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What are the symptoms of iron deficiency?

A: iron is an essential nutrient for humans, as well as for many other forms of life. In humans, it helps regulate cellular respiration, providing the main source of energy for many different cell types in the body to do their work. It is also a major component of red blood cells, which provide oxygen to all parts of the body and return carbon dioxide to the lungs for expiration. iron also helps store oxygen within muscle cells. When you realize how important iron is to human life, it may become clear that a deficiency in this nutrient can cause serious problems. Perhaps the most well-known symptom


Is Eating Too Much Ice A Symptom of iron Deficiency And Hair Loss..

A: Yes eating ice is a symptom of iron deficiency, and iron deficiency can cause hair loss ( there are other reasons for hair loss). I suggest you get a blood test....


Are vitamin B-12 and folate deficiency clinically important after RNY gastric bypass?Great Abstract and Such..Good news!!!! <p>RE Brolin, JH Gorman, RC Gorman, AJ Petschenik, LJ Bradley, HA Kenler, RP Cody. UMDNJ-Robt W. Johnson Med Sch, New Brunswick, NJ. SSAT http://www.ssat.com/cgi-bin/frame.cgi?address=http://www.ssat.com/index.htm<p>Vitamin B-12 and folate deficiency are common after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) for morbid obesity. A CBC and serum levels of iron, TIBC, vitamin B-12 and folate were obtained preop and at regular intervals postop in 348 patients who had RYGB during a 10 yr period. The goals of this study were to learn how often patients had symptomatic deficiencies, the response rate to supplements of the deficient micronutrient and whether the risk of developing any deficiency decreases over time suggesting adaptation to malabsorption. All patients were told to take a multivitamin (MVI) supplement daily. Follow up was 42 ± 14 mo. Postop deficiencies were recognized in 268 of 348 patients (82%) including 155 (47%) with iron deficiency, 122 (37%) with vitamin B-12 deficiency, 115 (35%) with folate deficiency and 177 (54%) with anemia. Microcytic, hypochromic indicies were found in 63% of anemic patients. Only 3 patients (0.8%) had macrocytic indicies. No patient had macrocytic anemia. Hgb, Hct, and B-12 levels were significantly decreased vs. preop levels at all postop intervals. Conversely, folate was significantly increased vs. preop levels at all intervals. iron and B-12 levels remained relatively stable postop. After 5 yrs. Hgb, Hct and B-12 were increased relative to values obtained between 3 and 5 yrs. postop. iron deficiency was noted in 51% of females vs. 22% of males (p < 0.001). There was no gender difference in the incidence of either folate or B-12 deficiency. Taking MVI supplements resulted in a significantly lower incidence of folate deficiency but did not consistently prevent iron or B-12 deficiency. Oral iron and B-12 supplements corrected 43% and 81% of these deficiencies respectively. Folate deficiency was corrected with MVI supplements, alone. No patient had specific symptoms of B-12 or folate deficiency suggesting that these deficiencies are not clinically important after RYGB. Conversely, many patients had symptoms of iron deficiency anemia. On the basis of these findings prophylactic iron supplements are now provided to women who have RYGB. We no longer measure serum folate postop.<p>Open divided proximal RNY 12/8/99 beginning weight 367 NOW 260..pounds just melting off ;-)<p>Visit my profile by clicking my name for more GREAT INFORMATION & Recipes!!!!

A: ...

What Are symptoms of iron deficiency?

A: Fatigue and sallow skin....

What are the effects of iron-deficiency in humans?

A: iron deficiency anemia is a sign that something is wrong inside the body. This requires good disgnostic investigation rather than home treatment. A blood sample can determine if the number of red blood cells and amount of hemoglobin in the blood are abnormally low. Common symptoms: fatigue, lethargy, and pallor. Rheumatoid arthritis and cancer may interfere with the body''s utilization of iron. These diseases can result in anemia. This is the following of causes of iron deficiency in humans iron DEFICIENCY AND


Why does the FDA and the dairy industry want to ignore the fact that milk is a common cause of iron deficiency?

A: they don''t want to put the dairy farmers out of business...the FDA wants their cut of the profits as well. The fact that drinking cow milk could have some drawbacks is slowly emerging in the collective consciousness. We have been told for a long time that it could only bring advantages. 1) ''So what are we to believe? On the one hand, the Department of Agriculture is not going to tell the schools to stop serving milk. The American Dietetic Association says milk is not a dangerous product. The National Osteoporosis Association tells us that milk is an excellent source of calcium. On the other...


What is iron deficiency?

A: iron deficiency is a lack of sufficient iron in the blood. People require iron to help transport oxygen throughout the body. When there is a lack of iron in the blood, resulting either from nutritional deficiencies or a loss of blood, symptoms can appear, caused by a reduced amount of oxygen reaching the tissues and organs of the body. If left untreated, it can lead to severe complications such as heart and growth problems. In the human body, iron is used by the red blood cells to help the cells create hemoglobin. The...


What is iron-Deficiency Anemia?

A: iron-deficiency anemia is the most common form of anemia, a condition in which the red blood cells of the body are not carrying a sufficient amount of oxygen to the organs. iron-deficiency anemia is the result of too few red blood cells caused by insufficient amounts of iron in the body. iron is a mineral needed to make hemoglobin, the pigment that carries oxygen in the blood. A person can become iron deficient if they have too little iron in their diet, are not absorbing iron adequately, or...


What Is iron Deficiency Anemia Treatment?

A: iron deficiency anemia treatment addresses the type of anemia characterized by a lack of iron in the body. iron is necessary to produce hemoglobin, which carries oxygen to cells. Some symptoms of iron deficiency anemia include pale skin, frequent dizziness and extreme fatigue. People often develop anemia gradually and without noticing any symptoms until they become serious. Since they are unaware that they have it, they might not know how to treat it. Examples of iron deficiency anemia treatment...


symptoms of anaemia?

A: If you''re worried about anaemia, you should see your doctor and take iron tablets. I have heard of cases where the patient has been told "you can have iron tablets, or drink guinness" (guinness has a high iron content). I know which I''d choose... Anaemia Introduction The term anaemia is derived from Ancient Greek for "bloodlessness". It is a condition involving an abnormal reduction haemoglobin content. Red blood cells (containing haemoglobin) are the means by which oxygen is carried to the various parts of the body. People who are anaemic develop symptoms caused by the inadequate delivery of...

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