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What Is stage 4 brain cancer?

A: Terminal and usually inoperable, stage 4 means the cancer has grown persistently and has begun to metastasize into the surrounding tissue of the brain. There are chemo and radiation treatments that can slow the advance and delay death. In order to maintain hope, you must believe in miracles and/or an afterlife in which your place is assured. stage 4 is regarded as the worst stage of cancer I''m afraid. stage 4 is when it''s full-fledged travelling cancer and there''s not much anyone can do to stop it. Being in the


What are the symptoms of stage 4 brain cancer?

A: Staging describes the extent or severity of cancer based on the extent of the original (primary) tumor and spread in the body. stage 4 cancer is when cancer has metastasized, or spread to another organ or part. stage 4 brain cancer is the most dangerous form of brain cancer and is often incurable.HeadachesA growing tumor in the brain may cause increased intracranial pressure. Not surprisingly, MD Anderson cancer Center reports that 50 percent of


What is stage 4 brain cancer?

A: brain cancer differs from other cancers because tumors are given grades rather than stages to mark their malignancy. However, brain tumors resulting from metastasis, or spread, of cancer from elsewhere in the body are classified stage 4 brain cancer.Diagnosis and Stagingbrain cancer is diagnosed using CT and magnetic resonance imaging. After tumor biopsy, doctors examine the cells to determine origins of the cancer. If they suspect the brain


stage 4 brain cancer

A: I"m sorry but survival times are hard to predict. However obviously he is appraching t6he end of the road. We are talking maybe weeks or months here - or shorter - not years. He will just get worse, go into a coma and pass away. Epileptic fits are possible though. Unfortunately I have nothing better to tell you! Sorry!...

My dads GBM stage 4 brain cancer? New !!

A: Dear Tammy,  One of the reasons he is only have a BM every 3-4 days is because he is not eating enough or active enough to really cause him to have to have a BM....  Also, MILK can cause constipation and he needs FIBER in his diet like cereal, oats, bread etc to stimulate his intestines.... I think that you also need to call the doctor regarding his seizures and tell the doctor of the nurse about the seizure last night and the way he looked and felt after the seizure ended...  Since they are not frequent, this may be why the doctor has not increased his Dilantin, but the doctor needs to know this information to make a decision about increasing this medication...   As for the other symptoms like loss of apetite, sleeping more, less active,...

stage 4 brain cancer: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

A: About brain cancer stage 4 brain cancer is defined by the National cancer Institute (NCI) as having spread to other organs. cancers are Ďstagedí by a number of factors and the type of cancer involved can play a role in how the cancer is classified. NCI uses the example that, ďbreast cancer classified as T3 N2 M0 refers to a large tumor that has spread outside the breast to nearby lymph nodes but not to other parts of the body. Prostate cancer T2 N0 M0 means that the...


Glioblastoma stage 4 brain cancer/ astrocytoma

A: My sister-in-law was diagnosed with a stage 3 anaplastic astrocytoma on January 8, 2007.Was just wondering if you got any replies on your thread. Also wondering how your mother is doing. Hope all is well Hello... Thank you for responding, no I did not receive any replies. My Mom passed away on 12/15/2006. The worst day of my life. My Mom went through radiation, and chemo twice. Back in May, her MRI showed 3 more tumors and the doctors gave her less than a year to live. She was able to stay home until she lost her Memory in July, then she was in the hospital for awhile, then eventually in a nursing home. She regained her memory for a very brief time in July, but then by August, she lost it again. She did not know who any of her family was. By November,...


mom has stage 4 brain cancer given 6 months to live what do I look for?

A: Iím really sorry to hear about your mom. Modern medicine does not really have much available for people with advanced diseases. I would suggest looking into alternative therapies and diet therapy. These arenít the most well studied treatments but complementary medicine is showing ways of doing things that modern medicine is not able to do. Here are some sites to get you looking into alternative therapies for cancer. Good luck. http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/Therapy... http://www.cancercenter.com/complementary-alternativ......


How bad is stage 4 lung cancer?

A: This is a terminal illness unfortunately.....there is not really any chance of her living a long life.......Sorry Quite low, unfortunately. stage 4 is terminal. They may consider doing chemo or radiation not to cure, but for palliation of symptoms. They may get Hospice involved to keep your mom comfortable during whatever time she may have left. I have always believed that the mainstream medical industry is not interested in finding a cure for cancer because it makes too much profit with its present barbarous methods. Eventually, I came across a detailed report which agreed with my findings, and I have included it in my web page at http://dgwa1.fortunecity.com/body/cancer.html By reading...


My mom has stage 4 lung cancer what is her chances of survival?

A: My mum also has stage 4 lung cancer. We found this out approximately 3 months ago. She has undergone about 30 radiation therapy treatments and chemotherapy all in the last 6 or so weeks. We were told by the oncologist and the radiotherapist that just because it is a stage 4 due to the size of the tumour, they were hopeful of actually curing it. It hadn''t spread anywhere else in the body so for that we were thankful. Now after all her treatment she is doing really well, we do have to wait about 5 weeks for another scan to see how much the tumour has shrunk but going by what the doctors have said, things are looking good. We are very optimistic and know it is gonna be...

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