vertebrae out of alignment and pressing into your spinal cord. There aren"t any tests to show anything about muscles, but an MRI can show if the bone is pressing on the nerve. A chiropractor can move the bone, but if the muscle is pulling on it, it will just move out of alignment again. I suggest you go to http://www.julstro.com and read about repetitive strain injuries (this is a repetitive strain injury, you"ve moved a lot of heavy people in the past), and also read the sections titled "Muscles and Pain" and "What"s Happening Exactly."  Then you may want to read the forum on the website and see if there are any threads that may...

my mother fell two years ago and broke her tail bone she now walks with cane and drags her leg when she walks she fallsalot like today and a few days ago she has seen alot of doctors and no one can fine out what is wrong i need help withgetting her help

A: Dear hokebrandi! Hi, This is due to gait disturbances due to the injury. It might be some head injuryassociated with the tail bone fracture or a spinal cord injury. The injury may be located in the lumbarregion. You need to go for an MRI and follow up with a neurologist for proper diagnosis and treatment. Takecare!...

ACL recovery (8 months later)

A: no one eh? should this be in another forum maybe? I would just call the orhto who did your surgery to find out if this is really just a normal part of kind of getting back into the swing of things(it very well could be0 or if he feels tht this could indicate some sort of damage.in all probability,you could possibly have just over done things a bit.i too am dealing with some rather nasty knee issues right now.I had to have two seperate surgeries done onthe same flippin knee just within 21 days of each other,the thing is,when yourr knee has not been used in the ''normal" way,with all of the muscles being allowed to actually move as they are supposed to when the all work together,they tend to get very "laxed" and rather atrophied rather quickly.I do...


Severe itching relief?

A: Shad, I get a itch from MS and it drives me crazy .It always seems to start when I''m in public.I try not to itch but its annoying.My family physician told me to use a product called TING.you can buy it at walmart.it is in the atheletes foot section.It sounds crazy but it does work even though I have no rash.I get it in my left arm and torso.It comes out ice cold and does provide a much needed releif. Toni Great, Toni, I''ll write that down and look for it at Walmart. So far, nothing topical has helped at all, but I''m willing to give it a try. Maybe that cold part is what makes it work. THANKS for the answer!!! Shad I too suffer from neuropathic itching,and god this really does suck.Can you ever actually find the actual spot to scratch that actually satisfies the...


New with RSD (new to boards)

A: Hi Cindy, Welcome to the board. There are great people here so feel free to post whenever. I''m sorry you might have RSD. The diagnosis part is probably the worst because you still don''t know yet. I think you''re on the right track as you''re seeing a pain doc already. I also have RSD in my legs and left arm. I''ve had it for 18 years...since I was 15. I don''t work and have never worked...tried to get through nursing school, but I can''t walk without crutches so I had to stop that. I''m sorry, but I have no wonderful advice for getting through life with this. As I said, I don''t work so I can''t help you with that. There is the possibility that you have been caught early enough that the blocks or whatever other treatment they try can put you into remission (we''ll be praying for you...


What would happen if you got shot right on your belly button?

A: umm.. your belly button wuld hurt? i dont think that it would be any worse. there aren''t any major organs (ie: heart, brain) to get hit, so it could actually be better in some cases. ;)) I''m not a doctor so I don''t know. But I do know that if you got shot in your belly button I''d be willing to kiss it to make it feel better. I love kissing cute girl''s bellybuttons. you wouldnt live. it would be Worse than getting hit in the leg, because your gut is a vital organ, and if you got shot there, there is less skin there, so you would probrably bleed to death, and need a organ doner. The bullet would pierce your stomach whether it was by your belly button or not. If you were shot into the heart you would probably die, into your stomach you may bleed to death if it hits a major blood vessel....


For the past few months i have been experiencing a limp erection!!!?

A: The caliber of the back injury may affect the nerves that control penis erection and strength All the nerves to your penis go down the spinal cord so yes the back injury might have something to do with it. See an orthopedic MD about your back and if that doesn''t solve the problem see a Urologist. That is a problem, even after you jack off...


I have a interesting scientific medical theory?

A: the real reason he can''t move his arm is due to nerve injury, depending on where in the arm, it is mostly likely ulnar, radial, or median nerve. Nerves are much more complicated than a simple battery, with action potentials, release of specific substances, etc. So no, a cathode/anode would do nothing besides shock the person...sorry, but good creative thinking No it''s not. You can''t have a hand injury and not be able to move your arm, the hand is distal to the arm (further down) so what you describe is medically impossible. If you had someone injure their arm, and they couldn''t move their hand, that''s not due to scar tissue etc etc. That is due to nerve transection (sliced in half). You would need to regenerate the nerve, which does...


What causes central pain syndrome?

A: Central pain syndrome, which results from damage to the central nervous system, can be brought on by a variety of injuries or illnesses, including brain or spinal cord injury, stroke, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, or tumors. The resulting chronic pain can be either widespread or localized. While central pain syndrome typically appears soon following an illness or injury, it is not uncommon for it to begin several months and sometimes years after experiencing a stroke....

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