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Spinal cord injury at c2 answers (108)

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spinal cord injury at c2, C6 & C7

A: Hi Tracie- Yikes, the c2 is pretty bad news, I"m afraid. The c6 fracture wouldn"t be too big a deal but the cord injuries are going to be the problem- even at c7 she might"ve been in my situation, still able to use her hands and not need a ventilator and such (I can live alone). c2 though- if her injury is "complete"- is pretty heavy. I can"t say for sure what will happen to her, of course, but I"ve never seen anyone with a c2 injury who didn"t require alot of help (ventilator to breathe,...


c2 through C5 soft tissue spinal cord injury

A: spinal cord swelling can cause a greater loss of movement and function in the beginning of the injury. Return of function may take months as the swelling subsides. Quadriplegic means that he will not have full functional use of his hands although his arms can move. It also means that his legs are affected by the injury.  Quad means four so quadriplegia means that all four limbs are involved. Thank you for your question, Melissa.  I hope that my answer was helpful.  Please feel free to ask more questions as they come up....


Cervical C1 & c2 Dislocation & spinal cord injury

A: Hi Kevin, Thanks so much for your question. Sorry to hear about this. It is hard to predict what is going to happen right now. This injury is considered an incomplete spinal cord injury (SCI) because the cord is not severed. The cord is like a rope and when it is damaged it"s hard for each strand to be reconnected properly for the impulses to travel to and from the brain. That said, it is encouraging that she is able to attempt to move her hands and limbs and also responding to other stimuli. The nerves that may...


spinal cord injury with atlantoaxial instability

A: I applaud your decision to get a second opinion on your son"s case.  The fusion surgery is a major undertaking and it is well worth the time and effort to get another doctor"s view on the case. Having said that, I would like to point out that an injury at C1-c2 is the same level that Christopher Reeve injured his spinal cord.  The fusion surgery does work and in Reeve"s case, it saved his life.  I think that you are very fortunate that your son had not had any problems from the


reflexes in spinal cord injuries

A: Hi Stefany,   I found the following explanation on http://www.apparelyzed.com/spasticity.html ================================= Once spinal shock wears off, the natural reflex which is present in everyone reappears. Spasticity is an exaggeration of the normal reflexes that occur when the body is stimulated in certain ways. In an abled bodied person, a stimulus to the skin is sensed, and a sensory signal is sent to the reflex arch where it travels to the brain via the spinal cord, the brain then assesses the stimulant, and if the stimulant is thought not to be dangerous, an...


spinal cord injury & Recovery

A: Hi Tracie thank you for your question, It sound as your sister in law has suffered what is called Anterior cord syndrome results from injury to the motor and sensory pathways in the anterior parts of the spinal cord. These patients can feel some types of crude sensation via the intact pathways in the posterior part of the spinal cord, but movement and more detailed sensation are lost. Recovery of function depends upon the severity of the initial injury.  If there...

spinal cord injury - C! and c2

A: Dear Karen,  I don"t blame you for  feeling frustrated, that"s normal. Being in bed for a long period of time can make you tired. And a C1/c2 injury can be serious, so I"m sure your doctors are taking every precaution necessary to allow your neck to heal properly. I don"t see why you wouldn"t recover back to normal based on what you"ve told me. But your doctor should be able to answer any of your questions. I will keep good thoughts for your quick recovery. Sincerely, Ken...


I need info. about early medical care for someone with a C1-c2 spinal cord injury 2 weeks ago.

A: It depends on the type of air mattress.  There are some that do pulsing waves of air pressure and it"s not really noticeable.   He should be turned every 2-3 hours to prevent pressure sores.  If he is on a pulsating air mattress, turning is not as necessary as it would be if he were only on an egg-crate type of foam mattress. Unfortunately, the speed of response is lacking in most facilities.  Often, this is due to limited staffing.  If the lack of response has been life-threatening, you should contact the unit supervisor.  If you get no action


SCI at c2 and C3

A: Hi Victoria- Given the basics of your friend"s injury, I am glad it was not worse!  Such a high injury and not having immediate treatment can both be very dangerous.  It is hard for me to know exactly what is happening with him, but I will try to give you some information- First, does he indeed have an SCI?  Where the cord is damaged,I mean, not just the vertebrae?  His inability to walk sounds like there is some sort of nerve damage, so it may be what is referred to as an "incomplete injury".  There are sensory nerves and motor nerves in...


What Does It Mean If The Disc at c2 Is Pushing On My spinal cord?

A: In between each of your vertebrae is a sponge like disc that cushions the bones from one another. Sometimes due to injury or diseases such as osteoporosis, the disc can protrude out from inbetween the vertabrae and push against the spinal cord. Symptoms from this pressure may occur such as pain, numbness or tingling. Limb function may be affected also. It means that your second cervical vertebra is pressing against the spinal cord. The cervical vertebrae are those found in the neck region. Compression of the cervical vertebrae can cause numbness of the hands, as well as neck pain. Depending on the severity of the disc...

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