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spinal cord injury & Recovery

A: Hi Tracie thank you for your question, It sound as your sister in law has suffered what is called Anterior cord syndrome results from injury to the motor and sensory pathways in the anterior parts of the spinal cord. These patients can feel some types of crude sensation via the intact pathways in the posterior part of the spinal cord, but movement and more detailed sensation are lost. Recovery of function depends upon the severity of the initial injury.  If there is some degree of improvement, it usually evidences itself within the first few days after the accident. Patients with anterior

spinal cord injury C2

A: hi rosie- i"ll be guessing a little bit here, trying to make inferences about what is wrong, so please keep that in mind- best bet is to ask the doctor blunt, direct questions... ok, if he"s on a dialysis machine he must have had injury to his kidneys or liver, i think- otherwise these organs would be working as spinal injury doesn"t affect them particularly.   The blood clot (pulmonary embolism, yes?) can be very dangerous- it can travel around and get stuck in places that would be very bad. you say they"ll "put something in him" for it--usually for blood clots they give you blood thinner medicines, and the only other thing i can think of would be chest tubes (these suck excess fluid from the lungs- not...


C2 spinal cord injury

A: Hi Maria, Thanks so much for your question. It is very difficult for me to say. His recovery will depend on the severity of the injury and how much swelling there is. Right now, his body is still in shock and his muscles are very weak. The good news is that he does have movement well below the injury. Once the swelling begins to decrease and he begins to gain more strength, you should get a better idea of how much movement he might regain. Again, it"s still too early to tell. The best thing you and your family can do is to not let him become discourage. Keep encouraging him and stay positive about his recovery whenever anyone is around him. Keeping a positive attitude is a necessity in his recovery. I hope this helps and if you...


T3/T4 spinal cord injury

A: Hi Richard- I"ll try to give you some useful info about your question, but feel free to write again if any of it is unclear, ok? The bad news about the spinal cord is that any injury- from a bruise or compression, all the way to severing it completely -can result in the same end. Hence it may well be that your condition is caused by such a compression.  Which would likely mean it will persist. This being said, it"s always good to have another opinion, especially if you don"t feel your doctors are familiar with your situation.  If you"re near a large metropolitan area, try looking at their neurologists/neurosurgeons and pick one who looks like they"ve been around long enough to see alot of cases- age...


spinal cord injury and medication

A: Hi Sandy, Thanks so much for your question. The drug you are referring to may be Sygen. This drug is believed to enhance the growth of nerves. In case studies it is reported that best results occur if used within 72 hours of the injury. In some studies, it has been noted that there has been improvement in sensation and motor skills, although, the studies were conducted on a small scale and needed further study at greater lengths. Even though these studies recommended the use of Sygen within 72 hours of the injury, there was a facility in Palmdale, CA by the name of The Judith Walker Institute that claimed to achieve results using Sygen with patients that had been paralized for up to 22 years. However, these claims have yet to be...


C1 & C2 spinal cord injury

A: Dear Diane,   First I would like to tell you how sorry I am for your daughters injury which seems to be causing her more problems. I would think that type of injury could surely be the cause of your daughters problems. The spinal cord is a very sensitive area. If you haven"t seen a neurologist I would suggest you do, they can give you a better idea of what may be happening. I wish I could tell you more. I will keep good thoughts for your daughter. Sincerely,        Ken...


Can my brother will recover from spinal cord injury

A: Hi Manoj- I am sorry to hear about your brother.  I am also sorry to have to say that I have never heard of anyone with an actual spinal cord injury (which it sounds like he has) that was able to walk again. He can still do many things for himself though- I am not sure what services are like in India, what kind of rehabilitation facilities they have there... Try contacting a hospital in his area, perhaps, or search for rehab hospitals online and try to ask questions. Good Luck to you both- leslie...


spinal cord injury

A: Dear Michael, If your paralysis went away, then you didn"t injure your spinal cord.  You probably had a pinched nerve, commonly due to the same cause as bulging (swelled) discs -- muscular tension in the muscles of your back. Please see articles at somatics.com/page4.htm for more explanation and options for recovery. Your condition sounds a bit more severe than most, so a visit to a practitioner would be your best/easiest option for recovery.  See the practitioner list by clicking PRACTITIONERS in the navigation bar at top of somatics.com pages. with regard, Lawrence Gold with regard, Lawrence Gold...


Zanaflex - does anyone with a spinal cord injury take this for severe muscle spasms?

A: 8 Mar 2012 It''s unfortunate that no one who has used Zanaflex has responded. The link below has reviews, which you may find useful. http://www.drugs.com/comments/tizanidine/zanaflex.html Votes:+0CommentVote upReportSearch for questionsStill looking for answers? Try searching for what you seek or ask your own question. Search:Similar questionsspinal cord Trauma - why would a patient use succinylcholine?Muscle relaxing drugs are adminstered to a patien during major surgery. Research two drugs commonly used in general major surgery give their common ... 1 answer • 18 Nov 2009 • Oxytocin - I am in recovery from alcohol/drug addiction for 1/2 my life so I am not looking to get?... high. I do; however, take...


What is complete acute spinal cord injury involving c5?

A: There are two types of spinal cord injuries. Complete spinal cord injuries refer to the types of injuries that result in complete loss of function below the level of the injury, while incomplete spinal cord injuries are those that result in some sensation and feeling below the point of injury. The level and degree of function in incomplete injuries is highly individual, and is dependent upon the way in which the spinal cord has been damaged. Complete spinal cord Injuries Complete
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