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spinal cord tumor?

A: Cindy; Yes, if it were me I would be concerned.  The spinal cord does carry ALL the nervous information in your body, from organ control to orgasm!  That said, this is a symptom issue.  If you are experiencing symptoms like numbness, tingling, etc, then it"s time to get more and more serious about a possible surgical solution.  You should plan on scheduling regular MRI"s, maybe once every (insert period of time as established by your doc here) or so, to monitor the tumor.  Some tumors just stop, some continue on. I also think the consultation with a neurosurgeon is a great idea, if for no other reason than to establish a relationship with them should this...


Neurogenic bladder with spinal cord tumor - questions

A: Sue, I am not sure of the medical terms you used in your first few sentences and do not really know what they are referring to specifically, but I do have neurogenic bladder and bowel problems as a result of spinal cord tumors, and have been operated on twice for it (most recently in 2001). Does your son have any numbness on his extremities, specifically the back of the legs? Check that. Any trouble walking or balancing? Any spasms in the legs or anywhere else? Does he have any trouble emptying the bladder, leading to urine infections? Some of these were my symptoms before I was properly diagnosed. My first doctor was a urologist who really screwed up by telling us it was all psychological and he failed to do his...


Meningioma: spinal cord tumor

A: Meningiomas are generally noncancerous in nature. There are risks with every type of surgery. You may have some neurological problems following the surgery. It is really impossible to tell you how long your hospital stay or recovery will take because every one is different. I feel confident that you will make out just fine. Good luck to you. I will pray for your quick recovery. Hi SassyJ, My mom had a Meningioma in the right parietal area of her brain. She had it removed and is doing fine. The hospital stay for her was 4 days and the surgery took 7 hours. The good thing about these tumors is that over 90% are benign. Hers was pretty big and she was scared to death. Her Neuro-surgeon was a specialist in removing the spinal


Peripheral Neuropathy with Benign spinal cord tumor

A: If I were you, I would get more opinions about what it is and if it is definitely inoperable. Sorry I can''t be of anymore help. This is a new one for me, but it has peaked my interest and I may research it further. You might want to ask the same questions on the web site [url="http://www.spine-dr.com"]www.spine-dr.com[/url] Good luck to you and keep me posted. If I find out anything of interest, I''ll do the same. If I were you, I would get more opinions about what it is and if it is definitely inoperable. Sorry I can''t be of anymore help. This is a new one for me, but it has peaked my interest and I may research it further. You might want to ask the same questions on the web site [url="http://www.spine-dr.com."]www.spine-dr.com.[/url] Good luck to you and...


What is spinal cord Compression?

A: spinal cord compression can be one of the most painful injuries to the back. With spinal cord compression, the spinal cord is compressed by blood, bone, pus, tumors, or a herniated disc. A healthy spinal cord is protected by the spine, but some injuries and diseases can put added pressure on the spinal cord and spinal cord nerves, thereby causing pain. The pain may last only a few minutes, or in some cases, for days at a time. The symptoms of

What are the treatments available for a tethered spinal cord?

A: What is Tethered spinal cord Syndrome? Tethered spinal cord syndrome is a neurological disorder caused by tissue attachments that limit the movement of the spinal cord within the spinal column. These attachments cause an abnormal stretching of the spinal cord. The course of the disorder is progressive. In children, symptoms may include lesions, hairy patches, dimples, or fatty tumors on the lower back; foot and spinal deformities; weakness in the legs; low back pain; scoliosis; and incontinence. Tethered


i have a cyst in my spinal cord at c7 and bulging disc at c6 with numbness in thumb and a little weakness in the same arm.Pl help

A: Treatment for cyst If treatment is necessary, surgery is the only effective option for a cyst in the spinal cord. The condition in which a cyst, known as a syrinx, develops within the spinal cord is known as syringomyelia, and the specifics of the condition vary from patient to patient. For example, your only symptoms seem to be numbness and weakness of the thumb and arm. With some patients however, the back or legs may be affected. Other possible symptoms include headaches and diminished sensitivity to temperature. In addition, the symptoms sometimes progress, and in other cases the condition seems to stagnate. Therefore, surgery is not always necessary. In cases where pain is also...

Why can''t I take goserelin if I have had a spinal cord injury?

A: Goserelin is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat various conditions in women, including breast cancer, endometrial thinning, and endometriosis. The side effects and risks of using this drug differ depending on what is being treated. During some of the clinical trials of goserelin, in treating breast cancer, one of the reported adverse events was a condition known as tumor flare, which may include spinal cord compression. Goserelin may cause decreased bone mineral density with prolonged use. Alcohol increases the risk for bone loss. You may want to talk to your health care provider about your concerns regarding goserelin. For additional information regarding goserelin, you may want to...


Symptoms of spinal cord obstruction

A: Hi Gav_73. Those same symptoms are also signs of spinal cord compression from a herniated disk. X-rays don''t show disk problems but MRI''s do. So I think your doc is probably looking to see if that is the problem first. Exaggerated reflexes(hyper-reflexia) is another symptom of cord compression as is the middle finger testing problem. Disks can break down pretty easily after you''ve broken a bone...it may have been injured when you broke the vertebrae and has just recently slipped. And if they slip towards the spinal cord, you get these weird symptoms as it''s pressing on the nerves going to the lower part of your body. So don''t jump to


spinal cord Cancer Question

A: Well, it"s good that it"s shrinking.  But I"ve never heard of a "once a week" radiation treatment.  And if it is still there and shrinking after two years, are you sure its cancer?  Or is it a dermatofibroma, or something semi-benign?  Is he able to walk?  Does he have any neurologic problems?  I"d be interested in hearing what the pathology report showed.  But if he has no neurologic problems and his tumor is shrinking, so far so good.  He might end up "cancer free" although as I said, it doesn"t really sound like cancer to me....

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