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Is spinal cord Regeneration Possible?

A: For many years it was assumed that spinal cord regeneration was not possible. Paralysis, often resulting from damaged spinal cords, was likely to be permanent, and many peoplesí lives were forever altered by a spinal cord injury. This is still the case today, but what has changed is the degree of optimism many people hold about someday being able to use medical techniques to fix spinal cord injuries and restart the damaged nerves that have lost function after an injury has occurred. Itís doubtful that a single researched element will provide the cure to

Embryonic Stem cell research and spinal cord Injury

A: Hi Julie, Thanks so much for your questions. First of all, I am not a doctor. I suffered a spinal cord injury in 1977 and throughout the years, I"ve gained a lot of experience and knowledge of the spinal cord. As far as I know, embryonic stem cell research is just that...research. No one has ever had the affects of their spinal cord injury reversed due to the use of embryonic stem cells. If they had, nearly every person with an SCI would line up to have the procedure done. If and when there is a procedure developed, it won"t matter about the genetic makeup. Using stem cells is not...


Cervical C1 & C2 Dislocation & spinal cord Injury

A: Hi Kevin, Thanks so much for your question. Sorry to hear about this. It is hard to predict what is going to happen right now. This injury is considered an incomplete spinal cord Injury (SCI) because the cord is not severed. The cord is like a rope and when it is damaged it"s hard for each strand to be reconnected properly for the impulses to travel to and from the brain. That said, it is encouraging that she is able to attempt to move her hands and limbs and also responding to other stimuli. The nerves that may have been damaged can regenerate and re-attach themselves to the cord. As far as regaining what she had before the injury, it"s very hard to tell...


Need information about new treatments for spinal cord injury

A: Hi.  I checked out the nogo sites also and yes they are in the beginning stages of research but it sounds very promising for future use. I included the addresses to few SCI research pages below so you can check them out.  I can tell you that there are no "treatments" being done on people with SCI in the area of a "cure."  This is something I"ve been waiting 18 years for. Although they are much much closer today to finding a "treatment" that will work.  Never lose hope in this. If you have any other SCI questions i"d be glad to answer them. http://www.spinal-research.org/ http://members.aol.com/scsweb/private/scshome.htm ----- Jerry C. ---------- ...


steroids after penetrating spinal cord injury

A: Hi Derek, Thanks so much for your question. It"a probably because the spinal cord doesn"t regenerate. The cord is made up of many strands, like a rope. When the cord is damaged [partially or totally severed], the strands are unable to regenerate and re-connect Only the nerves will regenerate when they are damaged. But, sometimes the damage is too severe and the nerve can"t re-attach itself to the cord. Much of the research being done now is looking for ways to re-attach [or regenerate the strands of] the cord or bypass the injured cord area with nerves. I hope this helps and if...


spinal cord injury rehabilitation

A: Hi.  I tried researching this on the Internet, but found nothing.  The only thing I can figure it means is that she is "guarding" against moving due to pain or some other reason.  He"s saying her muscle tone is the way that it is because her body is "guarding against" any movement in her shoulders and arms for some reason, and that relaxation techniques will stop this guarding against movement and allow movement it to occur.   I think he could have explained that to you better than he did. I think biofeedback will benefit her more than relaxation techniques, but try both anyhow.  Also make sure her upper extremities are stretched everyday and exercised to.  Also remember, she hasn"t been hurt a full year yet. It takes that long for...


Stem cell/spinal cord injury

A: This ad-free site stays up to date on the latest spinal cord injury information, including stem cell treatment. Two of today''s blog posts deal with stem cells: one outlines a breakthrough in ''ethical'' stem cell sources and another goes over the upcoming world stem cell summit in Madison, WI. You can find many SCI videos here as well....


spinal cord injury and rehabilitation.

A: Hi Purnima, Thanks so much for your question. It is very difficult for me to say. It depends on the severity of the injury. Some people do recover from spinal cord injuries but, sadly to say, most do not. I have included a site with some information of the research being done. http://www.spinalcord.uab.edu/show.asp?durki=19679 If you have anymore questions, please feel free to ask me anytime. Thanks again, John McKinzie...


spinal cord Trauma - In 2007 I had neck surgery & the dr hit my spinal cord resulting in spinal cord

A: 30 Oct 2011 Hi and welcome to this site mckcer!! It sounds as if you are lucky to be alive. And I am so very sorry about your situation!! I was going to suggest Baclofen, but you''ve covered that and tis not doing anything for you is it? Perhaps your doc could help you with another muscle relaxer? Or have they tried them all? Are you on any other meds besides Baclofen? Any pain meds? DO you have chronic pain? Am I asking too many questions and what is your favourite colour? (just kidding, lol) If you are in chronic pain, you''ve come to the right place, oh hells bells, even if you are not in chronic pain, you''ve STILL come to the right place!! So, you are stuck in the chair as of now? Can you walk at all right now? Expand this post... I''m sorry, tis too early for me, just reread your Q,...


Zanaflex - does anyone with a spinal cord injury take this for severe muscle spasms?

A: 8 Mar 2012 It''s unfortunate that no one who has used Zanaflex has responded. The link below has reviews, which you may find useful. http://www.drugs.com/comments/tizanidine/zanaflex.html Votes:+0CommentVote upReportSearch for questionsStill looking for answers? Try searching for what you seek or ask your own question. Search:Similar questionsspinal cord Trauma - why would a patient use succinylcholine?Muscle relaxing drugs are adminstered to a patien during major surgery. research two drugs commonly used in general major surgery give their common ... 1 answer • 18 Nov 2009 • Oxytocin - I am in recovery from alcohol/drug addiction for 1/2 my life so I am not looking to get?......

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