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What Are the symptoms of anemia?

A: The symptoms of anemia can vary, depending on the type of anemia a patient has. In most cases, anemia has a slow onset, and the body will compensate for lack of iron, masking the symptoms in the early stages and making anemia hard to identify. The condition can be diagnosed with the assistance of a blood test to check hematocrit levels, and if patients are experiencing any signs or symptoms of anemia, they should be sure to mention them to their doctors during medical...


What Are the symptoms of anemia in Pregnancy?

A: The symptoms of anemia in pregnancy can range from none at all to severe. As the condition progresses, those affected by the condition may begin to notice fatigue, weakness, and headache. Other symptoms of anemia in pregnancy include cold hands and feet, pale skin, chest pain, and irritability.. anemia is diagnosed when a woman has a low level of red blood cells. During pregnancy, this is especially concerning because red blood cells help transport oxygen to both the mother and the developing fetus. Testing is usually completed throughout the pregnancy to check for


I was eating ice chips the other night at work and a nurse asked if I was anemic. Is this a symptom of anemia?

A: Shes just another nosy nurse; probably an RN for even asking such a question. not to sure go and see ur doctor it''s not a symptom, but a remedy, you just happen to like ice chips, as do i (shaved ice is the best!! or the ones that look like little rocks and crush easily (not regular crushed ice)) i eat ice all the time, and raw pasta... i think its ok.. just like an ice lollie with out the flavour?!!! I''ve heard that before. I heard that people who have a tendency to chew on ice chips are anemic. yes it''s a symptom of anemia I have heard that eating ice is a sign of anemia. You should get tested for anemia. When you donate blood, they check to see if you''re...


What are the symptoms of anemia?

A: There a number of symptoms that are common to all types of anemia. They are: -Feeling tired -Difficulty breathing -Dizziness -Headache -Feeling cold...

symptoms of anemia

A: According to the data you reported (weakness, feeling exhausted, sleepy, recent cesarean section, detected severe anemia), the symptoms you feel might be related to the anemia. anemia is a condition in which the concentration of hemoglobin in the blood is decreased. Hemoglobin is the main transporter of oxygen from the lungs to each cell in the body. There are various types of anemia depending on the concentration of hemoglobin in the red blood cells and the actual size of the red blood cells. The symptoms associated...


I have symptoms of anemia, but I''m not anemic. Could I have something else?

A: Check with your doctor who will probably do some tests. We as strangers cannot diagnose over the internet as it''s just guesswork, so best advice is to see your doctor. Sorry, I just noticed your ''Details'', don''t know why they didn''t appear. There are various imbalances that cause hair loss and coldness, things like diabetes or lupus are possible. You need a thorough checkup by your doctor, as I mentioned previously. A friend in her late 70''s had a heart condition and one of the symptoms was anemia and other circulation problems that also cause bruising and feeling terribly cold. Stay with that until an aswer is found. Maybe a visit to a heart specialist would be a good idea. A younger relative had some...


possible symptoms of anemia or something else?

A: It could be just your diet or stress. Free clinics do, do blood work as long as they are reputable in the neighborhood. If they don''t you can go to a hospital ER they have to take everyone insurace or not. You said "DON''T have: shortness of breath, excessive bleeding or bleeding gums, rectal bleeding, nose bleeds( bleeding period except the dots, which only bleed if I scrape at them with my nail). My nails, gums, and undereye tissue is not too pale. I have always had very light skin, and it is still that way now. I feel normal, just really stressed out a lot (family problems)." With this information I doubt it''s anything except stress. When you''re stressed you tend to either over eat or under eat so make sure you eat just enough. It''s good that...

I have low normal iron levels...is it normal to have the symptoms of anemia?

A: i too think i have anemia . probably have low iron levels. you should make an appointment with a blood works doctor so they can check your blood out . or eat more iron full foods....


My friend is showing the symptoms of anemia and the RBC count is very low.

A: anemia is caused by the deficiency of iron and copper by taking this in a required amount will help in the treatment of the anemia. The foods that are rich in this substance include apples, bananas, black berries, cantaloupe, grapes and kiwi fruit. You can have milk and fruit juices regularly as this help in the increasing the production of RBC in the blood....

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