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My back

A: back pain, back Problem, low back pain, Athletic Potential, Performance Improvement, staten island low back pain, Sacralization, Injured Reserve, Hello James Clark, I am sorry to hear of your lower back pain ( I assume LBP --low back pain-- since we are talking sacralization ). Sacralization of the 5th lumbar, lumbarization of the 1st sacral segment; these are...


neck pain

A: Hello Karen, Neck pain, herniated disc, headache, occipital neuralgia, fusion. This staten island Chiropractor treats very conservatively.  Most of the family Doctors of Chiropractic that I know are very conservative in treatment.  "Why do chiro"s always want to adjust my neck?" , , , hmmmmmmm I do not know.  How many doctors have you been to that want to osseously adjust your neck?   I agree with you.  Depending upon the maneuver utilized to adjust T1, there could be some irritation above that into the cervical region. Chiropractic, like medicine or surgery, has many different approaches, many treatments for the same conditions in different patients, or for the same condition...


much more pain after adjustment

A: Hello Shawn, Sorry for your pain, sorry the adjustments did not help. "diagnosed with 2 disk bulges in L4/L5 and L5/S1 (mri & ct scan)" "but all exercise inflamed my lower back." "pushed very hard" Also of significance you describe multiple adjustments (adjusted on your side- both sides, adjusted prone & "pushed very hard" " Shawn, often disc bulges are just as painful, just as troublesome as disc herniations.  The Key is inflammation. You state "all exercise inflamed..."; this should have tipped off the Doctor of Chiropractic that less is more. Some people cannot tolerate a lot of "work" done upon them at the first visit, first week, first month even. Just as some people...


back and neck injuries

A: Hello Randy, Sorry to hear of your complaints.  I am sorry to hear of your pain. ".....In August 2001 I jumped off a 70" high bridge into the Columbia river while on vacation in Washington.....", not trying to be funny,,, this could certainly be the cause of a lot of neuro-musculo-skeletal problems;  Initial acute traumatic problems, chronic degenerative long term problems. "....I crushed my T-10, T-11, and seven ribs....."- did you land on your feet?- does sound like it.  Did you land on your head?- probably not- you would have had skull/ cervical fractures.  T10, T11 fractures?- shows the severity of the trauma- nice big strong vertebrae!- difficult to crush.  Problems here- fractures?,,, definitely traumatic damage done...


multiple injuries, posterior knee pain

A: Hello Megan, My home computer is out, I am answering you from work, between patients, sorry it has taken time to reply. You have a few options.  Certainly your "sports medicine" doctor is a good place to go.  This doctor may be an Orthopedic Medical Doctor, a Physiatrist (also MD), or perhaps a Doctor of Chiropractic with a sports injury specialty. Any of the above three would be a good Doctor to go to.  All should examine you, perhaps do some blood tests, perhaps some xrays, and evaluate your gait, posture, biomechanics, and the equipment you use. Do not accuse me of gender bias, but often Megan is a female name, so I am assuming you are a young lady. If I am incorrect, please let me know. Female skeletal structure is a bit different from male skeletal...


burning pain inbetween scapulas

A: Burning pain Between Scapulas. Hello Stacey, sorry to hear of your surgery and complications. For spinal pain, spinal problems like a burning pain, your family Doctor of Chiropractic, your local spinal specialist,  would be a good choice for evaluation and perhaps treatment.  Burning pains, shooting pains, dull aches, tingling, numbness; all of these are terms that patients use when coming to the Doctor of Chiropractic (DC). Usually, good results are obtained through conservative, noninvasife, safe chiropractic techniques. As you know, the pain patches may kill the pain, may dull the


rib pain

A: Hello Kelly, Sorry to hear of your pain.  Sorry to hear of your whole situation. I am also sorry it has taken me time to reply,  I have had bad computer problems with difficulty fixing it and getting on line. I hope my info still has some help for you. #1) "....Not sure if I want to return to them. ...."- if your gut tells you something is wrong, if your gut tells you not to go- don"t go. "....They want to see me Monday, but I think I should go to my GP......",  If you are not comfortable returning to the DC, do not return.  But if you go to the MD, please be aware- many MDs still do not "like" DCs - - -  for no good reason other then prejudice or bias. If your MD were to paint a bad picture of your...


pain during manipulation

A: Hello Ann, I am sorry to hear of your injury and pain. You do not tell me much about your complaint / condition.  Your age, general health, meds you are on, all of this influences the answers you could get. That being said,,,, you can go to the Doctor in pain, but the Chiropractic Manipulation should NOT be "excruciating".  When someone is very acute, in severe spasm, very inflamed ( we often call it "very hot") - - -  there are MANY Chiropractic techniques that are low force, no force, very gentle and mild. IF you are saying the Chiropractic Adjustment CAUSED excruciating pain,,,, I would CERTAINLY discuss that with the Doctor.  We...


low carb hurt anybody?

A: When I first started feeling horrible and didn''t know I had lyme, I tried the atkins diet to see if it would help. OMG I also died. My body went into terrible shakes, couldn''t get off couch and had to stay home from work, which I never do. I too have had dental problems which I understand the lyme bacteria will find anywhere in your body with a weak spot and dental was one ofthose for me. AH, thanks! Anyone else?! Sounds like the beginnings of a study here... Many get a feeling of fatigue when starting a low carb diet followed by energy a week or so later. The best plan I have found is in the book "The Belly Fat Cure". There is a difference between carbs and sugars and healthy carbs and sugars. This diet spreads a small amount...


Spinal Decompression

A: Hello Maury, I rarely recommend braces. Braces, supports, aids, "crutches", are useful when the patient needs them.  When the patient is in an acute stage, when the patient is in pain, when the patient is acutely inflamed. Use of braces for "prevention" has not shown to be efficient.  Actually bracing can become a crutch where the joints and muscles atrophy and degenerate. Degeneration of the joints is best prevented by avoiding injury.  Whether major injury or repetitive stress injury of improper posture or improper movement patterns or overuse cause degeneration of the joints (osteoarthritis). Among the best anti-inflammatory, anti-degeneration, anti-aging approaches are proper nutrition and chiropractic. "The arthritis CURE" by...

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