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What are symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal?

A: Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can range from mild to severe. Degree of severity and number of symptoms often depends on how long a person has used alcohol habitually, and how much alcohol one has used on a regular basis. People who have consumed small amounts of alcohol for a short period of time usually experience only mild alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Those who have used large amounts of alcohol for a long period of time can have extremely severe symptoms, called delirium tremens (DTs), which can be life-threatening....

What are the symptoms of alcoholism?

A: symptoms are different for each person. Just a few, or nearly all, of the following symptoms may be present: Early stages -Drinking for relief from problems -Need for more and more alcohol to feel drunk -''Blackouts:'' Not being able to remember events or blocks of time that happened while drinking -Hiding alcohol or sneaking drinks -Thinking more and more about alcohol -Planning activities around drinking Middle to late stages -Drinking more than planned -Not admitting to having a drinking problem -Trying to control drinking by using mind games, such as deciding to never drink before noon -Breaking promises -Having personality changes and mood swings -Drinking as soon as they wake from a...

Is profuse sweating a symptom of alcoholism?Could profuse sweating be a symptom of drug abuse?

A: Hello,You seem to be suffering from Hyperhidrosis ((excessive sweating).It may be primary (without known cause andusually starts during childhood or adolescence and persists all life) or secondary (as part of an underlyingcondition like Hyperthyroidism or similar endocrine diseases and dermatological conditions like eczema,psoriasis).I think getting a thyroid profile tested in the lab may help and also please consult adermatologist to find out the confirmatory diagnosis as treatment depends on the same. Hope it helps.Take careand regards....

What are the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol?

A: They are the need to have a drink ,the shakness anxiety ,nervousness yellow skin, nausea, stomach cramps moodyness these are some of the symptoms that you haven't become aware of with sympoms of no alchohol...


How do I aleviate symptoms of alcohol detox?

A: Withdrawal from alcohol during detox is not pleasant to consider or to undergo. There are ways to alleviate the symptoms of alcohol detox, including medicine and support of friends and family.Medical TreatmentsThe most common symptom of alcohol withdrawal is known as the DTs, or delirium tremens. DTs are generally treated with diazepam, more commonly known as Valium. The DTs may involve hallucinations, severe tremors, high blood pressure and disorientation. The diazepam will help alleviate those symptoms and make the condition more manageable until the body is better able to adjust to the absence of alcohol. Seizure medications, such as...


What are the symptoms of alcohol poisoning and what is the best treatment in which to treat this?

A: This web site is very straight forward when it comes to answering your question about what is alcohol poisoning and how to treat it. People should call 911 if a person ever has any of these symptoms of alcohol poisoning: ? is unconscious or semiconscious ? is breathing fewer than ten tomes per minute or is breathing  irregularly ? is cold, clammy, pale or has bluish skin ? cannot be awakened by pinching, prodding or shouting, or ? is vomiting without waking up. Any intoxication always carries a degree of risk. People who choose to drink should always do so in moderation. http://www2.potsdam.edu/hansondj/HealthIssues/1116869456.html   Confusion, stupor Vomiting Seizures Slow...


How to Deal With Withdrawal symptoms of Alcohol Abuse

A: A person who abuses alcohol is most likely not physically addicted to alcohol but often engages in problem drinking behaviors, according to MedlinePlus. Behaviors include missing work or school because of drinking, experiencing alcohol withdrawal or hangover symptoms, having relationship problems and experiencing legal or health problems because of continued alcohol abuse. Withdrawal symptoms might require the help of a professional detox center or hospital depending on the extent of the abuse. Withdrawal symptoms usually begin within five to 10 hours


When do the symptoms of alcohol dependence show up in a person?

A: Guess your boyfriend’s family have the alcoholism disease leading to be dependent of alcohol. It has been roughly calculated that alcohol dependence starts up at the age of 21-22 years. And when he shows up symptoms you can consult with his doctor and can be get treated if it has been diagnosed earlier....


symptoms of alcoholism

A: Hi Kay. To rule everything you would need a neurological exam.  Depending on age it could be both alcoholism and memory loss from deterioration of the mind.  alcoholism can cause that over time, it is often referred to as "Wet Brain".  It is often said that a true alcoholic will continue drinking despite the symptoms they themselves see.  Mood changes, coordination, vision, balance, speech, can all be signs of alcoholism.  As a practitioner what I look for in a patient when doing an assessment is I look to see if the drinking or drug use has affected their lives,...


Is it a symptom of alcoholism to neglect daily hygiene?

A: It can be, yes. Not always is this the case some alcoholics can hold a job down, keep good hygiene and carry on as normal, amazes me. As a recovering alcoholic, the answer is yes. Also, being late, disheveled appearance, easily loses temper, becomes unreliable. Many more examples. Call Al-Anon. In some people, yes. Definitely not in all. I''ve known alcoholics who are scrupulously clean and hygienic. It can be a sign or indication of a few things, alcohol addiction included. I prefer to call a spade a spade. It''s a consequence of addiction, and not only addiction. symptoms are for the doctors and counselors; consequences are for the addict and those who they affect....

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