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What Is stomach pumping?

A: stomach pumping is a procedure for removing the contents of the stomach by inserting a tube and suctioning out the contents. Swallowing poison, consumption of too much alcohol, and accidental or intentional drug overdoses are the main conditions that require this procedure. stomach pumping is also knows as gastric lavage or gastric irrigation. When a patient has a toxic substance, such as poison or an overdose of drugs, that needs to be removed from the stomach, quick action minimizes the body''s exposure to the toxic substance. In some instances medication is given to induce vomiting although certain types of poison should not be expelled...


stomache pumping

A: Why would you need to have your stomach pumped? Have you OD"d or ingested something that is toxic? No it I sjust a question for somebody else really it isn''t for one of those I''m asking for a friend and I''m really asking for myself cause that is not what it is . I don''t know but it really wouldn''t be good for the baby! its a bad idea. Well. The stomach doesn''t have anything to do with the baby other than nutrients from what the mother eats of course---and of course the "substance" she ingested to need her stomach pumped. Having it punped will cause less damage than what she ingested. She needs to go to the ER and immediately...


What's the difference between getting your stomach pumped and be given charcoal ?

A: Having your stomach pumped removes the contents of your stomach, so that whatever toxic substance is in there cannot be further processed through your intestines and to other organs. You'd be given charcoal to help absorb whatever of these toxic substances had gotten past your stomach. The charcoal will act as a filter, so that your organs don't have to, therefore reducing the chances of additional damage to your system....


stomach pump

A: @collegegirl123, The vagina is in no way connected to the stomach. Are you yanking our chains?? @Phoenix32890, Likely we have a new troll in our midst. @Phoenix32890, What the ....?? Maybe it was a hamster.... Could this have been an enema? @ossobuco, ossobuco wrote: Could this have been an enema? Enema? Up the vagina?? Are you a friend or an enema? @Lustig Andrei, No, no, no! (I thought someone might come up, heh, with that). Our poster may be confused, or not. @Lustig Andrei, Are you a friend or an enigma? In view of the confusion in the OP, this seems a valid possibility....


What happens when you get your stomache pumped?

A: believe me! it is not a pretty sight and hurts like hell! i went through it but they let me go after several hours. the hospital emergency section made sure i did not go home alone and someone stayed with me for a couple of days to see how i was doing. i then decided that i NEVER want to go through that procedure again!!! not ever again!! that took care of any repeat performance.........

When does the hospital release a patient after they have gotten their stomach pumped?

A: it depends on why she took the tylenol as to when she will be let out of hospital they may want her to see a psych first or something like that nad it all depends on how well she reacts to treatment but it should not be to long but as her sister you may be able to call the hosptal and ask for info all hte best...


What is the process of 'getting your stomach pumped'?

A: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gastric_lav… water in, stomach contents out.... thru a hose inserted into the stomach by way of the throat or nasal passages...... not something you'd ever want to have done the second time, fer sure!!........


What Is An Enteral Feeding pump?

A: An enteral feeding pump is an electronic medical device that controls the timing and amount of nutrition delivered to a patient during enteral feeding. Enteral feeding is a procedure in which the doctor inserts a tube into the patient’s digestive tract to deliver liquid nutrients and medicines to the body. Tube feeding is administered to patients who cannot eat normally due to oral cancer, surgery, injury, or another condition that affects the normal ingestion and digestion process in the gastrointestinal tract. The enteral feeding pump ensures that the right amount of liquid is administered to the body over the course of a day. The GI tract is the series of organs that food passes through to be digested and excreted. From start to...


What Is a Proton pump Inhibitor?

A: A proton pump inhibitor is a type of stomach acid blocker known as an anti-ulcer drug. It works by preventing acid production in the stomach. There are several kinds of proton pump inhibitor available, but they all work in the same way. The differences are the ways they are broken down by the body and their drug interactions. Antacids work by coating the stomach and neutralizing the acid produced. A proton pump inhibitor keeps the stomach from producing acid in the first place. This offers better, longer-lasting relief from acid symptoms. Conditions usually treated with a proton pump...


How do hospitals pump your stomach after an overdose ?

A: stomach pumping should be done as soon as possible after the person has swallowed the substance. This decreases the time the body is exposed to the poison. It also prevents drugs from being absorbed, if the person has taken an overdose. If the person is unconscious or uncooperative, an endotracheal tube is inserted before the stomach is pumped. This is a tube that protects the airway, and prevents the person from breathing the stomach fluids into the lungs. The person is placed on the left side, with the head lowered. A lubricated stomach tube is gently inserted through the mouth, into the esophagus, and down to the
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