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spinal cord injury Red Feet

A: The only thing I think it could be is the blood going to his feet when they are down.  I can"t think of anything else it could be. I don"t think it could be anything bad. I"d keep an eye on it though. -- Jerry C. ---------- ozzy@sgi.net ICQ# 2427884 ------------------- My spinal cord injury Web Site: http://www.users.sgi.net/~ozzy/handicap.htm --------------------------------------------...


Stem cell/spinal cord injury

A: This ad-free site stays up to date on the latest spinal cord injury information, including stem cell treatment. Two of today''s blog posts deal with stem cells: one outlines a breakthrough in ''ethical'' stem cell sources and another goes over the upcoming world stem cell summit in Madison, WI. You can find many SCI videos here as well....


Need information about new treatments for spinal cord injury

A: Hi.  I checked out the nogo sites also and yes they are in the beginning stages of research but it sounds very promising for future use. I included the addresses to few SCI research pages below so you can check them out.  I can tell you that there are no "treatments" being done on people with SCI in the area of a "cure."  This is something I"ve been waiting 18 years for. Although they are much much closer today to finding a "treatment" that will work.  Never lose hope in this. If you have any other SCI questions i"d be glad to answer them. http://www.spinal-research.org/ http://members.aol.com/scsweb/private/scshome.htm ----- Jerry C. ---------- ozzy@sgi.net ICQ# 2427884 ------------------- My


steroids after penetrating spinal cord injury

A: Hi Derek, Thanks so much for your question. It"a probably because the spinal cord doesn"t regenerate. The cord is made up of many strands, like a rope. When the cord is damaged [partially or totally severed], the strands are unable to regenerate and re-connect Only the nerves will regenerate when they are damaged. But, sometimes the damage is too severe and the nerve can"t re-attach itself to the cord. Much of the research being done now is looking for ways to re-attach [or regenerate the strands of] the cord or bypass the injured cord area with nerves. I hope this helps and if you have any more...


spinal cord injury due to MRSA

A: Hi Maria,   I"m so sorry to hear about your fiance"s MRSA. I do not know much about his situation, but if his spinal cord is not too damaged I think he has a decent chance to regain his ability to walk again. But what do his doctors say? I would think the new hospital should be able to give him a better idea of what he will regain. Sincerely, Ken...


C2 through C5 soft tissue spinal cord injury

A: spinal cord swelling can cause a greater loss of movement and function in the beginning of the injury. Return of function may take months as the swelling subsides. Quadriplegic means that he will not have full functional use of his hands although his arms can move. It also means that his legs are affected by the injury.  Quad means four so quadriplegia means that all four limbs are involved. Thank you for your question, Melissa.  I hope that my answer was helpful.  Please feel free to ask more questions as they come up....


Can spinal cord injury cause burning pain?

A: Yup, the spinal cord is extremely sensitive, and with good reason, it''s the nexus that leads up to the brain. Getting an injury there can hurt like hell easily....


Why can''t I take goserelin if I have had a spinal cord injury?

A: Goserelin is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat various conditions in women, including breast cancer, endometrial thinning, and endometriosis. The side effects and risks of using this drug differ depending on what is being treated. During some of the clinical trials of goserelin, in treating breast cancer, one of the reported adverse events was a condition known as tumor flare, which may include spinal cord compression. Goserelin may cause decreased bone mineral density with prolonged use. Alcohol increases the risk for bone loss. You may want to talk to your health care provider about your concerns regarding goserelin. For additional information regarding goserelin, you may want to visit our Web site:...


reflexes in spinal cord injuries

A: Hi Stefany,   I found the following explanation on http://www.apparelyzed.com/spasticity.html ================================= Once spinal shock wears off, the natural reflex which is present in everyone reappears. Spasticity is an exaggeration of the normal reflexes that occur when the body is stimulated in certain ways. In an abled bodied person, a stimulus to the skin is sensed, and a sensory signal is sent to the reflex arch where it travels to the brain via the spinal cord, the brain then assesses the stimulant, and if the stimulant is thought not to be dangerous, an inhibitory signal is set down the spinal cord, and cancels the reflex from moving...


spinal cord injury, no mobility how can I lose weight?

A: Dear Reader, Many people, whether they are unable to exercise or just don`t like it, have wondered whether weight loss without physical activity is possible. Basically what weight loss comes down to is this: weight stays stable when we take in the same amount of calories that we expend. If we eat more energy than we use, we store it for later, i.e., we put on pounds. Some people accomplish weight loss by limiting caloric intake, others by upping their energy expenditure though exercise, and many people use a combination of both strategies to lose weight. One pound of body fat is equal to about 3500 calories. In order to lose a pound per week, a person would have to create a daily deficit of about 500 calories. Weight-loss of a pound per week is generally considered safe and in about a year...

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