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Stretched stomach tissue from have babies?

A: If its actual abdominal fat you can indeed lose it. However the Doctors are right that as we age the amount of elastin within our skin drops. That being said if the tissue is mostly skin that have become loose there isn''t abundantly that can be done via nutritional modification and exercise. My recommendations would be to find out what her BF% is and see if its within a healthy reach. Basically lose as much fat (and merely fat, not muscle tissue) as you can and single then can you see whats gone. it''s called an ''apron'' and if she is really physically fit and wouldn''t benefit from shipment loss then you can own it surgically removed...


I underwent breast reconstruction using stomach tissue over ten years ago. I am now hearing that some women have had cancer reoccur in that breast. Should I have the reconstructed breast checked by a mammogram or MRI

A: risk of recurrence following a mastectomy is 1-2% in residual breast tissue. recurrence if it happens usually occurs in the first 2 years. you are well past the time frame of concern. it has not been established as standard of care to do imaging on reconstructed berasts. recurrence, when it happens, usually is found relatively easily with clinical breast examination. L...


my son is 16 with chronic abdominal pain. He had a colonoscopy & endoscopy. The endoscopy revealed stomach tissue in the base of the esophagus. If Barretts Esophagus, is that the cause of the pain?

A: Hello Sue S,   It must be so frustrating for your son to have so many symptoms to deal with. I hope the doctor can sort out what is going on and offer some treatments to help him.   You are describing symptoms of the upper digestive system (vomiting) and lower digestive system (difficulty having a bowel movement). Sometimes the testing is helpful in finding the cause and sometimes it is not. What is the doctor''s plan at this point?   Jan...


What Is a stomach Endoscopy?

A: A stomach endoscopy is a painless medical procedure in which a special tube and camera are passed into a patient`s stomach. Doctors use it to diagnose or treat certain health conditions. Patients typically undergo a more comprehensive internal examination during the procedure. As of late 2010, newer endoscopic technologies either do not yet lend well to examining the stomach, or they are not yet as effective as traditional procedures. Newer endoscopic technologies, like a tiny camera pill that replaces the tube, might one day make it possible to perform the procedure with virtually no complication risk.. Endoscopies consist of examining internal structures using a long, flexible tube, or endoscope, with an attached...


What Is Watermelon stomach?

A: Gastric antral vascular ectasia, also called watermelon stomach, is a medical condition in which blood vessels in the stomach become dilated and present the possibility of significant internal bleeding. The blood vessels create red streaks in and on the stomach, similar to the streaks on a watermelon. People with the condition often experience fatigue, headaches, difficulty concentrating, and rapid or irregular heart rates. Watermelon stomach can affect anyone, though it is most prominent in women who are 50 or older and have been diagnosed with cirrhosis, an abdominal injury, irritable bowel syndrome, or any of a number of different autoimmune diseases. Treatment for watermelon

stomach pain occured 5 years after abortion

A: As much as I"d like to blame the abortion, I am not aware that a problem such as yours is caused by abortion. If doctors really cared and you could get real answers, abortion wouldn"t even be available, because it is so devastating to the body and the emotions, not to forget the spiritual damage. But we really do have to look at the whole picture. As for your abortion, it was probably what they sometimes call a "menstrual extraction". There"s another term for it, too, and I can"t think of it at the moment. One thing I worry about with this type of abortion is the possibility of a serious infection. The instruments they use are not easy to sterilize properly. If they gave you an antibiotic at the time, that could have had an effect, but I would expect that you...

How Do I Lose Weight in My stomach Fast?

A: People often ask a variety of questions regarding weight loss, one of those most often asked being `how do I lose weight in my stomach fast.` They generally want to lose stomach fat for a particular occasion; hence the need for wanting to do it fast, yet this is one of the more difficult places to lose fat and also one of the areas where excessive fat deposits can be most dangerous. Fat around the midriff can be extremely dangerous to the heart and vital organs, and excessive stomach fat can also be indicative of stubborn hard fat deposits around the vital organs such as the liver and kidneys. If there is anywhere you should work hard to remove fat it is here. When targeting any area for fat loss, it is essential...


Lumpy fat tissue on stomach

A: There are essentially three layers of fat under a person''s skin. The first layer is known as the subcutaneous layer and this is where the cellulite is formed. The next two layers below that are where the excess fat is stored in the form of fat cells. This act as a reserve and is used in bleak times when food is in shortage. Cellulite does not exist in these two layers. The top layer has a net like fibrous connective tissue that is known as septae. This saptae has compartments where fat cells are stored. When the fat from the bottom two layers increase, it pushes the upper layer forward. This leads to the formation of lumpy fat tissue. Hey Ritu, When we eat more than what we require in a day the food would turn into extra fat and would...

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