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Looks like great news for some spinal cord injuries

A: @ossobuco, Sure hope it ends up being even somewhat useful for the most common spinal cord injuries. @roger, Me too. This is something I''d like to see more progress on, but this progress is splendid to read about. @ossobuco, Hope it really makes a difference....


C7 spinal cord injury

A: hi Del- Generally with true spinal cord injuries one does not ever get back to their previous functioning. you can fracture vertebrae and heal completely, or sometimes people will have "incomplete" injuries, meaning there is either feeling or movement below the injury level.. but, in honesty, I have never heard of someone who actually had a spinal cord injury being able to walk again. I"m very sorry that is rather harsh, but I try to be as straight ahead as I can. You can of course wish for return of function or have faith it will happen- but the pragmatic side of me suggests that while you do those things you plan for her current...


I recently was diagnosed with spinal cord injury with moderate quadriparesis

A: Hi George,   I am unfamiliar with pain management strategies for spinal cord injury.  We primarily talk about multiple sclerosis here.  However, we do have a member who has had substantial experience with spinal cord and pain issues.  She serves as a patient advocate for pain management and may have more knowledge to share with you than I.   Please send a message to Denise.  Perhaps she can steer you in the right direction....

T3 spinal cord injury

A: Dear Amber, boy you"ve been through allot in your short life time. My  first question to you is wear is your back pain? I"m guessing it is near your injury site. And headaches can come from so many health issues. But the fact that you"ve had these back injuries makes me think it"s quite possibly related. I would suggest you see a neurologist, they will be best able to figure out if your back is the cause for our headaches. I hope this helps and I"ll keep good thoughts that you can get this problem resolved.  Sincerely, Ken...


C-1 spinal cord injury

A: Hi Denise, Thanks so much for your question. Not necessarily. Some people have suffered fractures at the C1 level without losing any sensory or motor function because there was no damage to the cord and the surrounding nerves. On the other hand, a laceration or any damage to the cord and/or tne nerves will result in a loss of sensation and motor skills. The amount of loss will depend on the severity of the injury. I"ve known people to have lost the use of their muscles but retain almost all feeling while others have very little or no feeling but have some muscle use. Although, these are somewhat rare cases. It"s also going to depend on the level of the injury to determine how...


spinal cord injury in T4 vertebrae

A: Dear Lenia,   The spinal cord level and nerves damaged are what effect the return. I know it can be confusing. The following website has a bunch of really good information; http://www.spinalinjury.net/ As for the Chinese technique on nerves, as long as it doesn"t have a possibility of causing more damage I would try it. I can"t say one way or another on whether it can help, but I tried everything after my injury. And still do, an example being when my back was in severe pain I could not find anything that would help until someone recommended acupuncture. And after three treatments the pain was gone. So be open to anything as long as it is relatively safe. I...


incomplete spinal cord injury

A: Hi Brian, The following web site is a good source of medical information. I hope this helps, I know how hard it must as a father to watch your daughter go through this. I will keep good thoughts for both of you. Sincerely, Ken www.medicaldoctors.us.com....


spinal cord injury and rehabilitation.

A: Hi Purnima, Thanks so much for your question. It is very difficult for me to say. It depends on the severity of the injury. Some people do recover from spinal cord injuries but, sadly to say, most do not. I have included a site with some information of the research being done. http://www.spinalcord.uab.edu/show.asp?durki=19679 If you have anymore questions, please feel free to ask me anytime. Thanks again, John McKinzie...


Are there spinal cord injury rehibilitation centers in the Northeast?

A: This video by brainandspinalcord.org overviews the top ten spinal cord injury rehabilitation centers in the United States. The website also has much information on brain and spinal cord injuries. http://www.brainandspinalcord.org/media-center/TopTenHospitals.html...


sex after a spinal cord injury

A: Dear Sue, FYI, The urethra and the vagina are separate openings. So you can tape the catheter tube to your thigh or abdomen to keep it out of the way. And I suggest you use some type of water based lubrication; like KY Jelly. Sorry for the late response, I hope this helps, sincerely Ken...

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