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What are the symptoms of low blood pressure?

A: low blood pressure is a very common medical condition that is known to affect a number of adults. blood pressure is the force that s exerted by the circulating blood on the walls of the blood vessels and is medically considered to be one of the principal vital signs of life which also include the rate of breathing, temperature and heart beat. The pressure is largely generated by the heart muscle pumping blood into the arteries and is regulated by the arteries to the flow


symptoms of low blood pressure

A: low blood pressure also referred to as hypotension is the pressure of blood that falls to extreme low levels in an individual, so much so, that it causes various abnormalities through the arteries and the veins. Lack of blood flow to the organs can affect the absorption of vital nutrients to the brain, the heart and kidney. low blood pressure is dangerous as it can cause permanent damage to the vital organs of the body, if not treated on time. Most people who suffer from hypotension or


What are the Risks of low blood Pressure?

A: For the most part, low blood pressure, or hypotension, is considered to be a sign of good health. This is because higher blood pressure places more pressure is on the heart and the circulatory system. For this reason, individuals with low blood pressure are usually at a lower risk of kidney disease, stroke, and heart disease. In some cases, however, low blood pressure may not be healthy and, like high blood pressure, carries some risks. With very low blood pressure, the...

What Are the symptoms of low Iron Levels?

A: Iron is an element that is vital to several physiological processes. With low iron levels, the body cannot properly circulate oxygen, which commonly results in dizziness, weakness, and fatigue. low iron concentration can also lead to unnatural paleness. Furthermore, since iron contributes to the production of structural proteins, a low iron level may cause joint and abdominal pain.. Naturally concentrated in the blood as ferritin, iron is responsible for the color of red blood cells. blood vessels near the surface of the skin contribute to the appearance


What are the symptoms of low ejection fraction and possible treatments?

A: The ejection fraction is how much blood the left ventricle of the heart pumps out with each beat (or contraction). An ejection fraction of 65 means that 65% of the blood in the ventricle is pushed out each time it contracts. A normal ejection fraction may be between 55 and 70. low ejection fraction is one of the measurements that is looked at when diagnosing heart failure. Heart failure is when the heart is no longer able to pump the way it should to keep up with the demands of the body. Some of conditions that may increase the risk of having...


What are the consequences of low blood pressure?

A: All of the above and also dizziness especially when standing from a sitting position. The medulla oblongata is where the nerve impulse to dilate or constrict blood vessels originate. If it is under active, the blood vessels will stay dilated, causing low blood pressure. Elecampane will stimulate the medulla and Ephedra will too if you can get it where you are. less blood will be pumped to your organs, especially in your brain -- therefore, you will experience dizziness... if it was severe low blood pressure -- this can cause organs to fail, and put you in a coma. they clame that it can cause u...


What is low blood pressure? What are its symptoms, complications and treatments?

A: Hypotension—low blood Pressure FAQs If you doctor has just told you that you have “hypotension”, or low blood pressure, you may be concerned. Certainly for many people, low blood pressure is a mark of health—being physically fit and within normal weight range. However, for others, this can be a sign that there are underlying health issues. If you are concerned about low blood pressure, here are frequently asked questions about this medical diagnosis. What is low blood pressure?

Is it normal to have low blood pressure!?

A: No it is not normal to have a low BP it is also not a cause for alarm. Go to your doctor and find out why the pressure is so low. low blood pressure is NOT normal. blood pressure is the pressure of blood within the arteries of the body. blood pressure is the driving force that causes blood to flow through the body from the arteries (where the pressure is high), through organs, and into the veins (where the pressure is low). blood pressure is generated by the pumping


Can eating relieve symptoms of hyperglycemia?

A: was going through a similar crisis. but often i would have a loss of apetite. My advise is go to your doctor and have him check your diabetes. you have to be extremely careful Hyperglycemia can trigger hypoglycemia, FOR SURE. Because if your body is not sensitive enough to insulin, your pancreas will keep spitting it out in response to your food, and then there is all this extr insulin floating around, and making you drop. The answer is to increase your insulin sensitivity with mild exercise and high protein meals. Especially right before bed. You need to know the basic difference between hypoglycemia & Hyperglycemia which is low sugar & high sugar repectively....I think what you have is hypoglycemia....get...


Why is low blood pressure a problem with the elderly?

A: low blood pressure is a very common problem amongst elderly individuals and considering the kinds of symptoms that it emits can be a very frightening experience as well. Before we go into the details of the condition, it is essential that we understand the concept of blood pressure. blood pressure is the amount of pressure applied on the arteries by the bloodstream flowing through it. This pressure originates primarily from the heart muscle at the time of contraction in order to pump the

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