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have a low blood pressure...what can I don about it?

A: I''m not good about this question,but a friend of mine has this problem.She drinks wine and eat a bit of red meat.Don''t eat friuts in the evening and either hams and garlics. I have low blood pressure too... unfortunately theres not alot u can do about it.. you can however be careful when suddenty standing up. like when you wake up in the morning, sit on the edge of your bed and wiggle your feet to get the blood pumping and back up into your head, it significantly reduces the dizziness (i am a nurse and we do this in the hospitals to patients with low bp too so it works!) and try not to be...


Ways to normalize low blood pressure?

A: When the blood pressure falls below normal it is medically known as hypotension, i.e. low blood pressure. In this condition, basically the force of blood being pumped by the heart into the arteries is very weak due to a weakness in the system. The main symptoms of low blood pressure include weakness and fatigue. This is often accompanied by dizziness and fainting, especially when the blood supply to the brain is...

home remedies for low blood pressure

A: low blood pressure remedies  low blood pressure occurs when the blood pressure is lower than normal. low blood pressure occurs due to faulty nutrition thus weakening the supply of oxygen, nutrition to the tissues forming the blood vessels, loss of blood, emotional stress. The symptoms of low

What specialist would address low blood pressure 80/60. Subtle heart murmur and arrhythmia. Internist and endocrinologist feel it is no big deal, get very dizzy, fatigued, fuzzy thinking, legs/arms feel weak at times.

A: low blood pressure, also known as hypotentsion, is a very common medical ailment. In order to properly understand the effects of the condition, it is imperative to understand the concept of blood pressure. The human heart beats in order to generate enough force to be able to push the blood through the veins in the body. In turn, when the blood moves through the veins, it will exert some amount of force on the walls of the veins – a phenomenon that is the basis of a pulse rate – one...


What is considered low blood pressure?

A: blood pressure varies among patients, but the average normal blood pressure in adults is 120/80 mmHg. low blood pressure is typically categorized as blood pressure equal to or less than 90/60 mmHg. Some patients have low blood pressure without signs or symptoms. low blood pressure becomes dangerous when it is accompanied by signs and symptoms, such as dizziness or...


What is the treatment & medicine name for low blood pressure?

A: 1.- SELF-CARE FOR low blood pressure Depending on the reason for your low blood pressure, you may be able to take certain steps to help reduce or even prevent symptoms. Some suggestions include: a.- Drink more water, less alcohol. - Alcohol is dehydrating and can lower blood pressure, even if you drink in moderation. - Water, on the other hand, combats dehydration and increases blood volume. b.- Follow a healthy diet. - Get all the nutrients you need for good health by focusing on a variety


What Is a low blood pressure Headache?

A: A low blood pressure headache can occur when a person`s blood pressure drops to extremely low levels. The pressure of blood is the force that the blood exerts upon the inner walls of the blood vessels. When the pressure is low, it deprives the brain and other vital organs of proper nutrients and oxygen. Deprivation of these vital nutrients and oxygen to the brain is what causes the headache to...


What are the symptoms of High and low blood pressures and incase of emergency what is the first aid to be prov

A: THere are usually no symptoms of high blood pressure. Extremely low blood pressure can make you faint. You don''t give people first aid for high or low blood pressure, if that''s what you''re asking. They are long-term conditions that are treated with medication, not emergencies. high blood pressure is 140/90 low 110/60 people with high bp. turn red people with low bp turn blue offhand i think (but may not be 100%...


low blood pressure , what can you take for it?

A: my Dr keeps telling me mine is OK and it has been as low as 90 over 38 and I didn''t feel different ,but was concerned about it=he just said he wants it low because of the type of heart problem I have try eating more salt..... but you should really go to the doctors Try eating a small amount of salt just make sure you monitor your B/P. It''s hard to get, but I take hawthorne Berry, Digitalis and Garlic. It works for me. salt i also have low bp and they told me lots of salt like chips etc things with high sodium and to elevate you legs above ur heart Usually common salt intake raises the blood...


Is 99/78 considered low blood pressure? If so is it bad to have it that low?

A: Yes, 99/78 is low. It is only bad if that is making you pass out or get dizzy. If you feel okay and aren''t having problems, then that blood pressure is fine. That is perfectly normal. I think it is.. 170 is a very healthy blood pressure. Some people''s BP runs that low normally. There are lots of factors to consider. Are you a relatively small framed person? If so, your BP would probably run low. If this is not the normal for you, then you need to have it monitored regularly. It could cause some other symptoms like dizziness or fainting spells. Contact your physician...

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