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spinal cord injuries

A: Hi Thien, Thanks so much for your question. I have never heard of someone suffering a spinal cord injury from normal physical activity. However, people can and have injured their backs and/or necks (slipped or ruptured discs, pulled or torn muscles, nerve damage, etc.) when they have put exccessive stress on the body. When doing anything physical, you have to let your body tell you when there is too much strain. If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask me anytime. Thanks again, John McKinzie...


805.4 Fracture of vertebral column without mention of spinal cord injury, Lumbar, closed.

A: Hello, Jack. My name is: TOM. It sounds to me you are a very focused, And Smart Person! You are on the right track. I would say yes to your question Insurance Companys are in the business to " NOT " Pay. I myself are in the same boat as you, I just had a Three level fusion to my Lower three lumbars, And they put in six long screws, And four cages, And two Titanium rod"s. I quite possibly might need another surgery down the road, I hurt my back at work, So Mine is a workers comp case, But! I Constantly am fighting for what is supposed to be comming to me. I am not asking for a free handout, I Just have to fight with the " INSURANCE COMPANY " for no reason. This is the way they do busniness. If they can get away without paying, They will.My advice to you is: Get a second opinion from...


Will it ever be possible to repair spinal cord injuries?

A: Considering medicine can now do things that were unimaginable 50 years ago I think that one day we will be able to repair spinal cord injuries. Not sure how long it will before this is feasible but Ithink one day we will be able to do it....


spinal cord injury at C3/C4,C4C5.5/C5/c6

A: The diaphgram, which is the major muscle of breathing, the upper body muscles and that of the wrist and hand. However this depends on the type of injury and may only result in pain in the shoulder, back, arm and fingers. Your doctor will be able to advise you further in the context of your case....


Can You Cure A spinal cord injury? And If So, How?

A: I think the best thing that you can do is talk to your doctor about this, see the specialist if he/she refers you to one. You can look on some of the medical sites, but honestly, they probably aren''t going to have too terribly much information for you on them. As this is a case specific thing to have happen to you. Meaning that each case is different. You might look on www.wikipedia.org, and type in ''spinal cord injuries'' and see what you come up with o.k. I hope this helps you out, I am also sorry that you have this problem, and I really hope and pray that the doctors can help you out. Tigg...


spinal cord injury MRI results

A: Hi, I am sorry to hear what you are going through. I know that problems with the spine can affect a persons legs, I have had this problem a few times in the past where I had one knee completely give out on me, at the time I was having alot of lower back problems, but I also have neck problems, arthritis and a bone spur. Your doctor will be able to refer you to the proper treatment for this. just how really severe was your actual spinal cord injury pre op? what was being impacted at that cord level and by what and how much? if you either have or could get your hands on THAT particular MRI report that actually states pre op MRI findings it would seriously help right now to better...


Old spinal cord injury t/11 t/12 fusion

A: First of all I need to say - I am not a doctor, a healthcare person, and have not had this condition. But it did peak my interest a little so I did some research. Basically from all that I found that it is possible with upper or thoracic spinal cord Injuury (SCI) which I think severe narrowing would fall into that category that it could predispose a patient to several events especially like: 1) CVA (stroke) and 2) Predispose patient to A. fib. by altering the normal. pattern of repolarization of the atria,making the heart susceptible to reentrant-type arrhythmias. You said you have an SVT arrhythmia and that is a reentrant type tacycardia. So I would assume it is possible that your spine is helping contribute to your situation. However,...


spinal cord injury from spinal instrumentation after car accident

A: gosh i am soo sorry .i had some questions what was wrong with you before the accdient to have the 3 surgrys,and i guess your top notch surgry has also dropped you,and he won''t give you any direction as to where to go?are you at least getting pain meds, gosh i hope so. my only tought is to go to a teaching hosptil where they offer all kinds of other stuff base on income. have you tried to get disablity?sure does sound like you could. keep us posted good luck Hi Michele, So sorry to hear of your situation! I think that Kelsey is right about going to a university or teaching hospital. I for sure would be doing some sort of a search for neurosurgeons and ortho''s that really have their specialty in the spine and associated areas. Despite the fact that you had these previous...


Idiopathic spinal cord injury

A: Hello - When you say your spine MRI was "normal" what exactly did it say? Did it have any mild findings? There are plenty of people that have significant problems with what the doctors think are mild MRI issues that should not cause any symptoms. Can you post it here? Have you been tested for Lyme? There are two board members that were here and have moved over to the Lyme board - read their stories and ask them a few questions. They are braveheart07 and monrog. I have been tested for lyme several times, both titers and Western Blot. I was even treated with IV antibiotics for lyme, just in case I was getting false negatives. The MRI results are normal except from an extremely mild slipped disc in my neck, but the doctors tell me it is not even close to involving my


spinal cord injury at C2, C6 & C7

A: Hi Tracie- Yikes, the c2 is pretty bad news, I"m afraid. The c6 fracture wouldn"t be too big a deal but the cord injuries are going to be the problem- even at c7 she might"ve been in my situation, still able to use her hands and not need a ventilator and such (I can live alone). C2 though- if her injury is "complete"- is pretty heavy. I can"t say for sure what will happen to her, of course, but I"ve never seen anyone with a c2 injury who didn"t require alot of help (ventilator to breathe, someone to help her do daily activities like eating, dressing, etc). In all probability, walking isn"t in her future. There is some chance for return of functioning in the first 6-12 months post

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