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Applicability of osha regulations to death

A: Hi Will, I don"t know what state we are talking about. Some states include relatives and some do not. Certainly an investigation is in order for a civil case. That is why their are people like me in this world that investigate exactly what you are talking about. A good attorney and a proper investigation is in order but it needs to be done immediately. osha is required to do an investigation in the case of a death on the workplace. If your state does not investigate you may need to get the Fed osha involved if you are a state osha state. I hope this helps. Mike...

osha Hazard Communication Standard

A: Answer:  Paul, you and your friend both lose.  And by the time you both have complied with the osha regulations regarding chemical inventories and MSDS"s (Material Safety Data Sheets) you will have a whole new meaning for the word lose and most likely you will hate me! The employer has the total, complete and absolute responsibility for all aspects of the requirements including the determination of what substances are covered and should be included in the program.  Few manufactures will help in determining any potential hazards in your workplace for their materials that you are using.  I would be very leery of any that would agree given their lack of knowledge about your facility and the horrible liability they would create for themselves....

Frequency & Severity Rate for osha

A: Kyle, Your right. osha uses statistics that are from your profession and not what is calculated. The osha stats factors in places that have no training, folks that have training for specific events and not the industry as a whole. Example: If their is a major event such as a truck of sulfuric acid turns over and kills 10 people then osha targets that event without regard to the overall safety record of the trucks that did not turn over. Please remember most of the osha examiners in many states were 7-11 clerks before osha and they respond to the large events as they occur following a short breifing (They call it training) and work on that...

osha first aid kits in the dental office

A: Tina, First let me say congratulations on your new assignment!  Secondly let me say, please do not fall for any sales job from anyone trying to sell you an "osha Approved" first aid kit. This is because 1) osha never approves anything and 2) they have never stated what they expect to see in first aid kits in specific work settings, much less a dentist office.  I can provide you with a listing of required contents for 1st aid kits on a logging operation.  osha has specifically stated that the folowing supplies must be available on this type of jobsite.  Here"s what they say in 1910.266: The following list sets forth the minimally acceptable...

osha: Fall Protection on Portable Ladders

A: Subject: osha: Fall Protection on Portable Ladders Question: I was wondering if Federal osha requires fall protection for workers when they are work on portable ladders.  The place that I am working at now falls under osha"s general industry regulations (1910) and not the construction regulations (1926). If they do require it, could you point me to the correct reg. Thanks for the help. Answer: It appears that under the federal regulations fall protection is not required with portable ladders (see http://www.osha.gov/pls/oshaweb/owadisp.show_document?p_table=INTERPRETATIONS&p_...) which states ?Answer (General Industry): Again, if the...

osha and floor striping

A: Jeremy, The osha std. you were looking for is... 1910.22(b)(1)  Where mechanical handling equipment is used, sufficient safe clearances shall be allowed for aisles, at loading docks, through doorways and wherever turns or passage must be made. Aisles and passageways shall be kept clear and in good repairs, with no obstruction across or in aisles that could create a hazard. 1910.22(b)(2) Permanent aisles and passageways shall be appropriately marked. osha also published the following in 1978 regarding the second part of your question regarding how to mark the floor... osha Instruction OCT 30, 1978 STD 1-1.4 osha PROGRAM DIRECTIVE #100-60 TO: REGIONAL ADMINISTRATORS/

osha Electrical Requirements

A: Jeremy, osha standard 1910.303 section (f) states that "each disconnecting means required by this subpart for motors and appliances shall be legibly marked to indicate its purpose, unless located and arranged so the purpose is evident. Each service, feeder, and branch circuit, at its disconnecting means or overcurrent device, shall be legibly marked to indicate its purpose, unless located and arranged so the purpose is evident. These markings shall be of sufficient durability to withstand the environment involved." A wall outlet that you may plug a piece of equipment into does NOT fall under this requirement.  osha is talking about the elctrical breakers and disconnect switches and not common wall...

Portable Ladder safety device and osha standards

A: Subject: Portable Ladder safety device and osha standards Question: Can you please review the following two products and advise me whether they would meet the requirements of osha Standards 1926.1053(a)(1)(ii), 1926.1053(b)(8).      1. Safe T Climb ladder anti-fall device      2. Angle Rite these two products can be viewed on the website www.safetclimb.com and if you need any further information please feel free to e-mail me. Answer: The first regulation is primarily concerned with the load capabilities of the ladder being used and the specific angle is a condition of the testing.  I would not read it as a requirement for use.     ---?1926.1053(a)(1)(ii)...

osha Health Regulations - Factories

A: Subject: osha Health Regulations - Factories Question: My husband works in an extremely hot (and humid) factory in the summer.  There are fans nearby him but this year the company has taken away their 1 extra break during extreme heat and humid periods and they have always had a large container near their work area so they had easy access to water or Gatorade for that break. He now has to wait until his break to go near the bathroom to access water for his water bottle.  They are not allowed to just leave the line at any time unless it is an emergency. Are there any regulations by the fed"s that require companies to provide this for their employees? Answer: Vicki, first I would like to thank you for a clear, concise question without numerous...

osha Incident rate for a small cell

A: Subject: osha Incident rate for a small cell Question: Hi Mike Have a small manufacturing cell with 18 people and an incident rate of 0 for the last three years - the company wide is 0.4. If we have even one injury though, our IR shoots up to 4.8 or something, which would imply that we are not a safe cell. Is there a variation of IR that we can use for a smaller number of employees? Thanks Michael Answer: First, congratulations for the attention and concern given to safety.  Many small groups tend to ignore it.  Second, the short answer is no.  Based on the years in which you have done well, you have a right to feel that a year in which an ?recordable? accident does occur leaves you looking as if you really were not interested in...
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