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symptoms that lead to a diagnosis of PTSD?

A: Hello, I am 42 and also suffer from PTSD, and it is a nightmare , there are three different types of symptoms Re experiencing: Having upsetting memories about a traumatic event, nightmares, flashbacks,having strong feelings of distress and sweating to reminders of the event. Avoidance: Efforts to avoid thoughts, feelings, or engaging in conversations about the event,efforts to avoid persons or surroundings that remind you of what happened,blocking important parts of what went on,loss of interest in important, once good, things,feeling distant, difficulties with regrds to having a positive attitude Hyperarousal: Insomnia,being more irritable or angry, difficulty focussing, constantly with your guard up like danger is everywhere around you...


Why and how is stress bad for you? i am stressed out every day all day. is this bad?

A: Have more sex stress is bad and dangerous. it wears you down physically and emotionally, eventually driving you crazy and sick. i cant exactly tell you how bad it is or what the symptoms are simply because they are different for every person. for a little hint, some of this is found in genetics. Yes you can have a stroke or heart attack. Count to 10 when you get stressed. You are probably a type A person, as am I. stress takes a toll on your body. It seems to attack the body''s weakest points. (This is different on every person.) Some people have migraines, other''s have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I have chronic Irritable Bowel Syndrome which has now pretty much taken control of my life. I...


Can symptoms of anxiety/stress be the same as lupus?

A: Hello mrsb23, If you read through some threads on past pages you will find that many, many people are misdiagnosed, some for many years. Lupus can be very hard to diagnos. It is called the great imitator for a very good reason. May God Bless and Keep Us All Patience 50 Hello mrsb23, I will second what Patience said. Lupus is the great imitator of numerous illnesses. Lots of people are misdiagnosed. This would lead I am sure to a lot of uncertainty. One thing though I personally would say is that anxiety/stress symptoms would not present as lupus symptoms. The symptoms you ask about can come about because of the time some patients have to wait for diagnosis perhaps. As it is a...


How do you focus in extremely stressful long-term situations?

A: I focus on how I am going to feel at the end when I complete the long stressful process. By breaking it into smaller tasks, I can have multiple successes along the way to the big success....


How Do I Use Biofeedback for stress?

A: Biofeedback for stress involves using various instruments and machines that detect physiological changes within the body in response to stress, which in turn helps an individual manipulate these changes to combat the stressful symptoms. These machines can detect changes in brain waves or heart rate in response to stress, and help an individual alter her lifestyle to help change these responses. Overtime, an individual who uses biofeedback for stress can manipulate the physiological responses automatically and will no longer need to use biofeedback therapy. Using biofeedback for stress is a proven way to help combat


Is post-traumatic stress disorder linked to emotional trauma?

A: Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), first formally diagnosed in returning soldiers of the Vietnam War, is a disorder that may develop after acute emotional trauma and traumatic stress. symptoms of PTSD include flashbacks and nightmares which cause you to relive in your mind the emotionally traumatic incident. People with PTSD often cannot stop the cycle of thinking about what has happened to them....


Diabetes and stress?

A: stress results when something causes your body to behave as if it were under attack. Sources of stress can be physical, like injury or illness. Or they can be mental, like problems in your marriage, job, health, or finances. When stress occurs, the body prepares to take action. This preparation is called the fight-or-flight response. In the fight-or-flight response, levels of many hormones shoot up. Their net effect is to make a lot of stored energy - glucose and fat - available to cells. These cells are then primed to help the body get away from danger. In people who have diabetes, the fight-or-flight response does not work well. Insulin is not always able to let the extra energy into the cells, so glucose piles up...


What are the signs that stress requires medical attention or medication?

A: stress has been popularly known as someone which is constantly on the edge due to the daily demands of performing his/her work and other undertakings that require considerable effort just to get things done. Person''s suffering from stress may lead to sleeplessness, lack of attention and anxiety. Based on your statements, that you are having sleep problems and experiencing headaches, I believe that these are symptoms of stress. With regards to stress as the cause ill health there has no pronouncement so far, but it has been established that stress may affect a person''s immune system. If you continually experience


Anxiety and stress - Im always stressed... I have two kid;s , both boys one is 6 yrd old and the?

A: 27 Dec 2011 Hello chasity028. I don''t see why not. Children can be stressfull. You''re constantly watching them, makeing sure they''re safe, not getting into trouble. And given thier ages, a handfull of energy. If you feel that its becoming to much, meaning the stress, then talk to say your primary doctor, and she/he might prescribe something to help ease your anxiety,stress. Best of wishes,pledge Votes:+1CommentVote upReport Mary63200927 Dec 2011 Hi chasity, & welcome to the site. I had 3 children all boys 1 year apart. You talk about a handful! I thought at times I would literally lose my mind! I so understand your level of stress, but believe it or not it is normal. There are a few...


What are the symptoms of a future heart attack?

A: Please put the barbell down, and go see your Doctor, these are signs of a heart attack, but it still could be nothing , the heart is verry unpredictable - you could be fine, and be in mid stride, and it hits, reaching up to get the salt off a shelf in the kitchen, driving down a road, at least call a on duty nurse and tell her your symtoms,-go! probably just gas dude. Acid reflux or something Tension or stress can cause all kinds of problems. Exercise reduces stress. If you don''t want to see a doctor yet, I would try working out. Get away from whatever is stressing you if possible. 25 is young for a heart attack, but if you are out of shape, don''t eat right, and/or take drugs like Cocaine, then heart attack is...

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