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What Is the Connection Between stress and Cholesterol?

A: When an individual is trying to juggle work with school and kids, becoming stressed out can be easy. Increased cholesterol levels often follow incidences of stress, which is why stress and cholesterol are strongly connected and can both be damaging to a body’s functions as well as an individual’s quality of life. Getting rid of either stress or cholesterol, however, can help a person get rid of the other vice.. When an individual experiences stress — caused by a major traumatic event such as a family death or even a minor event such as a traffic jam, for instance — the body discharges two...


Does anyone know anything about Fibromyalgia and adrenal Insufficiency?

A: 1. you shoudl not have been ''recently'' diagnosed with FMS and adrenal insuffiency. that is malpractice. most likely your pain and fatigue is due the the adrenal problem only (assuming this turned up positive in a test) and your doc does not knwo what firommylagia is he seems to have just used it as a generla term for pain and fatigue.. but real fms is a specific neuro disorder. you cannot be properly diagnosed with fms until the adrenal problem has been treated it is possible to have both, but you have NOT been properly diagnosed educate yourself about fms before beleiveing that diagnosis most docs do label...


stress and you'r period

A: stress can sometimes make ur period delay, but not stop from having it.When you are under stress, regardless of the source (danger, personal relationships, work, environment) our adrenal glands are designed to secrete the hormone cortisol....


can stress aggrevate adrenals w/autoimmune disease?

A: Don''t know, Miller, but I''d just had some stress when the possibility of having Addison''s came to light. For nearly half a century, I''ve been on dyazide twice a day for HIGH b.p., suddenly started having low. Did a bit of a web search before finding this board again, and found that usually Addison''s doesn''t come on suddenly, except with about 25% of people. Good luck and do keep us posted. There''s so much for all of us to learn from each other....


Can stress and anxiety do allergy flare ups?

A: Definitely! stress and anxiety can cause a surge contained by our body''s hormones. In return, these hormones will trigger the cells and release histamine, an allergy-potentiator chemicals within the body, which can make our allergies more repeatedly, or worse. Hope that helps you somewhat. Sure can! It weaken your immune system.Definitely. I''m on the depo shot and I don''t ever get a time of year unless I''m stressed out. Soon as I''m stressed I get a spell and a cold sore on my lip.Oh, yes, there is a nouns. stress can cause adjectives sorts of problems. If you are


Tachycardia and adrenal Dysfunction

A: I had it too. Went for several EKG''s, all was fine. They actually told me to calm down because my heart was racing during the test. I told them I WAS calm. They didn''t believe it. It went away after I finally got my thyroid and adrenal meds balanced properly. It also helps to have no stress in your life. I wonder if caffiene is also a factor. I seem to be really sensitive to caffiene, but the tachycardia seems to be a constant for me. My docs don''t seem too concerned. Yes, caffiene can be factor. My doc wasn''t concerned either. She said lots of people have higher heart rates (mine was around 100 resting in bed at night). I didn''t believe it though because my heart rate was always around 65...


stress and obesity

A: Just to say - a straight double leg raise for people with poorcore strength (as could beindicated by a pot belly)would put them at risk of damaging their backs. I was appalled to be asked to do this in an "energy" class full of unfit people even when the teacher knew I''d had a prolapsed disc and GOK whatstate the rest of the class were in. There were a few groans and one person limped out later. Luckily I knew not to do it. It''s too hard an exercise for beginners. Sharon. I''m stressed just trying towork outwhen I could fit this all in!!! Apart from my pot belly, my hips are fast approaching their sell by date, and there is no way I could lie flat on the floor without doing...


stress and Blood Pressure

A: Dear Kylie, 1.  The average blood pressure, over the years, has decreased because patients are now more compliant about treating their blood pressures.  However, if there were no blood pressure lowering medicines (antihypertensives)the average pressures would be higher because people are fatter and obesity is an aggravating factor, making the blood pressure rise. 2.  No. 3.  Adults because blood pressures gradually rise with age as the blood vessels become stiffer. 4.  No. 5.  Yes.  Children"s blood pressures are generally higher, on average, because children are fat and in poor general physical condition and this makes the blood pressure trend higher. Generally...

Is it possible that the hives on my back and stomach are a result of stress and

A: You should see an endocrinologist. stress worsens many skin conditions ? such as psoriasis, eczema, hives and acne ? and can trigger asthma attacks. Anxiety and stress are due to hormonal imbalances in cortisol, adrenaline, DHEA, etc.- which then CAUSES imbalances in the brain. So medicating your brain with anti-anxiety drugs doesn't address or correct the problem, it only masks a couple of the symptoms. (This explains why drugs don't always "work"). Recentl stressful events tax your adrenals, which then raises cortisol levels, and your system is out...

Does anyone know how to traffic next to madness attacks? Caused by stress ~ and yes, I own tried colloquial alternatives

A: 1. Anxiety is often driven by anticipation. Try not to indulge thoughts around what could happen. Allow your thoughts to focus on what you are doing very soon or where you are immediately. Stay out of the past and out of the adjectives. If you "stay in the in a minute," your anxiety level will come down. If you are anticipating upset, planning your escape, checking your examine or thinking about previous "failures," your anxiety horizontal will go up. Focus on your instantaneous surroundings to help you stay surrounded by the present, (e.g., colors, textures, the details of a conversation, etc.). Tell yourself: "Stay within the here-and-now." "Keep your feet on the floor." "Keep your mind where...

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